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HNG Thunderlab Sdn. Bhd. is started by a group of different professions who combined knowledge and skills to tap the growth in Mobile app business. Thunder lab customizes apps that fulfil clients’ needs. It focuses on niche market, and differentiate by providing this thoughtful services.

And he really likes his job, that’s why he can be determined on what he is doing without giving up or when people doubt at him. He is not just a thinker, he is an executor as well. As he always says, dream won’t become reality if you just putting it


inside your mind, you need to plan and execute it in order to make it comes true. hen I met him for the first time, I thought he was a quiet and

It was months ago and we were having a game

introvert person. But, I was wrong.

night with wine and I was same team with Owen.

He is a creative person, he will always surprise you

During the game was going on, he suggested abold

with some idea that you never hear off. He is also

move that surprised me because it was so risky!

a determined person who persistently moving

At last, we were the winner due to his reverse

closer to his goal although there are obstacles and

thinking and think out of the box to beat our

challenges that he needs to face, but he won’t give

opponent. At that moment, I was impressed with

up and compromise. The spirit of an adventure is

his adventurous spirit and creativity.

inside his blood too. He is willing to take risk in decision making because that’s the spirit that an

Besides being thankful to him, I have nothing much

entrepreneur should have.

to say. It is good to have a friend that you can learn from and point your weakness. You always remind

It is not easy to let go to start a new business.That’s

and motivate me to become a better man by keep

what I admire him. He is willing to take risk and start

learning and improving myself. Not everyone has

over a new chapter in life and face the challenges.

a friend who is the 100 Most Influential Young

It really needs a lot of courage and determination. I

Entrepreneur of the year to learn from, I am glad

don’t think I am brave enough to step out from my

and proud to have him as my friend.

current comfort zone. He is a creative and innovative person. He always can find a solution when all of us are out of ideas.

/ Chloe Chua Partner Chua Partnership

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100MIYE 2017 Booklet  

100MIYE 2017 Booklet