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Cosmos Collarette Improved Mixed

New Seeds For 2012 Welcome to the 2012 Catalogue. It hardly seems possible that the new season is upon us. Despite the economic climate, we have remained positive, searching the world for new and interesting varieties. Over the last 25 years we have built up many good relationships with specialist breeders. Indeed many of the varieties in our catalogue come from these dedicated men and women whose passion it is to find something new and exciting. Unlike most of the major Seed Houses we aren’t restricted by the same overheads and so this gives us the opportunity to showcase some of the ‘top of the range’ varieties that you just won’t see offered in other catalogues or indeed garden centres. Hence we’re able to offer ‘top quality’ varieties including F1 Hybrids at a ‘fair and competitive’ price. Thank you so much for all your kind orders and the faith you have put in us. We sincerely hope the new catalogue will inspire you and tempt you to try something different. Best wishes for a good growing season. Kind regards, David Tostevin & Sarah Missing

Calendula Greenheart Gold

Cosmos Antiquity

Unique colour, unique habit and an ever changing colour ranging from burgundy into salmon-bronze shades and yet remaining fresh. A cutting garden ‘heavy’! 2'. HHA. 1353A (40 seeds) £2.50

Viola Sorbet Lemon Blueberry Swirl F1

A cut flower variety really grown for the colour alone. Deep gold petals surround a knotted green centre. Tough, reliable and if the side shoots are removed the flowers become simply enormous. 18-24". HA. 1232A (100 seeds) £1.85

Gorgeous little soul in a matching range of colours and just as bright in the Autumn as in the Spring. Tough as nails! 5". HHA. 2328B (25 seeds) £2.25

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Cosmos Collarette Improved

Ipomoea Rosita

Resembles our original Fuji types with every red flower showing a broad contrasting star shape in the centre and around the edges. Sounds familiar but is quite different. Climber. HHA. 1725A (20 seeds) £2.05 The centre of the flower has a ‘bunch of petalettes’ which give the impression of being semi-double. Magnificent for the border and cut flowers and we highly recommend this new selection which has been revamped for colour and uniformity. 36". HHA. 1354A (100 seeds) £2.05

Dianthus Diabunda Red F1

Nasturtium Ladybird Cream A relatively dainty Nasturtium with smaller leaves and a gorgeous shade of rich cream flowers which have a decorative deep red ‘ladybird’ on each petal. Quite charming. 8-10". HHA. 1944B £1.95 (30 seeds)

Dianthus Diabunda Purple Picotee F1 A unique cross between Annual Dianthus and Sweet William resulting in all the flowers being on top of the fine foliage. Cut the plants back after the first flush of flowers and continue to enjoy the display for the rest of the summer. 9-12". HB. 1450A (25 seeds) £2.25

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As the Red shown on the left but in a delicious plum purple with a white picotee edge. 9-12". HB. 1450B £2.25 (25 seeds) 3


Gaillardia Arizona Apricot

Campanula Campana Lilac Professional cut flower in gorgeous lilac. Top flowering enables the long cutting stems to be easily arranged. 30". HB. 1240 £2.00 (25 seeds)

Campanula Campana White

An All America Winner. Brilliant huge flowers and a central cone are surrounded by multiple rows of petals which start of apricot in the centre and finish sunshine yellow at the edges. First year flowering perennial. 12". HP.

The sister variety to Campana Lilac with brilliant white flowers and long cutting stems. 30". HB.

