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Tee Lin Yik is a Founder and CEO of TEE IP Sdn Bhd. TEE IP offers affordable legal protection of assets in the form patent, trademark, and others. Its mission is to offer a speedy, convenience and quality services by leveraging on its vast foreign network, unique IP packages and competent employees.


planning for his future, even though his goals seem to be very remote from realization; people around kept saying it was impossible to do what he wants. His success is not only attributed by his vigilant spirit to push forward even with many hurdles ahead but he embodies a crucial trait in Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, which

have always addressed him as “Tee”. I have

is to have the end in mind.

known Tee for almost 9 year since he graduated from college.

By knowing what is his end goal, which is to be an Intellectual Property Firm owner, he reversed

I remember Tee as having this character that

engineered the process of getting to the goal by

exudes him, which makes me feel he will definitely

getting experience in the field, building a foundation

achieve something extraordinary in future. During

for his business, and transferring the knowledge he

our first meeting, he was a fresh graduate and had

has acquired through the years systemically to his

just started with a new company. I had dealings

team members. It was also important for him make

with the company he was working with, and in just

sure his vision is clear in order to ensure his team

three months he was promoted from an entry

work towards the same objectives.

level employee to the manager of his department. This gave the impression that Tee was ambitious,

I wish my friend will not be limited by barriers set in

and is not afraid to do whatever it takes to achieve

the field, dare to fight for his dreams and goals, and

his goals.

when success comes, he also helps those around him, like those who have helped him before earlier

Over the course of 9 years, he completed Masters

in his success story.

in Intellectual Property, advanced his career as Senior Executive and representative for MyIPO for 2 years and finally formed his own IP company in year 2010. Tee started TEE IP Sdn Bhd from home and have become a prominent IP company in the market with 25 over staffs. He never stopped

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100MIYE 2017 Booklet