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Digitalis Dalmation Peach

new flowers for 2013 Welcome to the Summer Sowing Catalogue in which we have included some new varieties for you to try ahead of the 2013 season.

Digitalis Dalmation Peach

We have several first year flowering perennials including Digitalis Dalmation Peach. The delicious peach pink tightly packed bells are delightful and caught our eye the moment we saw them. Hollyhock Las Vegas is a very special mixture which again flowers in the first year and the flowers are so bright that they shine like the ‘lights of Vegas’. We have also added two new Echinacea, Pow Wow White - just as vigorous as its sister Wild Berry and perhaps more importantly, just as drought tolerant. For a splash of colour Echinacea Cheyenne Spirit should not be missed with beautiful flowers of gold, scarlet, purple and yellow. If you’re looking for a different, quick and easy annual then Cosmos Double Bonbon Rose Bicolour should fit the bill! Gorgeous clear white petals with rose tips are compelling and we expect this to be one of our Top Sellers next season. Many thanks for the business you have placed with us over the years - your support is invaluable. Kind regards, David Tostevin & Sarah Missing

Hollyhock Las Vegas Mixed

Plants available on page 15

Tightly packed bells on a short stem boasting a true peach-pink colour and each lip is liberally sprinkled with black dots. Very appealing and first year flowering. 3-4'. HB. 1480C (25 seeds)


Echinacea Cheyenne Spirit

A decorative fig-leaf Hollyhock with saucer shaped blossoms shining like the ‘bright lights of Vegas’. A splendid mix of brilliant colours of chestnut brown to red, pink shades to white and yellow to copper coloured single flowers. Slightly shorter than other fig leaf types and flowers in the first year if sown early. 5-6'. HB/HP.

The latest Gold Medal Winner. Originally a wild prairie flower and now hardly recognized. Sumptuous range of colour in gold, scarlet, purple and yellow. First year flowering and a ‘must have’ flower for perennial borders. Drought tolerant. 2-3'. HP.

1700B (25 seeds) £2.95

1496D (12 seeds) £3.25


Sphaeralcea coccinea Mallow Red

Unusual perennial with a sprawling habit but covered in 1" cup shaped flowers of orange-red from mid summer onwards. Should be hardy in most districts but be fair, give it a sheltered position in the first year. 18-30". HP. 2227C (30 seeds) £1.85

Delphinium Pink Punch From the Antipodes comes this beauty. Intense mulberry rose shades, semi double and with an attractive mix of bees in brown, honey and black. Should be a Show Winner and deserves a place in any respectable garden. 4-5'. HP. 1433 (10 seeds) £2.95

Cosmos Double Bonbon Rose Bicolour White, rose, cranberry! Now to complete the series a white/ rose bicolour. Clear white petals and rose tips help retain the undiminishing demand for flower arranging. Unique in the Cosmos world. 24-36". HHA. 1357A (75 seeds) £2.50

Wallflower Sugar Rush F1 Mixed A brand new British breeding which has produced a vigorous hybrid with all the old fashioned sweet fragrance. Five delicious colours ranging from purple and scarlet through to gold and primrose. Early into flower (Feb) and exceptionally long lasting. A delightful mixture which heralds the Spring. 12". HB. 2336 (50 seeds) £2.75 Plants available on page 15

Gaillardia Simple Simone Bright Bicolour Simple Simon was applauded by a well known Consumer Magazine. It stood every frost and wind we could throw at it. Now try its sister! Bicolour Simone!! Double yellow petals with a rosy red ring and bold stamens. Outstanding in our opinion. 18". HP. (shown right) 1558A (25 seeds) £2.80


favourite flowers Echinacea Pow Wow Wild Berry

Echinacea Pow Wow White If Pow Wow Wild Berry excited you then Pow Wow White will do the same! Plants available Broad, almost on page 15 horizontal petals are topped by a golden cone and furthermore will flower easily in the first year. 20-24". HP.

Plants available on page 15

Beautiful first year flowering perennial in rich rose purple. 3-4" flowers are very showy and said to retain colour longer. Wind proof, early to flower and decidedly branching they will bloom continuously. AAS 2010 Award Winner. 20-24". HP.

1495D (10 seeds) £2.95


Gaillardia Mesa ‘Simple Simon’ Bursting with energy and very long lasting 3" butter yellow flowers. An All America Award Winner and first year flowering. 18". HP.

1495C (10 seeds) £2.95

Eritrichium Baby Blues

1558 £2.80 (25 seeds)

Gazania Gazoo Red with Green Ring

Forget-Me-Not lookalike but not nearly so shy. Plant with tulips and wallflowers and enjoy a refreshing change. Cobalt blue and very vigorous. Should be perennial but occasionally decides to act as an annual. 9-12". HP/HA. 1504A (40 seeds) £2.85 4

Blood red velvet petals with a yellow cushioned centre and surrounded by an apple green ring and a host of flowers in bloom simultaneously. Very different to the ‘run of the mill’ Gazania and simply oozes quality. 12-15". HHA. 1572A (20 seeds) £2.75

Heliopsis Sunburst Variegated Now here’s a change! Fully double golden yellow flowers with an unusual aluminium blistering variegation not your normal yellow streaked leaves. A real find and will complement any perennial border. 2'-21/2'. HP. Plants available on page 17

Gaillardia Arizona Red Shades

1675B £2.05 (25 seeds)

Delphinium Double Blue Lace From ‘down under’ come some of the most advanced Delphiniums in recent years. Double Blue Lace has majestic spikes of fully double flowers. Breathtaking and a miracle of breeding usually seen only once in a lifetime. 4-5'. HP.

