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Alex Thiong is the Managing Director of TSL Bestmas Manufacturing Sdn Bhd with over 10 years of experience in the Food and Beverage (F&B) industry. Innovative in coming up with marketing strategies particularly for the new range of Bestmas products, determination is another one of his successful traits. His envisions the company conquering the international market in time.

staff. He believes that when the Company grows, everyone benefits from the expansion. He is a good team player and a leader who believes in team work. During one factory visit, he keenly shared his business vision in wanting to expand the production capacity of his food manufacturing plant in future to capture more business. During







y first impression of him is here

processes, he suggested great ideas including for

is a very simple, humble and very

machine automation to be more cost-effective in

approachable person. He came across


as friendly, polite, casually attired and a soft-spoken He values suppliers as the company’s “business

person. Punctually present at our pre-scheduled appointment, he was very attentive and focused

overseas as well. His vast experience in the food

during our discussions on various topics during the

manufacturing plant process – from the setting


up of a new processing plant, getting the most efficient machinery and also knowledge in the

He is a good listener who is open to new ideas

aspect of sales and marketing has make him into

and suggestions. He is also willing to share his

being a successful Entrepreneur.

opinions and ideas with others. Despite being a serious businessman, he has a good sense of

I would attribute his success to his strong will

humour and is able to create a comfortable and

and determination to succeed coupled with his

relaxing atmosphere during the meeting.

adventurous characteristic that has propelled him to venture into the foods business on a large

Besides business topics, he also has good general

production scale. He is very stringent on food

knowledge to share with others during meetings.

quality control thus he spends most of his time at

He has a positive and self-confident attitude

the production plant to ensure only good quality

towards the business ventures he undertakes and

products are produced.

has a good business acumen. He is a very hard working and disciplined man who Here is a man on a mission and vision to venture

always focus on his daily tasks. He is also a good

not only into the local food business scene but

mentor and motivator to others, especially to his

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partners” as he believes that when his business grows, the suppliers’ business also grows together alongside. A mutually beneficial long-term business relationship with the supplier creates a mutual winwin situation. I hope he can continue his passion in producing increased good quality and tasty food products for consumers nationwide. Keep up the good work!

/ Lee Yeut Kunn Director Sri Segar Food Corporation Sdn Bhd

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