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Later, Chiu, the director of “The Journey” was looking someone to sing the theme song of this movie, under my recommendation, Geraldine passed the vocal casting. She was selected to be the lead singer for the theme song as well as the postlude for the movie, due to that, we also planned for her solo album. However, due to some other factors, the movie only can be released in 2014. The detention of the movie affected Geraldine’s solo plan. Therefore, the only thing she could do was to wait. However, in my opinion, I personally think that the detention was actually good for Geraldine. To become a successful artist, she has to able to stand the obstacles and difficulty. During the period of waiting, Geraldine adapted the hobby of reading and exercising. By reading, simply improved the


content of her talking; by exercising, it helps her n recent years, she is a new singer recipient who

After winning the champion, Geraldine was sent

received the most awards in Malaysia Chinese

to Taiwan and attended “Taiwan Million Stars”

Music Industry, as well as one the most favourite

singing contest, it was an important step for all

singer in media.

the newly won singer. During the hard time, Geraldine was all alone for 6 months in a totally

I first met Geraldine when she was attending a

strange country along with all the shooting and

promotional activity held by Astro Star Quest

singing competitions. With all the stresses of daily

2011. back then she was performing “If I Ain’t Got

practice, routines, performing as well as the harsh

You”. This girl who performing on stage has her

comments from the judges, due to all the pressure

unique, warm but powerful voice. She is definitely a

caused, Geraldine faced her dark time. She got

potential singer, artist with her bright eyes.

into trouble, feeling anxiety and lost confidence! However, under such high pressure, she still able to

During the final of Astro Star Quest, she performed

won the fifth in the contest.

a song by Faye Wong with a unique way on stage. She impressed the audience by sitting in a box

Even after coming back to Malaysia, all the negative

while holding a small megaphone to perform this

vibes were still lingering, there is no other thing

powerful classic song. Besides, she also performed a

to do except giving her supports and showing

Malay song “Bukan Cinta Biasa”. Her special charm

confidence towards her. During this period, we

also let her became the champion of the night.

produced a song “BFF”, Geraldine performed

Later became the singer signed by Astro Artiste

together with her partner JY and the song had

Management, and began to start her artist journey.

become the most favourite song by all the youngster in this country.

to build a better stamina. There are the main two factors for an artist, it also helped Geraldine a lot during the promotional activities of the movie that held in various venue. Due to all these, Geraldine became the most famous and popular theme song singer. Because of the great mass rage, Geraldine launched “The Journey EP” and hit a sales record of seven thousand album, as well as more than 1 million views online. “The Journey” that hit 10 million at the box office is still holding the status of local Chinese movie highest box office record. It is pleasant to work with such amazing artist, I hope that in the future with her spirit of determination, Geraldine continues to develop and blooming with her charm to the international stage.

/ ShaSha Chong AVP Astro Artiste Management

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