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Dato’ Mizal Zaini or fondly known as AC Mizal, is an actor, singer, comedian, and former FM radio station in Malaysia. AC Mizal was once the lead singer for the allboys’ band 4U2C, winning him the Most Popular Group Artist award in 1997 besides claiming other Platinum Awards in Malaysia and Singapore. Now, the DNF GROUP Sdn Bhd Chairman, who has leapt over many hurdles, will officially air his latest venture: a RM100 million ringgit five-channel station called Syiok TV.


AC to me is an intelligent entertainer.

Success comes from his sharp survival instincts as

Working on a projects with him is a joy as he

That in itself is a very valuable commodity

well as always thinking about how to help others

always keeps the atmosphere light by constantly

in our industry. Knowing his history in the

help themselves by creating opportunities for

joking away to reduce even the most tense if

entertainment industry I can conclude that he is a

people to catch fish rather than giving them fish.


person that is constantly trying to better himself.

Having an in-depth knowledge of the workings

Constantly reinventing himself to keep himself

of the different disciplines of business like

The way he loves and cares for his family is

relevant in an ever-changing industry where you

conventional trading, Multi-Level Marketing, Online

exemplary and is a source of inspiration to me.

can be popular today and a nobody the next

marketing and also the digital radio business gives

I am very proud to know someone as talented,

day. Met DAC during our singing days and never

him an edge over many with regards to insights

caring and as driven as Dato’ AC. Having him

thought one day that we would be partners and

on what is required to make a business successful.

as a partner i find as a blessing, because we complement each other strength, weaknesses and

brothers in arms in this industry. DAC is a doer and he also puts trust in people he

differences to become one of the major forces

DAC is a very talented entertainer and what is

is working with. As a film director it is so easy to

in the entertainment industry in Malaysia today.

important is that he knows his worth and has been

work with him as he is disciplined and executes

To be in business with someone who always has

able to sustain his popularity for almost 3 decades.

instructions to a T. A perfectionist. It is wonderful

your back is a godsend and this creates a great

One does not achieve such a feat without having

to work with him as you know the outcome of

environment for our business to thrive.

a deep understanding of how the industry works

your project is going to be great with him in it. He

and using that knowledge to his advantage.

has no qualms to go out of his comfort zone and

He is a very brave businessman and is not afraid to

to try new things. Has the balls to venture into

stand up for what he believes and is not afraid to

the unknown at times (even though my efforts to

fight for what he wants, even though it might rub

get him to eat fruit is still un-fruitful until today).

people the wrong way. 222 /


/ Dato’ Afdlin Shauki Co-Founder Syiok Media TV

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100MIYE 2017 Booklet