Plants available on page 16

Spectacular shades of crimson red. It’s tailor made for planters and tubs as the plants are well branched and have a uniform habit. Not shy to flower profusely through the season. 12". HP. 1559 (30 seeds) £2.25

Gaillardia Arizona Apricot Plants available on page 16

1429 £3.95 (10 seeds)

Delphinium Green Twist Delphiniums have great stamina and should do particularly well in our climate. Green Twist is a lovely unique colour with stately spikes and an unusual blend of white flowers streaked with green. 4-5'. HP. 1431 £3.95 (10 seeds)

An All America Winner. Brilliant huge flowers and a central cone are surrounded by multiple rows of petals which start off apricot in the centre and finish sunshine yellow at the edges. First year flowering perennial. 12". HP. 1559A (30 seeds) £2.25

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Cosmos Fizzy Fizzy White

Cosmos Antiquity


Unique colour, unique habit and an ever changing colour ranging from burgundy into salmon-bronze shades and yet remaining fresh. A cutting garden ‘heavy’! 2'. HHA. 1353A (40 seeds) £2.50

Bold white outer petals and a ‘back comb’ centre. Lovely variety and a perfect vase candidate. 2-3'. HHA.

Aster Lady Coral Dark Blue Sapphire blue incurved flowers and huge heads will quickly make this variety a real ‘must have’. Indescribably beautiful. 2'. HHA.

1353B (100 seeds) £2.05

Calendula Greenheart Gold

1138C £2.00 (150 seeds)

Zinnia Zahara Double Fire

A cut flower variety really grown for the colour alone. Deep gold petals surround a knotted green centre. Tough, reliable and if the side shoots are removed the flowers become simply enormous. 18-24". HA. 1232A (100 seeds) £1.85 6

The most compelling Zinnia for sheer colour we have ever seen. Double crowned, almost spherical in shape, the colour and habit screams quality and will keep your garden beds a blaze all summer long. Lovely for cutting. Truly the best. 18-24". HHA. 2378 £2.95 (25 seeds)

Calendula Lemonade

Nasturtium Crimson Emperor The essence of vivid crimson reselected for purity and the small leaves are no hindrance to the flowers which dominate the plant for weeks on end. Trailing. HHA. 1941 £1.95 (30 seeds)

Ammi majus Graceland Queen Anne’s Lace. A Chelsea Favourite filler for gardens and bouquets. Large umbels of green and white turn a pretty common plant into an ‘architectural must have’. 4'. HA.

Lovely little Calendula no more than 6" tall with lemon, golden yellow, apricot and orange daisy like flowers contrasting just sufficiently to make a sparkling mixture of ground covering plants. 6-8". HA. 1222 (100 seeds) £1.80

Cosmos Collarette Improved

1070A £1.45 (200 seeds)

Zinnia Summer Bouquet

The centre of the flower has a ‘bunch of petalettes’ which give the impression of being semi-double. Magnificent for the border and cut flowers and we highly recommend this new selection which has been revamped for colour and uniformity. 36". HHA. 1354A (100 seeds) £2.05

Fantastic globes of unreal colour. Exceptional cutting stems and quite the best Zinnia of its type. 3-31/2'. HHA. 2381 (40 seeds) £2.35

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Cosmos Double Rose Bonbon

Rudbeckia Prairie Sun

Delightful fully double pompom like rose-pink flowers. Long lasting and makes a perfect cut flower. Useful for adding height to borders this delightful new Cosmos was our 2009 Flower of the Year. 24-36". HHA. 1357 £2.50 (75 seeds)

Cosmos Double Bonbon Snow Puff

Double winner here and we’re not surprised. As late as September this flower was still giving its best. Magnificent green disc surrounded by solid gold petals resulting in primrose yellow tips. The best border plant we’ve seen! 2-2'6". HHA. 2157A (25 seeds) £2.15

Superb and fully double with pompom like snow white flowers. Long lasting and a perfect cut flower as the stems hold the flower heads upright. Useful for adding height. 24-36". HHA.

Lupin Tiny Tots Mixed

1357B £2.50 (75 seeds)

Cosmos Dbl Click Cranberries Astonishing fully double Cosmos with a delicious Cranberry colour. Spectacular en masse and impressive as a cut flower. A completely new race of Cosmos. 24-36". HHA. 1357C £2.50 (75 seeds) 8

The astonishing result of many years breeding culminating in a very dwarf perennial variety but with the ability to flower in just 16 weeks. A simply gorgeous selection of softer colours and bicolours and almost a bedding plant. 18-20". HP. 1856 (75 seeds) £1.85

Antirrhinum Opus Red Beauty F1

Scabiosa Black Knight Very dark purple pompons. A unique colour and very easy and rewarding and continues to be a very popular and easy annual. 3'. HHA. 2193A £1.95 (100 seeds)

Nasturtium Ladybird Cream A relatively dainty Nasturtium with smaller leaves and a gorgeous shade of rich cream flowers which have a decorative deep red ‘ladybird’ on each petal. Quite charming. 8-10". HHA.

