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Eric Yong graduated from the City University, London with a Honours Degree in Civil Engineering. He joined Crest Builder Holdings Berhad in June 2003 as Special Assistant to the Group Managing Director and was appointed to the Board on January 31, 2008. Yong foresees the project procurement and implementation, as well as business development ventures of the company. He is also involved in project planning, development, and marketing operations of the company’s property development projects.


t was in 2009, after I returned to Malaysia from

Throughout years of being my buddy and boss, I feel

the Middle East, when I got to know Eric through

that his most admirable qualities are his “Definite

my old blogger buddies. I was introduced to Eric

Aim, Vision and Purpose” for the company. He has

at one of the foodies outing. We were in the same

very strong sense of direction, which is inline the

industry, which is construction, and immediately

company’s mission and vision. Besides that, his high

became good buddies thanks to his friendly and

self-esteem makes any venture possible for him.

outspoken personality. Soon after knowing each

He always stay positive and motivated in doing

other, Eric offered me a role his late father’s

“bigger” not only in the construction industry, but

company, but I rejected the offer. He never gave up

also property development. Yong also has a warm

and continuing offering me the job for years, until

relationship with all staffs who are often motivated

2013, finally I joined the company.

with his gestures. Naturally, his effective networking provided more business opportunities to the company. “When life gives u lemons, squeeze the lemons, make lemonade and sell them”. That’s his favourite quotes of success. Yong has an optimistic and a can-do attitude despite facing of adversity or misfortunes. In actual fact, he is the type of person who’s never afraid of difficulty and eager to take on bigger challenges. There is one unforgettable moment I experienced with Yong, and this was before the company secured a large construction contract. The entire team worked tirelessly to come out with best strategies and proposals; we attended few rounds of presentation and interviews. He never gave up despite facing many obstacles in bidding for the contract. Furthermore, he gave us the confidence to compete with other big players in this industry. Finally the company secured the contract and we

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100MIYE 2017 Booklet