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Nick Loh is the Group CEO of Kinabalu Food Industries Sdn Bhd. Founded in 2012, KFI is the sole marketer and distributor for ReadyTo-Eat meals in Malaysia, currently having the brand of “K Signature” and “K Miniature” in the range with more to come. The company’s mission is to establish a more convenient way of eating without compromising on the taste and quality for Malaysians.


hen I first met Nick, I immediately

hitting a deadlock or a tough time but not so for

knew that this person has a very

Nick who is willing to face challenges head on.

strong personality. You can see that

One of the special moments that I can recall is

he will drive and push himself to achieve his goals.

when Nick was able to see the fruit of his success

He strongly believes that in order to be successful,

materialise in terms of developing products for the

there are many hurdles or challenges one has to

market that were well received.

face and endure in order to thrive in the business would.

That moment in time is when you know that you have managed to achieve something great and all

The most admirable quality in Nick lies with his

this is due to Nick’s efforts and leadership skills

determination and persistence. Nick is a person

which motivate others.

who, when he sets his mind on achieving something, will pursue the goal relentlessly and go through

Lastly, I would like to congratulate Nick on receiving

whatever it takes to achieve his dreams. He also

this award as I feel that he has come a long way

prefers to be hands-on especially concerning any

and worked hard for it. And, I know that there is

issues or scenarios that may require his assistance

so much more that his company can achieve in

to resolve.

this industry and beyond.The sky’s the limit indeed!

The key factors that have contributed to Nick’s

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success is the fact that he never stops trying to do his best. Persistence and perseverance characterise

Event Manager Broadway Academy

his personality. Anyone can quit at any time when

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