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Teng Boon, Ong is the CEO and Executive Director of D’Aman Residences Sdn Bhd, the Best Affordable Housing Developer 2017 awarded by Property Insight Prestigious Developer Awards. Teng Boon’s current project consists of 1320 units of affordable homes strategically beside Asia’s first animation theme park. In hand, Teng Boon has a few affordable housing projects which provides thousands of homes in the near future. He believes in creating value for home buyers and contributing back to the community at large.


hen I first met Teng Boon, I felt that

Over the years, I found that he comes from a

the room. In his organization, he built his team with

he has a genuine personality. He

reputable family in Taiping. His parents are always

morale and passion. He drives people, he excites people. That is his biggest effect.

always make himself approachable

there to give moral support. Teng Boon always

to everyone in the room. His trademark is his

has his charming wife by his side, who helps and

smiley face. I realized he engaged easily with

supports all his ventures throughout these years.

It is hard for me to pin point one special moment with Teng Boon. We always stay in contact and go

everyone in the room and also in different type One of the key qualities that I’ve seen, he is always

out with each other from time to time. There are

willing to share and give ideas to friends and

too many occasions to name one. There are many

Subsequently as I’ve known him better, I found that

associates. He always make it easy and comfortable

times and events where I’ve seen he overcome

he is always helpful to whoever needed assistance.

to talk to him. During my discussion and “debate”

challenges, get up and eventually shine through it

Due to his legal background and knowledge, he has

time with him, he always put his cards on the table

all. He never fails to amaze me.

the ability & capability to advise according to the

and being open and frank. I always enjoyed these

situation and also in legality. Amongst those who

sessions as I find them engaging, interesting and

Teng Boon is doing a great job in his property

know him, he is known to be one of those who is

fruitful discussions.

development. He has focused his efforts in building

of crowds.

affordable housing especially in Perak. This is

prepared to go all the way to help and assist when the matter arises.

There are a few success factors that set Teng Boon

admirable as it requires commitment in the long

aside from the rest, he has this incredible ability to

haul. As a person who known him well, I believe

Teng Boon is highly educated, with wealth of

network with people from all ages and different

that he has the full potential to grow further in his

experience. A law graduate who believes in

type of backgrounds. As a leader, he engages and

business ventures. One thing that I always would

continuous live long learning. Last year, he went

connects with every single one. He always has his

like to say to him again and again, “It’s time to quit

to a course in Harvard University, USA to learn

own style, where he is a team leader and also a


creativity! His experience started from legal

team player. He has a talent in organizing, bringing

profession and now he is excelling in property

people together and boost morale of everyone in


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/ Tan Sri Dato’ Chang Ko Youn Chairman Perak Transit Berhad

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100MIYE 2017 Booklet