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To me, it not advisable to create a perfect house in one’s mind, but be specific of what one wants and needs and what one doesn’t want in a house. You can also indicate the negotiable and non-negotiable needs and wants to guide choosing of the property and the transaction. It is after this is done and deal is closed that you can make the house perfect for you. Clients should also not assume that agents or brokers have a magic wand to get them what they want, but rather work with them as a team a develop the list above and work it out till that perfect property is closed. Be Honest and Transparent Both Clients and Agents must be honest with each other. Usually sellers would want to hide certain alterations or flaws of a property from the agent and for that matter the buyer for the fear that it will affect his or her listing price. The buyer will also want to lie about exactly what he or she will be using the property for to also save money on the negotiations. Some agents too might want to keep the clients in the dark about something in order to have their commission intact. All three scenarios are punishable by law should the affected party take it to court. As agents, it is important to be honest and transparent in your dealings as your survival in the business is based mostly on referrals. As a seller, the agent knows how to help communicate and market your property to get the right buyer without having to lie or

hide anything. Same applies to the buyer or the one renting. Explain your situation in full to the agent. He has been doing this for a living and will do all he or she can to meet your need. Even if he can’t, his network and colleagues will come handy in meeting your need. Don’t Be Emotional As a result of the amount of money and investments involved in real estate, transactions can be very emotional and degenerate into something else. Be that as it may, try as much as possible to avoid the temptations of being emotional. Get your facts right and deal with the issues based on merits and demerits as presented. A real estate agent or broker comes in handy in dealing with the emotional and sentiments attached to real estate transactions. As a buyer or seller, you are better off pouring your sentiments and emotions on the agent or broker so he or she keeps that in mind when facilitating the transaction so there is a win-win deal for all parties involved. Share your story if you have some lessons to share. Till then, see you next week. The writer is the CEO and Lead Broker, CBC Properties (CBC Global Limited), Founding Member, Ghana Association of Real Estate Brokers (GAR); Email: Cell: 0204225002


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