Brilliant red ‘snap’ which gleams in the sun or shade. Crowded bold flowers demand admiration and kids will love the wide open ‘bunny rabbits’ and there’s a faint perfume too! 2-2'6". HHA. 1092C (50 seeds) £2.25

Antirrhinum Opus Polar Ice F1

1944B £1.95 (30 seeds)

Viola Penny Denim Jump Up

The purest white Snapdragon ever produced. Unblemished and with very strong stems make it highly suitable for astonishing arrangements we’ve now come to expect. 2'-2'6". HHA. 1090B (50 seeds) £2.25

Delicious shining mid blue petals with a pale chin and dark blue face all punctuated with a piercing yellow eye. Astonishing colour combination never seen before and most highly recommended. 4-6". HA. 2327A (25 seeds) £2.25

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Zinnia Wine Bouquet

Larkspur Sydney Blue Picotee

Add a touch of class with our lovely new Zinnia which has deep burgundy flowers resembling the colour of a rich merlot wine. A stunning cut flower with long thick stems and a well branched habit and if blended with Lime Cordial makes an attractive combination. 3-3 1/2 '. HHA. 2364C £2.05 (30seeds)

Zinnia Lime Cordial This is the ultimate in Larkspur. Brilliant white, overlaid with a picotee blue edge and furthermore fully double. The worthy winner of the Fleuroselect Gold Medal for 2006. Totally unique and absolutely captivating not to be missed! 31/2 -4'. HA.

The strongest, toughest stems you’ll ever meet bred especially for cut flowers. Pinch out the growing point and you’ll quadruple the crop. Eyecatching lime green double flowers. 30". HHA.

1441B (100 seeds) £2.35

Eschscholzia Jelly Beans

2370 £1.85 (100 seeds)

Aster Lady Coral Mixed

The brightest mixture of large double flowers in shades of seville orange, rose-pink, salmon and glistening gold. Ideal for a sunny border or container. Nothing less than a ‘Pick and Mix’ of pleasure! 8 -10". HA. 1522 (150 seeds) £1.95 10

We’ve mixed all the existing Lady Series colours together and the result is gorgeous. Use for cutting or bedding they’ll be admired anywhere. 2'. HHA. 1138F (150 seeds) £2.00

Rudbeckia Autumn Colours A delightful mixture of bronze, copper, mahogany and gold all with a central cushion. Large flowers well into the Autumn are just 24" tall. HHA.

Sweet Pea Villa Roma Scarlet

2158B (100seeds) £1.95

Nasturtium Black Velvet Velvety black flowers, a unique colour in Nasturtium and an energetic plant too although it’s dwarf and non-trailing. Visualize a container of black surrounded by trailing Milkmaid! Staggering! 12". HHA.

2011 Gold Medal Winner! The first dwarf Sweet Pea, blooming from July to September and only 10" tall and 10" wide. Bred to withstand heat and ideal for baskets and containers. HA. 2266 (20 seeds) £1.95

Cosmos Sonata White

1945A £1.95 (30 seeds)

Nasturtium Apricot Trifle Unusually crinkly petals, deep bluish leaves and a colour almost beyond description. Apricot salmon and masses of top held flowers in double and semi-double form. 12". HHA. 1942A (30 seeds) £1.90

Pure glistening white and dwarfer by at least 18" than anything else. Grown in groups they make an ideal patio plant. (We offer only original breeders stock). 24". HHA. 1356C (60 seeds) £2.15

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Digitalis Elsie Kelsey

Scabiosa Fama Deep Blue

The story goes that a young Irish nursery girl was told to clear a trayful of old Digitalis plants. They all succumbed except for one having lovely snowwhite bells and a ‘raspberry jam’ lip. Fabulous plant with its only drawback being its height, what a sight in full flower. 4-6'. HB/HP.

This already superb perennial has been further improved and now provides an almost perfect plant in both colour and habit. Very strong stems, enormous flowers and a stamina to be admired. 20". HP. 2197 £2.75 (10 seeds)

Plants available on page 17

Scabiosa Fama White At long last the white counterpart to the ‘world famous blue’. Double flowers on ramrod stems and continues to flower without any effort until mid/late summer. 20". HP.

1476 (400 seeds) £1.85

Campanula Summer Bells

Plants available on page 17

2197A £2.75 (10 seeds)

Coreopsis Golden Globe

Charming old fashioned fully double Canterbury Bells in traditional blue, white and pink. Rarely seen today but what memories when it is! 18"-2'. HB. 1239 (500 seeds) £1.65 12

Fleuroselect Novelty Award. Double golden orange balls of outstanding beauty. First year flowering and thereafter a strong perennial flowering very much earlier. Very showy. 15-20". HP. 1347C (100 seeds) £1.80

Papaver Choir Boy

Papaver Ladybird

POD Original and the mother of all Oriental Whites. Huge tissue paper petals, deepening black eyes and very dwarf. Furthermore from a mid January sowing it will easily flower in the first summer. The ‘one and only’ Choir Boy! 2-3'. HP. 2018A £2.25 (100 seeds)

Prunella Freelander Blue This 2009 Fleuroselect Gold Medal Winner is a gorgeous ground cover plant growing just 7-8" tall and smothered in tubular bell shaped flowers of intense violet blue. Sown in Feb/March it will be in flower in early/mid summer and outshines many annuals. Sown later it will flower in Oct. 7-8". HP.

Reselected, cleaned up and raring to go. Fire engine red flowers with black blotches on each petal simply overpower the plant. Dainty little soul happy anywhere and has never lost it’s charm and appeal. 12-18". HA. 2021 (300 seeds) £1.75

Veronica Pink Shades

2132B (75 seeds) £2.15

Trifolium ochroleucum Brilliant plant related to Clover but with huge creamy white heads and quite spectacular in borders and in 6" pots. Rarely grown but leaving a lasting impression when first seen. 18". HP. Plants available on page 17

2286B £2.25 (25 seeds)

Upright stately tapering stems in varying shades of rose pink. Excellent for cutting and seldom recognised. Marvellous perennial border plant. 2'6"-3'. HP. 2317 (100 seeds) £1.80

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Stocks Fruit Punch Mixed

Nicotiana Perfume Antique Lime Deliciously perfumed flowers in a beautiful antique lime colour. 2-3'. HHA. 1964G (60 seeds) £1.95

Lathyrus Matucana The original Sweet Pea of 1699. Since we first sold this variety the demand has risen beyond belief. Hide a single stem in any arrangement and watch the reaction. The perfume is staggering. HA.

