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YEOH has a strong persistent attitude and will really work James Yeoh is the General Manager of Solid Horizon Sdn Bhd. Established in 1982, the company has diversified its business into different subsidiaries to capitalise on the rapid industrialisation of Malaysia. Together, its subsidiaries work in tandem to meet the varied demands of the construction industry via its extensive range of products and expertise.


business. James, being an apt Entrepreneur now has learnt about making good decisions without delays. This is because he knows that every minute and every dime counts for the company to move ahead in this trying times. Despite being a workaholic who is serious about his work commitments, James is also

first knew James through his brother about eight years ago. James was working in Singapore then but returned to Malaysia to help run the family

business here. My first impression of James was that he has a very energetic and positive personality. Although he majored in Internet Technology (IT), he was very fast in picking up the pace in his current business dealing with construction.Therefore, I was very impressed at his speed in learning the ropes of the business with full confidence and boldness which was a total paradigm shift in the industry for him. The family business, Solid Horizon, was running on a medium scale until James joined its operations and did some rapid changes. Business picked up at a tremendous pace and regained full turnover. There were lots of improvements technologically speaking besides improvisations in turning the company around in terms of success rate. I was surprised too because knowing James, who was mostly confined indoors due to his IT work, was now fully exposed to outdoor activities in the construction industry. One of the key factors that contributed to James success in his career is his determination. Therefore, if he wants something very urgently, he would give his 100% focus and attention to details and be accountable for achieving his goal. No matter what lies ahead, James

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hard daily to bring about positive outcomes in his


a very patient and mature person who is willing to listen to his colleagues and accept their feedback. We have had many special moments together especially in embarking in joint venture businesses dealing with the Food and Beverage (F&B) industry since three years ago as well as being involved in the interior finishing materials trading business now. He is quick in decision-making and has utmost clarity when it comes to strategic planning. He is also adept at drawing out the master-planning details for the business encompassing a three to five-year business plan. I am less worried as I have confidence in his execution as he has a clear mindset on set goals. James has never failed to pull through a perfect business plan which always seems to be able to attract a double-digit turnover. In essence, James works hard and plays hard too. To James:- I would like to see you push hard to achieve your career goals and dreams in the near future. I hope that you would get whatever you desire and let the dreams come to pass before reaching 40.

/ Marco Tan Choo Weaw Managing Director Premier Channel Sdn Bhd

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100MIYE 2017 Booklet  

100MIYE 2017 Booklet