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CHONG anything, he is constantly learning new things to prepare himself to be the industry’s next gamechanger the moment opportunity knocks – ready to accept with no regrets. Yenkai also has a unique belief that small is the new big, walking the talk of leading his creative agency to punch above its own weight and achieving milestones that seemed only possible by larger agencies. It’s a wonder to see him and his team grow so

Yenkai is the Founder of Dreamteam Worldwide Sdn Bhd - The Ministry of Creativity; a Secret Creative Force for the serious marketers and entrepreneurs who dream the impossible. His agency serves with honor in creative ideations, branding, marketing communications, design, video production, influencer marketing, web, mobile, and anything that sparks their brain cells.

much from the day he started. I remember the time he told me that he quit his last job without any savings to start his entrepreneur journey. It is naïve but it proves that a willing heart is a winning heart – that’s the must-have entrepreneurial quality. From starting with zero to working with some of the largest corporations in Malaysia,


Yenkai and his team were awarded numerous awards this few years in the branding & marketing enkai and I came to know each other a

field, an achievement made possible with Yenkai’s

few years back. I thought he was a fine,

bold choices to stray from the norm and his team’s

young man who had a good head on his

incredible talent and creativity.

shoulders – solid handshake and confident smile yet soft-spoken. Despite his young age, Yenkai is

Just like the saying “Put a lion to lead a herd of

a strong-willed hustler who believes in giving his

sheep and the sheep will play as a lion too but if

100% in everything he does no matter the size of

you put a sheep to lead a group of lions, the lions

the task. He is someone with passion and drive to

will play as a sheep.”. It’s never the size of the team

realize his goals because his ideology is: if someone

but it’s always how a leader leads a team. That’s

can do it, he can too; and if they can’t, he must

why I have confidence that Yenkai will continue to

make it happen.

grow and lead his team into more future successes and continue to help accelerate SMEs too on

As a leader, Yenkai is determined yet calm and down-to-earth. He doesn’t let his emotions get the better of him even in critical, high-pressured situations but rises to the challenge instead. To him, a solution is always just around the corner with a little creativity. Another admirable quality about him is how he will never shy away from asking for my advice in order to grow and learn. More than

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gaining recognition in a global scale.

/ Dato' Tony Looi National President Malaysia Entrepreneurs’ Development Association (Persatuan Usahawan Maju Malaysia – PUMM)

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100MIYE 2017 Booklet  

100MIYE 2017 Booklet