The ‘All Weather-All Season’ Stocks in seven delicious colours including apricot, bright rose and lavender blue. 2'-2'6". HHA. 2236A (50 seeds) £2.50

Antirrhinum Elegance Bronze

1758 £1.95 (25 seeds)

Calendula Kalinka Apricot

Rich coppery bronze spikes heavily festooned with ‘snaps’. Simply wonderful in any setting and ideal for cut flowers. 2'6". HHA. 1097B (50 seeds) £2.25 14

Apricot crest with multiple rows of broad buttermilk petals and a depth of colour not seen before. Side shoot the plants, like tomatoes for enormous heads and straight stems. 2'. HA. 1230C £1.80 (100 seeds)

favourite plants Echinacea Pow Wow Wild Berry Beautiful first year flowering perennial in rich rose purple. 3-4" flowers are very showy and said to retain colour longer. Wind proof, early to flower and decidedly branching they will bloom continuously. Drought tolerant. 20-24". HP. Deliver y: June Last Orders: June

Digitalis Dalmation Peach NEW

Seeds available on page 4

8385 (2 plants in 7cm pots ) £7.85 Seeds available on page 5

Echinacea Pow Wow White NEW

Seeds available on page 4

If Pow Wow Wild Berry excited you then Pow Wow White will do the same! Broad, almost horizontal petals are topped by a golden cone and furthermore will flower easily in the first year. 20-24". HP. Deliver y: June Last Orders: June

Tightly packed bells on a short stem boasting a true peach-pink colour and each lip is liberally sprinkled with black dots. Very appealing. 3-4'. HB. Deliver y: June Last Orders: June 8404 (2 plants in 7cm pots ) £7.85

Gaillardia Simple Simone Bright Bicolour NEW

8406 (2 plants in 7cm pots ) £7.85

Hollyhock Mars Magic Eighteen years to breed a single red hollyhock. First year flowering. HP. Deliver y: June Last Orders: June 8390 £7.85 (2 plants in 7cm pots )

Seeds available on page 3

Simple Simon was applauded by a well known Consumer Magazine. Now try its sister! Double yellow petals with a rosy red ring and bold stamens. Outstanding! 18". HP. Deliver y: June Last Orders: June 8405 (2 plants in 7cm pots ) £7.85

Order Hotline: 0844 856 0763


Gaillardia Arizona Red Shades

Hesperis Ambleside Astonishing, pure white, fully double flowers, which from a short distance, look like column stocks even down to the perfume. A must have plant that every Grandma knew and loved ages ago. 18"-2'. HP. Delivery: April Last orders: June 8140 £7.85 (1 plant)

Seeds available on page 5

Francoa sonchifolia Pink Bouquet

Spectacular shades of crimson red. It’s tailor made for planters and tubs as the plants are well branched and have a uniform habit. Not shy to flower profusely through the season. 12". HP. Deliver y: June Last Orders: June

Known as Bridal Wreath and carries large flowers on elegant spikes from June to August. Light pink flowers with a darker blotch at the base. Mighty impressive. 18-24". HP. Deliver y: May Last Orders: June

8387 (2 plants in 7cm pots) £7.85

Gaillardia Arizona Apricot Seeds available on page 5

8371 £7.85 (1 plant)

Salvia microphylla Hot Lips

An All America Winner. Brilliant huge flowers and a central cone are surrounded by multiple rows of petals which start off apricot in the centre and finish sunshine yellow at the edges. First year flowering perennial. 12". HP. Deliver y: June Last Orders: June 8386 (2 plants in 7cm pots) £7.85 16

Extremely unusual small bush which smothers itself in Salvia-like flowers, heavily ‘lipsticked’ on the lower petals. Astonishing in full flower. 1-3'. HShrub. Delivery: April Last orders: June 8396 £7.85 (1 plant)

Rockery Phlox Candystripe & Scarlet Flame Miniature Phlox, hardy, evergreen, ground cover. Smothered in brilliant scarlet red flowers or white with deep pink stripes. The perfect plant for rockeries. Very dainty, very showy and widely admired. 4". HP.

Scabiosa Fama Deep Blue This already superb perennial has been further improved and is now an almost perfect plant in both colour and habit. Very strong stems, enormous flowers and a stamina to be admired. 20". HP. 8391 £7.85 (2 plants)

Seeds available on page 12

Scabiosa Fama White At long last the white counterpart to the ‘world famous blue’. Double flowers on ramrod stems and continues to flower without any effort until mid/late summer. 20". HP.

Delivery: April Last orders: June 8395 (1 plant of each) £8.50

Heliopsis Sunburst Variegated Seeds available on page 12

Deliver y: May Last Orders: June

8392 £7.85 (2 plants) (for both Scabiosa)

Trifolium ochroleucum

Now here’s a change! Fully double golden yellow flowers with an unusual aluminium blistering variegation - not your normal yellow streaked leaves. A real find and will complement any perennial border. 2'-21/2'. HP. Deliver y: May Last Orders: June

Brilliant plant related to Clover but with huge creamy white heads and quite spectacular in borders and in 6" pots. Rarely grown but leaving a lasting impression Seeds available when first on page 13 seen. 18". HP. Deliver y: May Last Orders: June

