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Propstar Realty is unparalleled when it comes to Real Estate Business. Every of one of its negotiator is professional who always exceed customer expectations. Propstar’s goal is to succeed, enabling its diverse team of value Real Estate Negotiators to hold great accountability towards its prized customers.


met Ivon at a friend’s gathering during 2008. My first impression of Ivon is she seems to be a sophisticated person with charming

personality. Her serious attitude towards works and her dedication to friendship gave me a good impressions of her. Her never-say-die attitude, perseverance, and willing to learn and improved from her past failures

and managed to sell 70 units in a month time with

all the managers and staff throughout a difficult

leads to her success. She is efficient, detail-oriented,

just 2 of us. She have the courage and charisma

period end of 2016, and achieved a record sales in

and extremely competent. On top of that, she is

to lead you to try new challenges. She have the

the industry, leading to our awards from Iproperty

also hands-on and man manage the team to ensure

foresight to see the upcoming market trend, and

in 2017.

that they are on the right path. Another strength

that’s the reason we are always ahead in term of

of hers is her exceptional social skills, which enable

marketing direction.

We know each other for quite a long time. We know each other direction.We also fully understand

her to communicate well with people of all ages. Ivon, being an adventurous person, enjoys going

each other strength and weaknesses. We are also

I remember the first deal I did with her is a land deal.

overseas to various countries. Through her

honest and transparent in our partnership. Hence

Coming from a banker and Insurance background

encouragement, we also started following her

there’s nothing much to add other than thank you

with no real estate knowledge at that time, she can

leads, enjoying going on trips to various countries

in believing and trusting the partnership.

adapt and learn very fast. The buyer is impressed

to see more of the world outside and enhance our

by her presentation and professionalism. The deal

knowledge beyond our country.

went through smoothly with both purchaser and vendor satisfied. There’s also the time when she

There are quite a few moments working with her

brought in a new Project on her own, with no

which changes our perception of work cultures and

team at that time, and Project Marketing is not the

creative thinking. The moment that I remember the

in-thing yet. We both sat down, work out a plan,

most is where she show her leadership, rallying

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/ Jerrie Chea COO Propstar Realty

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100MIYE 2017 Booklet  

100MIYE 2017 Booklet