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time will take good care of his team members and

I remembered when I had some difficulties in work

take their opinions seriously.

and personal issues, he is always there for me to listen to my problems and offered help in most

I admire KY Lim because he has big dreams, dare

of the time to solve my problems. As I mentioned

to dream and is loyal to his visions and missions.

before, he is one of the most righteous and helpful

He knows how he is going to walk his path of

man that I’ve met in my life.

entrepreneurship. And he has some unpredicted move in building his business and never afraid of

I am being very thankful to KY Lim for our 20

failures. He always pick himself up and come back

years of friendship. Without him, I would not be

stronger after every failure.

the person I am right now. His courage to take on new challenges also motivated me to be more

Another reason that I admire KY Lim is because

adventurous in my entrepreneurship journey.

he has been so kind and helpful to all the business partners, friends and family. He is one of the most

Finally, I would take this opportunity to thank him

righteous man that I’ve met in my life.

again for his help and support all this while and I hope that our brotherhood will be long lasting.


He is always full of exciting ideas, but the executions

Last but no least I hope that we will cherish our

were the reasons that make him outstanding. He

friendship like how we cherish our family.

always try new methods when previous ones

y first encounter with KY Lim was way

do not perform. He is a perfectionist on his

back to 21 years ago when we were

business, he always aims for the best. When others

still in Form 1 and we used to hang out

compliment on his achievement or success, he

together for most of the time. He used to be a very

stays humble. He is always hungry for knowledge

funny guy and jokes a lot in school.

and improvement.

Our first partnership was a cyber café back in

We have gone through a lot over the past 20

year 2005 at a tender age of 22. Since then we

years of friendship. He has transformed a lot

venture into a lot of stuff together; from businesses

since secondary school. From a quiet and shy guy

to stockmarket to properties investment. KY has

to a multi-talent and charismatic entrepreneur. I

a good sense of business and money-making

have always enjoyed his presentations on stage.

opportunity. He is always so energetic at the same

Everyone will be glued to him when watching him.

/ Allan Tan Co-Founder and Managing Director Midana Capital Inc.

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100MIYE 2017 Booklet