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he first time I met Janna Nick was around

encourage her to improve herself. She inspires to

5 years ago. When she was introduced

be a business woman. Dato’ Seri Aliff Syukri, Dato’

by a friend, my first impression of her

Vida and Neelofa are her idols; they are highly

was that she was shy person, and non-talkative.

disciplined, punctual and respect people’s time. If

But later on when I grew to know her better I

she’s finishes the day early, she’ll take time to sleep.

found she’s actually a happy go lucky, and has a

She use her time fully and efficiently.

good sense of humour. She is a positive person and brings up joy in every person she met. I consider

The most unforgettable moment was when she

her as family as we go everywhere and get things

held a surprise birthday party for me – at Lexis

done together. I even take a long & unpaid leave

Hibiscus, Port Dickson. She gathered all of our

from my job so that I can be with her and help

friends to celebrate my birthday and she covers

her in career as her PA. She’s still a humble person

my eyes from Seremban to PD to surprise me.

despite being popular; she still treat her friends and

It was so sweet of her and i didn’t expect she

family the same.

would go through such hassel for me. After weeks of working together we finally have a chance to

She is honest to herself and career. She likes

spend quality time together – with friends and

being herself. She dont show to people if she’s

family. It was a lovely moment for me.

stressed out and keeps to herself, which I find very professional.

Janna, I hope you become successful in everything in life and may you have a kind and lovely husband.

Her happy go lucky character makes working

spend her free time bringing her family to watch

I want to see you become millionaire before you

environment more lively and fun; people are easy

movies or having dinner together. She’ll work very

turn 30. Don’t forgot to pray and don’t forget

around her because of her humour.

hard, and then take a long leave to spend time with

about your parents. Family always comes first.

her family on vacation. She likes to plan ahead. At 22 years old, she already owns a home, stable financially and invest

She’s an all goer and doesn’t like to procrastinate

on assets rather than spending on goods. She does

and she hates people who procrastinate. She

everything for her family and is very close to her

is always open to new opinions and accept

younger sisters (Balqis & Iris) and her mom. She’ll

constructive criticism. She loves people who

/ Sakinah Hj Awang Personal Assistant

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100MIYE 2017 Booklet  

100MIYE 2017 Booklet