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CHEONG SZE KEN Cheong Sze Ken is the CEO of IQI CS Sdn Bhd and is also the Founder of IQI’s DP Team. Ken joined IQI’s CS Group at the age of 26, having very little experience in the property sector, but bringing a bold belief in his own potential and the trustworthy partners that he worked with. At a time when social media and digital presence in the real estate sector was uncommon, Ken made the bold move to take on this challenge and moved from zero to a hero in a very space of time. He went onto win the IQI Top Sales 2016 award with record sales of 150 units.


Most people will say to achieve success is challenging. For Ken Cheong’s success, it all starts from within. What he has instilled within are determination, consistency and the attitude to keep on learning and improving. The key to his success is that he does not stop whenever he achieves something. He is consistent in his job and creates more and more goals and milestones for him to constantly achieve. With this type of attitude, he never stops growing and to achieve more, he finds many ways to improve himself.

hen I first heard the name of Ken

Everyone has their weakness but what I can see in

Cheong, I always picture him as the

Ken Cheong is that he never let his weakness get the

person who always closes a deal

best of him. He is not so fluent in communicating

daily, and at sometimes closes multiple cases in just

in English. But that did not let it be a factor to not

one day! People will be congratulating him and this

achieve great things. From zero English proficiency,

has given me an impression of how extraordinary

he has improved in his communication skill and now

and dedicated Ken Cheong is even before meeting

he has started to give talks and sharing sessions in

him. The first time I met him, he has given me the

English. This shows on how strong his mindset is.

impression of how professional and extensive his knowledge in property. He has such a cool and

First and foremost, we at IQI are very proud

calm aura in the way he presents himself.

to see how far Ken Cheong has grown and has achieved. We would like to congratulate him on all

There is nothing holding him back. That is what I

his success. Nothing is easy and he has proven that

see in Ken Cheong. He has an aggressive approach

with the right mindset and determination, anything

in the way he leads his team, in the way he handles

is possible. Do not ever stop pursuing greatness

tough situations and

find ways to solve the

and all the hard work will pay off in the end. Keep

problem. He doesn’t take things lightly and trains

pushing yourself and do not let anyone tell you that

his team to be independent. And the one thing

you cannot do it. The sky is never the limit and we

that he has with him from the beginning is a strong

will see you at the top.

mindset. He has set his mind to achieve great things in life and he has done everything to make it all happen. He believes that nothing is impossible and has proven it to me.

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/ Anthony Lim Project Director IQI Holdings

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100MIYE 2017 Booklet  

100MIYE 2017 Booklet