8389 (2 plants in 7cm pots) £7.85

8397 (2 plants in 7cm pots) £7.85

Seeds available on page 5

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Dahlia Asahi Chohji

Verbascum Jackie

Stunning! Wonderful 4" flowers of pure white enjoy the added attraction of a broad brilliant red band down each side. The central disc is nicely ruffled and curled and even the yellow stamens are a picture. As you would expect, a Japanese heirloom. 4-5'. HHP. Deliver y: May Last orders: June 8144 (1 plant in a 7cm pot)


Penstemon Electric Blue Wonderful exhilarating blue flower with greeny grey foliage and a very long blooming season. Cool colour and a real ‘value for money’ plant. Don’t miss it! 18"-2'. HP. Delivery: May Last orders: June

The original dwarf parent with apricot buff flowers just 18" tall. Suitable for a rockery as well as the border and more refined than the tall types. 12-18". HB. Deliver y: May Last orders: June 8303 (1 plant in a 7cm pot) £7.85

Verbascum Jackie in Pink Very dwarf with pure pink flowers and a rose-pink eye. Competes well with any modern variety which do not have, at times, the stamina to ‘stick it out’. 18". HP. Deliver y: May Last orders: June 8278 (1 plant in a 7cm pot) £7.85

Alstroemeria Inticancha Red

8218 £7.85 (1 plant in a 7cm pot)

The most striking red Alstroemeria we have ever seen. Ideal as a dwarf patio plant flowering from June to November. 8". HP.

Alstroemeria Inticancha Maya Lovely bicoloured white and raspberry flowers tinged with a hint of green on each petal. Dwarf and an absolutely ideal pot plant. Hardy too! 8". HP. Delivery: May Last orders: June

Delivery: May Last orders: June

8399 (1 plant in a 9cm pot) £7.85

8400 £7.85 (1 plant in a 9cm pot) 18

Brussel Sprout Petit Posy Mixed

new vegetables for 2013 BRUSSEL SPROUT PETIT POSY MIXED

Hello again, The appetite for new vegetables seems as great as ever and we are pleased to introduce a couple of newcomers ahead of the main Autumn catalogue. Seed is available right away so why wait? We have a brand new high yielding semi-leafless Pea called Ruthless. Each pod contains around 9-10 tasty Peas however its main advantage is its mildew resistance. For something different our new mixture of green, purple and bicolour Posy Sprouts is worth a second glance. Sweeter and nuttier than traditional Sprouts these ‘frilly florets’ are perfect for microwave, steaming or stir-frying. Brighten meal times with our new Beetroot Boldor, eaten hot or cold the attractive orange-yellow flesh is absolutely delicious. Carrot Atomic Red has brilliant red roots and should enhance any meal by adding a ‘blast of colour’ to your plate. Finally, we will be working hard over the coming months to improve the look and feel of our website and we expect to have our new shop ‘up and running’ in time for the new season in October. Kind regards, David Tostevin & Sarah Missing

FREE Lime Basil

First we had the green Posy Sprout and now we have a mixture of green, purple and bicolour Posy Sprouts. This variety has open frilly florets instead of closed buttons which have a milder, sweeter, nuttier taste than traditional Sprouts and are perfect for microwave, steaming or stir-frying. 0126D (30 seeds) £2.95

with all vegetable orders


Main crop variety with long tapered bright red roots. Slow cooking will enhance the colour even more until they are brilliant red. Reckoned to be a very healthy Carrot because of the levels of antioxidant Lycopene. 0135D (350 seeds) £1.95


A hardy early winter variety maturing from mid December to late January. Vigorous growth and well covered curds give exceptional head protection during frosty conditions. The long awaited Spring Cauliflower our customers have been asking for! 0135N (40 seeds) £2.50

BUNCHING ONION SLENDER STAR Guardsman like and rigidly straight Onion with next to no bulbing and particularly useful for salads or garnishes. Leaves remain fresh and deep green. 0226B (250 seeds) £1.75

PEA ALICIA Another early Pea with the habit of dwarf Avola but with uncommonly long pods. Don’t miss it! 0233A (250 seeds) £1.90

BEETROOT BOLDOR A new introduction making Beetroot a popular hot vegetable and long past the pickling only era. Delicious flavour and a very attractive orange-yellow flesh which brightens up the plate as the colour is retained after cooking. 0112B (100 seeds) £1.95

WHITE SPROUTING BROCCOLI BURBANK F1 The first British bred F1 White Sprouting Broccoli which will give an abundance of attractive tasty spears in Feb-March. 0125D (40 seeds) £2.75

PARSNIP PIXIE F1 Highly disease resistant variety and a two fold aim in life. Simply sow early and enjoy delicious Baby Parsnips with silky smooth roots or allow them to mature into a very moreish vegetable. Either way, the wedge shaped roots are gorgeous. 0229G (50 seeds) £2.05

Order Hotline: 0844 856 0763




COURGETTE SIESTA F1 Brand new variety sporting the suggestion of a white stripe down each fruit and the unusual ability to produce fruit in multiples. Pick regularly when young and keep the plants well apart to allow air to flow freely between them. 0140B (10 seeds) £2.35

Another Flakkee type suitable for early sowing and an exceptional colour to be proud of. There are about 124 days from sowing to harvest and professional growers have not been disappointed yet. Absolutely delicious. 0132D (650seeds) £2.30


PARSNIP PICADOR F1 A fresh canker resistant variety producing ivory white roots and very ‘fast out of the blocks’. An early March sowing will produce lovely roots from Sept onwards. Most highly recommended. 0229F £2.05 (200seeds)

Dark green glossy and stringless producing a bumper crop in just 56 days. Resistant to the common bean disorders and definitely a dinner party candidate. 0185A (75 seeds) £2.05

