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Hong Da Fesyen Sdn Bhd is a footwear retailer and wholesale company established on 5 July 2010 with trademark “Viola”, the company actively works toward their vision to be the best in e-commerce in Malaysia and South East Asia in the segment of modern and aesthetic footwear by providing quality products and services.


y first impression of him was very

He knows how to harness employee’s unique skills.

kind and gratitude. His body language

He also communicate and provide training to the

displayed confidence and calm nature.

employees’ to ensure effective communication and

He always gives a good eye contact when talking

to reduce conflict among the employees.

to me. He told me that he believes in building the relationship and not merely selling product.

Finally, his comprehensive knowledge makes

Besides that, I believed he is very knowledgeable

customers allow him to choose the right price,

as in meetings, he can answer questions with

quality, and design that is suitable.

good examples backed up with data. After you encounter with him once, you will feel like wanting

There was one time when I have a personal

to meet with him again and again.

problem and asked him for help. He acted fast and contacted those who able to help to solve it. From

I believe the most admirable qualities about him is

here, I knew he is a warm, generous and wise. I am

the commitment to others and the ability to see

lucky to know such as a person like him.

different perspectives prior to making a decision. He will not make empty promises. Furthermore,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank

he has good manners and gratitude, he respects

for everything he did to help me in my business.

and is polite to others people regardless of their

I would also want to tell him that do not forget

status. Moreover, he is also willing to learn; he will

about your company goals, keep the focus on your

do own research and join training class to improve

mission and vision, improve your management

himself. he is a person who enjoys learning new

team and keep them stronger and stay with the

facts and acquiring new knowledge.

plan, I believe everything will go smoothly.

He has great management skills which help in

/ Alan Foo Chee Chuen

promoting teamwork toward the strategic goals established to ensure the company operation is running efficiently and effectively.

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Managing Director Ascent Pu Sdn Bhd

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100MIYE 2017 Booklet  

100MIYE 2017 Booklet