1559A (30 seeds) £2.25 8386 (2 plants in 7cm pots) £7.85 Delivery: May Last Orders: April

1241 £2.00 (25 seeds)

Eritrichium Baby Blues

Gazania Gazoo Red with Green Ring

Forget-Me-Not lookalike but not nearly so shy. Plant with tulips and wallflowers and enjoy a refreshing change. Cobalt blue and very vigorous. Should be perennial but occasionally decides to act as an annual. 9-12". HP/HA. 1504A (40 seeds) £2.85 4

Blood red velvet petals with a yellow cushioned centre and surrounded by an apple green ring and a host of flowers in full bloom simultaneously. Very different to the ‘run of the mill’ Gazania and simply oozes quality. 12-15". HHA. 1572A (20 seeds) £2.75

Antirrhinum Opus Red Beauty F1

Patio Penstemon The Pinacolada family are highly suitable for pot growing, multi-branched with nice clean leaves. Just 8-16" tall and very bushy. Superb patio variety or for the front of the border. All are gorgeous. HP. Penstemon Pinacolada Blue Shades Gorgeous summer blue shades. Always a cool colour. 8-16". HP. 2045I (50 seeds) £2.75

Brilliant red ‘snap’ which gleams in the sun or shade. Crowded bold flowers demand admiration and kids will love the wide open ‘bunny rabbits’ and there’s a faint perfume too! 2-2'6". HHA. 1092C (50 seeds) £2.25

Penstemon Pinacolada Deep Rose Shades Delightful colour almost approaching red and mixed with blue is outstanding. 8-16". HP.

Coreopsis Incredible

2045J (50 seeds) £2.75

Penstemon Pinacolada Violet Blue

Easy to grow hardy annual in a delightful range of colours. Sown in drifts they give a natural look and will easily self-seed in the autumn. Underrated plant. 3'-3'6". HA.

More electric blue than anything but a delightful colour which stands alone. 8-16". HP. 2045K (50 seeds) £2.75

1348D (200 seeds) £1.85

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Nasturtium Alaska Cherry Rose All the attractive benefits of marbled foliage together with a cherry rose flower which insists on flowering above the foliage. A very different and charming Nasturtium both in habit and colour. POD EXCLUSIVE 2011. 8-12". HA.

Larkspur Sydney Blue Picotee

1943 £1.95 (30 seeds)

Viola Penny Denim Jump Up Delicious shining mid blue petals with a pale chin and dark blue face all punctuated with a piercing yellow eye. An astonishing colour combination never seen before and most highly recommended. 4-6". HA.

This is the ultimate in Larkspur. Brilliant white, overlaid with a picotee blue edge and furthermore fully double. The worthy winner of the Fleuroselect Gold Medal for 2006. Totally unique and absolutely captivating - not to be missed! 31/2 -4'. HA. 1441B (100 seeds) £2.35

Larkspur Fancy Rose Stripe

2327A £2.25 (25 seeds)

Zinnia Zahara Double Fire The most compelling Zinnia for sheer colour we have ever seen. Double crowned, almost spherical in shape, the colour and habit screams quality and will keep your garden beds a blaze all summer long. Lovely for cutting if you can bring yourself to do so. Positively the best. 18-24". HHA. 2378 £2.95 (25 seeds) 6

Fascinating and peculiar in that the rose petals are liberally splashed with red stripes. Double flowers add to the attraction of this Cottage Garden beauty. A compelling ‘spike’ for the cut flower ‘brigade’ and a confetti candidate once dried. 3-4'. HA. 1439 (100 seeds) £2.35

Antirrhinum Double Madame Butterfly

Ages old and still in demand. Our mix is colour balanced to be sure of all the shades including lemon, white, rose and copper. Gorgeous for cutting and just as good for borders and bedding. 18-20". HHA. 1081 (100 seeds) £2.75

Zinnia Zahara Double Cherry

Viola Penny Primrose Picotee Simply enchanting primrose coloured base with a distinctive purple-blue picotee edge which does nothing more than make this an exceptional Viola. Masses of blooms and very long lasting defying mildew. Highly recommended. 4-6". HA. 2327B (25 seeds) £2.25

Chrysanthemum Snowland

Almost globular flowers in rich cherry red and strong cutting stems. Unusual shape and a dream for flower arrangers. 18-24". HHA. 2379 (25 seeds) £2.95

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A simple flower, producing hundreds of large pure white daisy-like flowers with a yellow disk and ferny foliage. Immediate satisfaction assured. 18-12". HHA. 1298 £1.85 (100 seeds) 7


