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Irene is an outstanding micro marketing mentor and the general agent for Vjoli Marketing where she works together with Dato’ Edmund Yap and she helps the agents to grow to be more successful. Back in time, Irene used to run jewellery wholesale stores at Petaling Street, and wedding studios at SS2. 5 years ago, she understands the new trend of Internet era where accepted the changes, she gave up on traditional business. Within 4 months, she got promoted as Marketing Director. In the same year, she also received the Asian Personal Direct Sponsor Champion & recognized as the top 50 direct selling marketing company. She been to more than 20 different countries within these 2 years for free.


y first encounter with Irene was about

things together and confide on ideas to tackle is-

20 years ago. She was only a girl of 18

sues or problems. We also travel overseas together

years old then but smart and good per-

every year.

son. I was impressed with her as she was hardworking and friendly person even at her age. Irene

Some of the factors which leads to her success

had a kiosk doing wholesale in KLCC and I used to

would be being persistence and strict in her busi-

meet her to pick things for my retail business.

ness. She is also not a calculative person. At times, if am having cash problems, Irene has always helped

I always admire her caring behaviour especially

me resolve it too, true to a saying which goes ‘a

when I see the way she treats her mother and the

friend in need is a friend indeed’. She has a lot of

family well. Being the only daughter and the eldest

friends because for the simple reason that she is

in her family, Irene’s brother had a serious accident

very friendly and is someone who offers help like

few years ago. He was near comatose stage, but

advice or suggestions too.

she never failed to look after him and being by her brother’s side every day till he recovered and

I know that she would go far in her career and

married with a child now. And this episode has

life too. I would like to take this opportunity to

touched me deeply.

wish her all the best and love her too as my own daughter. Keep on trying for the ultimate until filled

Time after time her relentless kind-heartedness

with satisfaction and success in all you endeavour.

never left her even though she faced few challenges along her career path. Though we are about 15 years apart in age, but I really respect her entrepreneurial views and mindset. We also do most

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