BEETROOT RHONDA F1 An exciting new introduction, Rhonda is about 10 days later than the standard maturing varieties. Sow from mid April and you will enjoy high quality round, smooth skinned roots with an unusually high sugar level enabling the variety to store well and retain its flavour during the winter. 0112A (150 seeds) £2.05




This extra sweet type is really the tops. Eaten raw or cooked the flavour is truly outstanding and every cob fills right to the tip. An early type too. Our favourite in trials. 0322 (50 seeds) £2.50


A slow growing selection for outdoor cropping and which rarely bolts or splits. Roots are round, bright violet with snowhite flesh which can be decoratively presented in a salad. 0298I (350 seeds) £1.65

This is the latest in flat leaved Parsley withstanding the winter in the South. Remarkably intense flavour and tall young stems and a very heavy cropper. 0201B £1.70 (500 seeds)


BUNCHING ONION LILLIA Brilliant red shanks at the scallion stage which really light up a green salad. By using the ‘thinnings’ first the remaining Onions will produce mighty healthy bulbs. 0226A £1.75 (250 seeds)

A very attractive light coloured root vegetable remarkably smooth and round. The foliage is upright and generally resistant to the common diseases. Excellent keeping quality and a decidedly moreish flavour for cooking or just plain salads. 0136E (100 seeds) £1.95

Order Hotline: 0844 856 0763


TOMATO SUN CHERRY PREMIUM F1 There are cherries and there are cherries! This one is the latest and greatest and the Japanese breeders claim it is the best red yet. Exceptionally high brix reading (sweetness scale) and if the first year’s trial is anything to go by, we are confident you’ll grow it again and again. Cordon. 70-80 days from transplanting. 0428 £3.25 (12 seeds)

LETTUCE MULTI-LEAF MIXED Five professional ‘Salad Bag’ varieties unique in habit and shape. Simply cut off the root and the whole head obligingly falls apart with equal sized fancy leaves. Decidedly crisp and sweet, perfect for the Salad Bowl and even better for Salad Beds. A Chef’s Choice! 0210B (500 seeds) £2.20


MINI AUBERGINE AMETHYST F1 Jewel-like colour with masses of fruit on a small plant; spineless and perfect Gro-Bag or container candidate. Add to that purple flowers and silver foliage and you’ve got an edible gem. 22". 0107B £2.25 (10 seeds)

MINI AUBERGINE POT BLACK F1 Prolific cropper over a long period. It’s early, vigorous and equally important, spineless. Ideally suited for the Lilliput Garden and equally at home in containers. Dazzling black fruit completes the ‘frame’. 22". 0107C (10 seeds) £2.35


AGM. Possibly the only Melon to ripen outdoors in the UK. Fruit are round, sweet and powerfully aromatic. The rind turns yellow when ripe when it’s at its juiciest. In addition it has a Brix reading (Sweetness indicator) of 12% outdoors so judge for yourself how delightful this must be. 0221D £3.25 (5 seeds)


All the attributes of Little Gem but with red tipped outer leaves. Cut open to reveal a pale green interior giving a very natural leaf blend. Recommended. 0216E (250 seeds) £1.95

COCKTAIL CUCUMBER IZNIK F1 An astonishing variety, quite happy in a 7-9" pot and equally happy in a porch or conservatory. Delicious, old fashioned nutty flavour and simply dozens of fruit in clusters of 3 or 4 growing from the main stem. Minimum support by 3 short canes is sufficient and the fruit can be eaten like a banana or sliced for dips... whichever, the flavour remains very tempting. 0169 (6 seeds) £3.95

RADISH RED HEAD White or ivory base, cherry belle shape and nicely kissed with a feminine pink top. Charming radish ideal for todays palate. 0299H (250 seeds) £1.65

PEA NORLI A really sweet Mangetout Pea with excellent flavour and amongst the fastest growing Peas ever. Grows well in a container if supported and will be ready in just 2 months. 0235A (150 seeds) £1.75

Order Hotline: 0844 856 0763


CABBAGE CARAFLEX F1 Lovely little Spring/ Summer Cabbage with every possibility of becoming a patio veg. Small dense, very pointed hearts and entirely edible - not so much as a single leaf wasted. 0128C (50 seeds) £2.95



Years old but with the distinct ‘Mushy Pea’ texture and flavour. Delicious even after the beans have passed maturity, when remarkably, they remain tender. Allow to ripen and they become a Soup Bean for winter use. A rare discovery this past year. 0184I (50 seeds) £1.85

The very first British bred F1 Hybrid with exceptional flavour. Nicely shaped roots offer a rich purple top and a cream base and will prove a very popular up and coming vegetable. 0314C (250 seeds) £1.95


LEEK PORBELLA Thoroughly recommended inexpensive variety with slender white roots and a raised crown which facilitates washing. British bred and British quality. 0229E (500 seeds) £1.75


Outstanding yield, great winter hardiness, disease resistant, especially to rust and can be cropped from OctoberFebruary. Open pollinated variety. 0208 (200 seeds) £1.85



Small pointed head Savoy ideal where space is at a premium. Dark green crinkly heads with good flavoured ‘wrapper’ leaves. First class in professional trials and highly recommended. 0128B (50seeds) £2.70

BROCCOLI SANTEE F1 The very next best thing to Bordeaux which it replaces. A never ending producer of immaculate juicy curds. A very rewarding variety which if sown successively from March to June will provide enormous crops from JuneNovember. 0124E £2.75 (50 seeds)

An unusually bright orange colour with a flavour to match. Very healthy strong foliage and has shown good tolerance to Carrot Root Fly and cavity spot. Very high in Vitamin A and for good clean Carrots an organic candidate. Highly recommended. 0135C (650seeds) £2.30


