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Chris Leong is the Founder of Wah Toh Tit Tar. Since 2006, Wah Toh Tit Tar has been providing therapy for bone or joint-related pains ranging from mild to chronic pain and treating people from all walks of life - be they young or old. As such, Chris has travelled far and wide to promote his special technique of bone-setting therapy.


Chris, on the other hand, is one of the rare few

wanting to lose to him, I foolishly agreed. Neither

who has succeeded in this field. Not content with

of us knew how to ski. In this maiden attempt, I

just being a normal bone setter, he has built his

slipped off the edge of a cliff and dislocated my

own business and transformed his image from

knee. The doctors at the hospital told me that

being a Martial Arts Practitioner to something

I couldn’t ski anymore and a treatment was

ur first encounter would be in my house

more – whether it is a Business Owner, Social

immediately required.

back in 1993. I was hosting a small party

Media Influencer or Bone-Setting Specialist! He is

at my house for my classmates and

always pushing himself to learn new things, and is

Chris told me not to worry and back in the hotel –

Chris gate-crashed the private gathering.The funny

always wanting to do more. And when he embarks

utilizing his traditional Tit-Tar bone setting skills, he

thing is Chris wasn’t even from my school and yet

on new projects, he makes sure he does them well.

snapped my knee back in place and the next day, I

he blended in so well and even invited himself to

was back on the slopes again!

stay over for the night! My first impression is that

He continuously betters himself by pushing himself

this dude has got guts and is extremely friendly,

to do more. He also believes that as a Social Media

Chris has been instrument in assisting me during

daring and he knows “martial arts!”

Influencer, he has a responsibility to project a

the early days of my career. Back in the day

positive image and to motivate others to improve.

before I launched my career, Chris followed and

Back in the day when everyone was crazy over

He hasn’t slowed down at all after becoming a

assisted me with my international tours and

Jet Li’s “Once Upon A Time In China” - Wong

father. On the contrary, he is working and doing

seminars. Lack of resources for me back in those

Fei Hoong type of movies, Chris Leong is rare

more than before. I really marvel at his tenacity.

days meant I couldn’t afford to hire any assistant.

commodity. Everyone instantly took a liking to him because he was a national martial arts champion!

Chris supported me when I was just a lone ranger During my University break in 1997, I invited Chris

building up my career in the early days. For that, I

to join me for a ski trip at Mount Buller in eastern

am forever grateful. He is a true friend indeed.

His persistence, diligence and his steadfast nature

Victoria, Australia. That was the first time both of

are his winning qualities. Many Martial Arts

us had ever skied. Chris being Chris, somehow

Practitioners and Chiropractors are always trying

managed to convinced me to join him to race

to build a brand for themselves but not many are

down from the “summit” even though both of

able to successfully do so.

us are complete beginners. Needless to say, not

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