Echinacea Pow Wow Wild Berry

Lupin Woodfield Hybrids From the original stable, where for ages, a pure red was the goal Chelsea Red! Alas we only offer a mixture of five colours but they are outstanding and very variable. 3'-3'6". HP. 1855A £2.85 (20 seeds)

Beautiful first year flowering perennial in rich rose purple. 3-4" flowers are very showy and said to retain colour longer. Wind proof, early to flower and decidedly branching they will bloom continuously. AAS 2010 Award Winner. 20-24". HP. 1495C (10 seeds) £2.95 8385 (2 plants in 7cm pots) £7.85 Delivery: May Last Orders: April

Campanula Summer Bells


Gaillardia Mesa ‘Simple Simon’ Bursting with energy and very long lasting 3" butter yellow flowers. An All America Award Winner and first year flowering. 18". HP. 1558 £2.80 (25 seeds) 8388 (2 plants) £7.85 Delivery/Last orders: May

Gaillardia Arizona Red Shades

Charming old fashioned fully double Canterbury Bells in traditional blue, white and pink. Rarely seen today but what memories when it is! 18"-2'. HB.

Spectacular shades of crimson red. It’s tailor made for planters and tubs as the plants are well branched and have a uniform habit. Not shy to flower profusely through the season. 12". HP. 1559 £2.25 (30 seeds) 8387 (2 plants) £7.85 Delivery/Last orders: May

1239 (500 seeds) £1.65 8


Digitalis Camelot White F1

NewMillennium Delphiniums From ‘down under’ come some of the most advanced Delphiniums in recent years. Some are even double and most are unique colours. Above all they have stamina and should do particularly well in our climate.

Architecturally speaking, a perfect tower of windproof stems with dozens of white bells clustering and clambering their way up. Plants seed easily but do not necessarily come true to type. Stately and adorable in the back border. 4-6'. HB. 1476F (25 seeds) £2.65 8398 (2 plants in 7cm pots) £7.85 Delivery: May Last Orders: April

Echinacea Paradisio Mixed

Charming and fashionable mix of all the showy Echinacea colours and species that grow from seed. Ranging from almost red through yellow and white to shocking pink. Easy and inexpensive way to grow ‘cone flowers’. 36-48". HP. 1495A (20 seeds) £3.05

Double Blue Lace


Majestic spikes of fully double flowers. Breathtaking and a miracle of breeding usually seen only once in a lifetime. 4-5'. HP.

Beautiful large single flowers of deep rose pink with an attractive white bee. Awarded an AGM by Wisley in 2008. 4-5'. HP.

1429 (10 seeds) £3.95

1430 (10 seeds) £3.95

Green Twist

Purple Passion

Stately spikes with an unusual blend of white flowers streaked with green. 4-5'. HP.

Huge deep purple flowers enhanced with a purple and white striped bee. Not to be missed. 4-5'. HP.

1431 (10 seeds) £3.95

1432 (10 seeds) £3.95

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Nasturtium Crimson Emperor

Stocks Fruit Punch Mixed

The essence of vivid crimson reselected for purity and the small leaves are no hindrance to the flowers which dominate the plant for weeks on end. Trailing. HHA. 1941 (30 seeds) £1.95

The ‘All Weather-All Season’ Stocks in seven delicious colours including apricot, bright rose and lavender blue. 2'-2'6". HHA. 2236A (50 seeds) £2.50

Petunia Double Cascade Blue The only blue double grandiflora Petunia on the market today. It’s cascading habit makes it spread quickly and offers a sea of shimmering deep blue carnation-like flowers. 9-12". HHA. 2060A (50 seeds) £2.85

Antirrhinum Double Dwarf Twinnys Rose F1 Gorgeous, ground hugging sister variety of Twinny Peach. Fully double making the ‘snaps’ even more appealing. Dead head regularly for flowering most of the summer. 8". HHA. 1095B (50 seeds) £2.25

Peach F1 AAS Gold Medal Winner. Lovely colour of melon peach, fully double and scented. Quite unique in the flower world. 8". HHA. 1095A (50 seeds) £2.25


Impatiens Accent Premium

Zinnia Raspberry Lemonade

The only choice when large high quality blooms and strong vigour is the order of the day. Uniform flowering, better branching and very high germination is standard in this variety. 8-10". HHA.

