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Work hard for what you really want and be as independent as you can. I have learned a lot from EL to be honest. She has taught me to let go and not to hold grudges on people. If people were to wrong you, you forgive, and you learn from it, you let it go. I don’t think a lot of people out there are aware of this, but EL is one of the most caring, most forgiving human beings I have ever met. She makes time for the people she loves, despite her being so occupied with work. I would say EL’s success factors are determination and maturity. She is not afraid to try things out, she knows her potential and she knows what she is doing. I think these traits of hers, help her a lot. We have shared a lot together and we have been to a few places together. I remember falling asleep in a Taxi in Indonesia and she too, was exhausted but she tried her hardest to stay awake just to

Nurul Elfira Loy Binti Ahmad Sabri or Elfira Loy is an actor, public figure and entrepreneur. She was voted best supporting actress at Anugerah Skrin 2011 and a nominee of Anugerah Bintang Popular. She is the face for many brands such as Honda Motor, Sunway Lagoon, Mie Sedap, National Heart Institute, RHB Bank, Mamee Slurp, and Maybeline. Elfira Loy also founded TwinklebyElfira, Love Me Seven Days Café’, El by Elfira Loy and Beach Market by Elfira.


was one of them. When I was doing my Bachelor’s Degree in Liverpool, I remember her taking a train from London to Liverpool just to spend a few hours with me because she knew how much I missed home. That was love… I will never forget

first saw her at an event before we started


following each other on MySpace in 2007/2008. We didn’t know each other but then I saw her

I’m sure she knows this already but, I am so,

walking with her mom carrying her -make-up bag-

genuinely happy for you, Elbee. I am proud of

that I was so into at the time. Long story short,

everything you have accomplished. Please remain

a friend of mine introduced me to her. And of

true to yourself and who you are, I am so positive

course, like everybody else, my first impression of

that you will continue to achieve many many great

EL was, “You’re so petite!”.

things in life, InsyaAllah.

I love how hard working she is. She is such a go-

/ Syahiera Khamsan

getter, and she’s too humble to admit it but she’s such a good role model to millennials nowadays.

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keep both of us safe. I treasure little things, and this


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