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As the saying goes, “If you want to walk fast, walk alone; if you want to walk far, walk together.” Great Ideals has never stopped progressing with his leadership and more go-getters are groomed to march on the journey of success. There was a year where the whole group strived harder than usual towards the common goal. The many times Lay Seong led and motivated the team to compete for the national championship still rings clear. If I were to describe that scene, it would be “The war of fame!”. That was the moment we were recognised on stage to celebrate the moment of victory as national champion! I truly felt the sheer joy from the bottom of my heart and all hard works paid off. Dreams indeed came true! To innovate the existing model and system to

Lay Seong has not only being my influential leader,

bring the whole group as well as the life insurance

but to many, he is indeed a role model in the life

industry to greater heights, he explores beyond

insurance industry.

the conventional insurance business structure and actively involved in the entrepreneur networks to

I must say, the reason behind his continued success

seek practical tips and strategies to incorporate

lies in him keeping abreast with the industry and

with his own expertise in the financial planning

constantly overcoming each and every obstacle

industry. In hope, that would bring to the realization

and most importantly, taking care of every details

of his ultimate dream to the industry throughout

that could contributes to stir the group to great

these years!


Not only that, his hunger for success, never-settle-

He is not only my mentor in insurance career but

for-less and always-think-out-of-the-box attributes

one who always inspires and grows me in my life-

allow him to consistently remain the best and

long journey.

outperforms. If he were to be posed a question, what is his ultimate drive for success? It would be him leading by examples and inspire his business partners to attain the desired goals in life.

/ Neoh Bee Bee Co-Founder Great Ideals Group

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100MIYE 2017 Booklet  

100MIYE 2017 Booklet