Violet Star Stunning violet colour with a white star. 1723B £2.50 (50 seeds)

Orange Star Bright orange with a lovely white star. 1723A £2.50 (50 seeds)

Single and semi-double blooms in white, yellow, coral and bicolour Starlight Rose. A sumptuous mixture triumphant in its simplicity and the benefit of at least one award winner. 1-11/2'.HHA. 2377 (30 seeds) £2.95

Verbena Tuscany Violet Eye Pansy Copperfield F1 We didn’t think Endless Love could be bettered, until we trialled Copperfield. Absolutely all the shades of burnished copper and weathered bronze with a shade of pink thrown in. 4-6". HA. 1992A (25 seeds) £2.40

Verbenas are magic, their unfolding flowers nestle conveniently on the foliage. They are bright, never fade and continue to flower throughout the summer. Tuscany Violet Eye is just that. Incredibly sharp violet colour with a white eye and compact foliage. 8-10". HHA. 2310D (50 seeds) £2.35

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Tanacetum Carlos

Cosmos Brightness Red Dwarf cultivated form of Tanacetum. Fully double white ball shaped flowers are surrounded by a single collar of white petals and has a refreshing scent. Ideal for pots and bedding. 8-12". HHP.

The reddest Cosmos we have seen to date! Being Cosmos sulphureus makes it dwarfer, hardier and more compact than its taller cousins. It does take a few more days to germinate. Very, very striking. 12". HHA. 1359A (100 seeds) £1.95

2268 £1.90 (100 seeds)

Antirrhinum Elegance Bronze

Pansy Freefall F1 Enviable hanging basket variety with hundreds of flowers clinging to the plant like a swarm of bees but still short jointed. Winter doesn’t appear to hold any fears and we can’t recommend it too highly. Trailing. HA.

Rich coppery bronze spikes heavily festooned with ‘snaps’. Simply wonderful in any setting and ideal for cut flowers. 2'6". HHA. 1097B (50 seeds) £2.25

Golden Yellow F1 2012A (25 seeds) £2.95

Baby Rose Garden Party All in the same year! Sow, grow and enjoy the amazing results. Baby pot roses in shades of pink, rose and white, double and semi double on one bush. HP. 10-12". 2153E (25 seeds) £2.25

Lavender F1 2012B (25 seeds) £2.95

Eustoma Arena Red F1

Zinnia Starburst Rose

Still ‘topping the flower charts’ as a long lasting cut flower but the improvement in colour is beyond belief! A nearly true red with double flowers and strong stems. Seed will be pelleted for easy sowing and given the correct conditions is an easy perennial cut flower. 18"-2'. HHP.

An All American Selection 2010 Winner. The very first Zinnia with rose and white bicolour blooms on disease resistant plants with 2" flowers and a branching habit. This Zinnia is resistant to leaf spot and mildew - the bane of all Zinnias. Outstanding! 1-1 1/2'. HHA.

1529 £2.85 (20 seeds)

2369 (30 seeds) £2.95

Ranunculus Mache Once seen never forgotten as the saying goes! Certainly this new rich purple will leave you gasping at the sheer perfection of each bloom and the Guernsey Cream is simply gorgeous blended with the rich purple. Prefers cooler conditions and should ideally be grown as a pot plant. 12-16". HHP. 2143B Purple (20 seeds) £2.55 2143C Cream (20 seeds) £2.55

Ixia Viridiflora Jade Green

Gerbera Autumn Colours

Turquoise blue with a twinkling black eye, this ever sought after beauty becomes ever more rare. Brilliant as a cut flower No1 in Holland and all from a very small bulb. Very rare indeed.

