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Joo Kim Tiah is the CEO of TA Global Bhd and Principal of Holborn. TA Global’s core business is real estate investment and development with holdings in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, China, Australia and Canada. Holborn is an active and prominent real estate developer in Canada.


remember meeting Joo Kim for the first time at a

I have never met anyone who is as disciplined as

He asked me why I was smiling in front of everyone

birthday dinner and I thought to myself, “This guy

Joo Kim. When he sets his mind to do something,

in the room. I didn’t give him an answer at the time

is way too masculine to be a CEO”. However, as I

he makes sure that he achieves it, whether it is as

but I remembered clearly how I thought that it felt

got to know him better, I realised very quickly that

routine as hitting the gym, perfecting his drum skills

like one of the board meetings Joo Kim occasionally

he is more than just another typical businessman.

or fulfilling his responsibility to complete the Trump

chaired - the only difference was the more “divine”

Tower in Vancouver. There were even times when

setting. Plus, I couldn’t help but admire his kindness

As accomplished as he is, he continues to make

there was political pressures affecting work, but he

and think, “How are you going to find the time

himself available and approachable. I’ve had

held steady.

and energy to be here right now. Shouldn’t you be

plenty of opportunities to witness him speaking

somewhere else running the world?”

at public forums and it always amazes me to

Joo Kim and I go to the same church. There was

see his willingness to engage with openness and

a time when our church community was going

Joo Kim, after all has been said and done, if my

authenticity even though he is in a position of

through some crisis. Somehow, Joo Kim came to

role in your life is nothing less than to remind you

constant scrutiny.

know about the challenges that we were going

of God’s purpose for you, then I have fulfilled my

through as a church and he called for a much-

purpose as your friend and brother..

He is also fearless when the time comes for

needed meeting amongst the leaders and Pastors.

standing up for what he believes. When faced with

I remember sitting across the room from him and

opposition, criticism and doubt, he constantly rises

he noticed that I had a big smile on my face.

to the occasion and accomplishes what he sets his heart to.

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100MIYE 2017 Booklet