COURGETTE GREEN TIGER F1 A new early variety for any type of soil bearing light green and dark green stripes. Very compact plants with an open habit thus ensuring a continuous fruit set. Resistant to a host of viruses too. Just 55 days to maturity. 0142D (8 seeds) £2.65

Another dual purpose Summer/Autumn ‘Cauli’. A few days earlier than Locris and stands a few days longer but otherwise a reliable stocky plant with hybrid vigour and dense curds throughout its harvest life. Sow late Feb. Harvest late June onwards. 0135M (40 seeds) £2.50

Order Hotline: 0844 856 0763





After the Cabbage and the Cauliflower we now have a Club Root Resistant Brussel Sprout. Equally as good, just as reliable and the answer to many a prayer. Sow April-May. Harvest Sept-Nov. A good late main variety. 0125H (30 seeds) £2.95

If you ‘missed the boat’ in the April planting time then here is your chance to sow as late as August and still crop in Feb/March. A particularly useful partner to Santee. Sow April/Aug. Harvest Feb/March. 0125 (50 seeds) £2.75


CLIMBING BEAN NECTARGOLD Probably the best yellow climbing bean ever produced. Pods remain straight and crisp even into the next day after picking. Stringless. 0183D (50 seeds) £1.95

High yielding Autumn/Winter Cabbage and above all Club Root resistant. Wonderful storing Cabbage which remains green even after long storage periods. 0129A (30 seeds) £3.30

CAULIFLOWER CLAPTON Sow in May/June for the first ever club root resistant crop. It’s early at 85 days but a great step forward in breeding. Wickedly expensive but at the end of the day worth every penny. (pictured right) 0135L (25 seeds) £2.95


CLIMBING BEAN COBRA Grow indoors or outdoors and marvel at the enormous production of long round, straight pods with a superlative flavour. 0184B (50 seeds) £1.95


BABY BROCCOLI MATSURI F1 So dwarf it will mature under cloches. From a February sowing you’ll be harvesting heads in late May/June. Astonishing even today. 0125C (50 seeds) £2.05

Very vigorous semi-globed fruit with a deep orange skin and yellow/orange flesh. Exceptional flavour and sweetness and even more so as the fruit matures. 0310B (6 seeds) £2.05

SQUASH AUTUMN CROWN F1 A brand new variety specially bred for the UK climate and with a very distinct flavour of Melon. Very moreish and ideal for winter use. One of the best keepers for eating fresh or cooked. 0310C (8 seeds) £2.40

LEEK NORTHERN LIGHTS F1 A real stunner in the winter veg plot! The leaves are an eye-catching bright purple during the winter months and look as much at home in the winter flower border as in the veg garden. British bred, very winter hardy and tasty Leeks can be harvested from December well into the following Spring from an April sowing. 0209A £2.75 (50 seeds)

Order Hotline: 0844 856 0763


TOMATOBERRY GARDEN F1 Unique strawberry shaped fruit. Very high yielding and heart-like appearance with a good sweet cherry flavour. Late fruit are slightly more pointed but what a gem. Cordon. 60 days from transplanting. 0445 £3.25 (10 seeds)

RUNNER BEAN MOONLIGHT Totally unique in the Bean World this absolutely delicious variety is the culmination of many years breeding work. It contains some of the elements of Climbing French Beans but with a Runner Bean flavour, shape and habit and uniquely it also has the potential for self pollination - that’s got to be good! 0302 (25 seeds) £1.85

ROCKET SWEET OAK LEAF A brand new Salad Rocket with a very attractive Oak Leaf shape. Very vigorous and a great flavour which combines an unusual sweetness with a pungent Wild Rocket kick. British bred to ensure good performance in our cooler climate. 0203B £1.75 (500 seeds)

CARROT MOKUM F1 The crunchiest, juiciest Carrot you’re ever likely to find. Short healthy foliage makes it ideal for bunching and indeed for growing in large containers or pots. Recommended. 0133D (650 seeds) £2.30




A beautifully balanced mixture of red, green, speckled and purple lettuce all ideally suited for salad leaves and repeat cutting. 0217A (500 seeds) £1.85

BASIL ANTON Unusually compact Genovese type with large shiny leaves. Very fast growing and will be ready in just 8 weeks. Perfect windowsil variety. 0195C £1.75 (300 seeds)

Having resurrected this variety we have now gone one step further and given it a good overhaul. Smaller Cabbage with delicate leaves and much better for pickling and cooking. Retains its colour when cooked. 0128 (150 seeds) £1.80



A stunning new British bred globe shaped green stripy Courgette. Produces an abundance of fruit which can also be allowed to mature into small round Marrows which look just great stuffed for starters. Highly recommended. 0138C (10 seeds) £2.25

Attractive, bright, yellow fruit with amazing stamina in that it produces fruit by the score, easily, probably because it’s tolerant to powdery mildew - the scourge of Courgettes! 0142C £2.25 (10 seeds)

Order Hotline: 0844 856 0763



BEETROOT CHELTENHAM MONO These pointed tapering Beets are renowned for their flavour and keeping qualities. You won’t find these in a supermarket - they taste too good! 0110A (150 seeds) £1.90

Easy to grow and far less expensive than the filled bags you buy. Six specifically bred, curiously shaped lettuce in several colours should ensure a regular ‘cut and come again’ supply. 0215A (500 seeds) £1.85

TOMATO SIOUX A relic from 1944 and bred for extremes of climate. Many say it’s one of the finest tasting Tomatoes going. Extremely prolific. Cordon. 75 days from transplanting. 0401A (20 seeds) £1.90