Pot grown Gerberas are easy to grow! They prefer good drainage and good feeding. These beautiful doubles in soft Autumn colours cannot fail to satisfy the most critical judge and they last for ages. None of the garish colours just soft Autumn leaved shades. 8-18". HHP.

1741E (10 seeds) £3.85

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1608 (10 seeds) £4.85 13


Heliopsis Sunburst Variegated


Scabiosa Fama Deep Blue This already superb perennial has been further improved and now provides an almost perfect plant in both colour and habit. Very strong stems, enormous flowers and a stamina to be admired. 20". HP. 2197 (10 seeds) £2.75 8391 (2 plants) £7.85

Scabiosa Fama White Now here’s a change! Fully double golden yellow flowers with an unusual aluminium blistering variegation - not your normal yellow streaked leaves. A real find and will complement any perennial border. 2'-21/2'. HP.

At long last the white counterpart to the ‘world famous blue’. Double flowers on ramrod stems and continues to flower without any effort until mid/late summer. 20". HP.

1675B (25 seeds) £2.05

2197A (10 seeds) £2.75

8389 (2 plants in 7cm pots) £7.85 Delivery: May Last Orders: April

8392 (2 plants) £7.85 Deliver y: May Last Orders: April (plants only)

Digitalis Dalmation White

Prunella Freelander Blue

Pure white flowers crowd the stem from all directions. Well branched and with compact foliage these relatively short plants will flower in the first year of sowing. An absolutely fabulous sight not to be missed! 3-4'. HP. 1480B (25 pellets) £2.65

Digitalis Dalmation Purple Deep lavender purple flowers and just as stunning as Dalmation White. 3-4'. HP. 1480A (25 pellets) £2.65

This 2009 Fleuroselect Gold Medal Winner is a gorgeous ground cover plant growing just 7-8" tall and smothered in tubular bell shaped flowers of intense violet blue. Sown in Feb/March it will be in flower in early/mid summer and outshines many annuals. Sown later it will flower in Oct. 7-8". HP. 2132B (75 seeds) £2.15

Rudbeckia Tiger Eye F1 The first and only F1 Hybrid Rudbeckia. Dwarf, uniform and fully branching this newcomer will outlive just about any other Rudbeckia going. 16-20". HHA.

Cosmos Double Bonbon Snow Puff

2159 £2.95 (25 seeds)

Cosmos Ruby Red Sensation

Superb and fully double with pompom like snow white flowers. Long lasting and an absolutely perfect cut flower as the stems hold the flower heads upright. Useful for adding height to borders. 24-36". HHA. 1357B (75 seeds) £2.50

Cosmos Double Rose Bonbon

A Fleuroselect novelty due to its outstanding and refreshing colour. Ruby red will fade to rose red with age but it’s still the brightest Cosmos we’ve ever seen. Sensational! 2'-2'6". HHA. 1361 (75 seeds) £2.05

Eschscholzia Cameo Dream Gorgeous, unique colour of Cameo peach with extra double fluted petals and a compact dwarf habit. Readily self seeds but who cares with such a delightful colour. 8-10". HA. 1516B £1.95 (150 seeds)

Delightful fully double pompom like rose-pink flowers. Long lasting and makes an absolutely perfect cut flower as the stems hold the flower heads upright. Useful for adding height to borders this delightful new Cosmos was our 2009 Flower of the Year. 24-36". HHA. 1357 (75 seeds) £2.50

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Sweet Pea Sweet Memories A uniquely coloured mixture of heirloom varieties all boasting heavily striped petals. Gorgeous scent and suitable for formal and informal arrangements. Climber. HA.

Viola Caramel Cuties Violas have the edge over Pansies as we know them.Twice the ‘flower power’, neater plants and much more versatile, being usable for mass bedding and edging to say nothing of their container brilliance. Viola Caramel Lilac Spring F1 Lilac pink with a bewitching apricot smile. 4-6". HA.