COURGETTE SUMMER BALL F1 A compact bush variety which when picked early is a delicious yellow/orange round courgette, but when 3-5 fruit are left on the plant to mature they develop into lovely deep orange pumpkins. Ideal for patio growing and has the benefit of two distinct flavours as the plant matures to a 2kg pumpkin. 0139A (10 seeds) £2.25

SQUASH CROWN PRINCE Steely grey colour renowned for its eating quality and even more so for its keeping quality. Flesh is deep orange and lasts until the end of March. 90-110 days from transplanting. 0311D (8 seeds) £1.95


PURPLE PODDED PEA DESIREE Peas are green but the pods are purple. Attractive purple and white flowers and tastes every bit as good as it looks. 40". 0232C (100 seeds) £1.95

RUNNER BEAN ST GEORGE The very latest in Runner Bean production. Massive 1' long beans are freely produced throughout its life and qualify for exhibition purposes. Furthermore the beans can be picked in bunches! Add to that the cut flower potential, brilliant red and white bicolour flowers, and you've surely got a winner with the highest yields. This British bred bean cannot be recommended too highly! 2008 Wisley AGM. 0303C (25 seeds) £1.85


The quickest growing bean on earth! Sow and grow in 60 days. Especially suitable for very early sowing it will produce 6" pods of fleshy green beans in no time. 0186B (75 seeds) £2.10

CARROT RAINBOW MIXED Yellow, White, Purple, Scarlet and Orange Carrots. Refreshingly different for main meals and we invite you to give them a whirl although we have to add, they are no more beneficial to the eye-sight than the orange ones!

0135 (350 seeds)


Order Hotline: 0844 856 0763



The very ‘Tops’ in Tomato experience. Japanese bred and most definitely outyields, outflavours, outclasses even ‘Sungold’, once considered to be the gardener’s No. 1 for flavour. Add to that its resistance to cracking - its desire to remain on the vine and its superlative flavour and you will then have some idea of what’s in store for you. An absolute outright winner, believe us! Cordon. 70-75 days from transplanting. 0327 (12 seeds) £3.25


CUCUMBER EUPHYA F1 All female variety with long straight fruit, productive and resistant to about everything. Tolerates cooler conditions more than most. Highly praised. 0172 (6 seeds) £3.95

PARSLEY LISETTE Unbelievably curled with a bright green colour and very rapid repeat growth. Rarely bolts and has shown good results after overwintering. A good ‘domestic’ variety suitable for kitchen windowsil growing. Sweet enough to chew fresh after eating Garlic! 0201A (750 seeds) £1.70


Our very special mixture of seven rockets. Some with broad leaves, others with serrated leaves but each with its own subtle flavour. Cut up a couple of green back Toms, sprinkle on a few pine nuts and a couple of slices of orange, add to that a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and there you have it, insalata siciliana!! 21-28 days. 0214C (1000 seeds) £1.85


A kaleidoscope of colour in red, pink, white and yellow. Why not brighten up a salad with this colourful mix. The roots remain crisp and juicy and should be seen much more often! 0298E £1.65 (350 seeds)



Decorative vegetable with attractive stems throughout the year in gold, pink, orange, purple, red and white plus green or bronze leaves. 0116 (150 seeds) £2.25

A mid sized Cos Lettuce highly resistant to mildew and better still resistant to bolting. Crisp, crunchy leaves, sweet and tender makes this variety very popular. 0209B (250 seeds) £1.80



Very fast growing variety, ideally suited for Spring/early Summer production. Matures in just 73 days after planting. Becoming a very popular vegetable for fresh salad use or cooked meals. 0211J (50 seeds) £2.05

COURGETTE BLACK HAWK F1 Probably the best Trailing or Climbing Courgette with short internodes producing mid green shiny fruit just 6-8" long. Never stops producing and only 1 or 2 plants would ever be needed. Outstanding! 0138D (8 seeds) £2.85

WINTER SQUASH HARRIER F1 Bred in the UK - tested in the UK and now used by supermarkets in the UK. Lovely rich honey brown colour when ripe and keeps marvellously well. 0313A (10 seeds) £2.25

Order Hotline: 0844 856 0763


Green Finger Guide Detailed growing instructions will be provided on the back of each seed packet. HARDY PERENNIAL - HP: Hardy Perennials are permanent. Many do not flower until the second year and can be sown from early Spring to early Autumn.

Sweet William Cottage Perfume Mix Free with all orders

HALF HARDY PERENNIAL - HHP: Treat as Hardy Perennials but remember to lift and keep frost free for replanting the following Spring. HARDY BIENNIAL - HB: Hardy Biennials flower only one season. Grow them similarly to the Hardy Perennials. GREENHOUSE PERENNIAL - GP: Perennials grown in greenhouse or conservatory for indoor use. Can be grown outdoors where frost free. HARDY ANNUAL - HA: Sow Hardy Annuals outdoors from early March to early May every year. HALF HARDY ANNUAL - HHA: Sow Half Hardy Annuals in a propagator or greenhouse during late Winter or early Spring. Sow thinly in seed trays and cover with a very thin layer of fine compost. Transplant into pots or trays when large enough to handle. Harden off in a cold frame before planting outdoors in May. HARDY SHRUB - HSh: Prefers to be sown in the Autumn and placed outdoors in a cold frame. HARDY BULB - HBb: Plant in Autumn or Spring.




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A delicious new Pea with a very high yielding potential. Pods are 4" long with 9-10 peas per pod and the semi-leafless habit allows more light and water to wash the plants. Probably its best advantage is the fact that it is mildew resistant and very vigorous. 0234A (250 seeds) ÂŁ1.95

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