2260A (25 seeds) £2.20

2326A (25 seeds) £2.25

Gazania Big Kiss White Flame F1 Brilliant white blooms with a burgundy stripe shadowed with primrose down the centre of each petal. Huge flowers which can stand heat and drought. 8". HHA. 1570B (20 seeds) £2.75

Very unusual white, overlaid peach with an attractive apricot eye. Simply lovely as a table decoration. 4-6". HA. 2326B (25 seeds) £2.25

Aster Lady Coral Mixed We’ve mixed all the existing Lady Series colours together and the result is gorgeous. Use for cutting or bedding they'll be admired anywhere. 2'. HHA. 1138F (150 seeds) £2.00 16

Viola Caramel Cream F1

Petunia Sophistica Lime Bicolour F1 New and unique colour deepening and contrasting according to the light intensity and heat. Because the pattern is not stable there will be a host of different flowers adding to the interest. 1'. HHA.

2056 £2.95 (20 pelleted seeds)

Zinnia Fruit CordialSeries The strongest, toughest stems you’ll ever meet bred especially for cut flowers. Pinch out the growing point and you’ll quadruple the crop. Available in a range of delicious colours. 30". HHA. Lime Cordial Eye-catching lime green double flowers. 2370 (100 seeds) £1.85

Blackcurrant Cordial Fully double soft lavender-rose blooms. 2371 (100 seeds) £1.85

Raspberr y Cordial Raspberry red fully double flowers. 2372 (100 seeds) £1.85

Mango Cordial Delightful mangoorange double blooms. 2373 (100 seeds) £1.85

Cosmos Dbl Click Cranberries

Astonishing fully double Cosmos with a delicious Cranberry colour. Spectacular en masse and impressive as a cut flower. A completely new race of Cosmos. 24-36". HHA. 1357C (75 seeds) £2.50

Eschscholzia Jelly Beans The brightest mixture of large double flowers in shades of seville orange, rose-pink, salmon and glistening gold. Ideal for a sunny border or container. Nothing less than a ‘Pick and Mix’ of pleasure! 8 -10". HA. 1522 (150 seeds) £1.95

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17 15

Gaillardia Scarlet Plume

Papaver Bridal Silk Pure unadulterated white field Poppies never seen before as a single colour and quite dazzling in its simple purity. Sow in the autumn or spring for a real show. 15-20". HA. 2021C £1.80 (500 seeds)

Verbena Obsession Red with Eye

An All America Winner in 1991 and still a winner today. Striking fully double scarlet red flowers all the summer long. 12-14". HA. 1561 (75 seeds) £1.90

Calendula Lemonade

Spreads vigorously but remains dwarf. This variety is mildew tolerant, the bane of Verbenas. Brilliant red with a pure white eye makes this variety most enchanting. 6-8". HHA. 2313A (50 seeds) £2.40

Lupin Heathcliff Blue

Lovely little Calendula no more than 6" tall with lemon, golden yellow, apricot and orange daisy like flowers contrasting just sufficiently to make a sparkling mixture of ground covering plants. 6-8". HA.

Deep unadulterated blue with strong commanding stems and a very masculine appearance. It’s dwarf, rugged and much admired. 2'6". HP. 1851B (30 seeds) £1.95

1222 (100 seeds) £1.80 18

Zinnia Wine Bouquet

Stylomecon Copper Queen

Add a touch of class with our lovely new Zinnia which has deep burgundy flowers resembling the colour of a rich merlot wine. A stunning cut flower with long thick stems and a well branched habit and if blended with Giant Lime makes an attractive combination. 3-3 1/2 '. HHA.

Madagascan copper red flowers with a delicious Lily of the Valley scent. Easily grown every year even as a pot plant. 16". HA/HHA. 2244A (50 seeds) £2.40

2364C £2.05 (30seeds)

Salpiglossis Kew Blue Rich deep violet blue flowers highlighted by sparkling yellow stamens and a dark central blotch. Will give a stunning effect to borders. An ideal cut flower too. 2'6". HHA.

Dianthus Diana Lavender Picotee

2161 (50 seeds) £2.05

Coreopsis Be Bop Probably the fastest flowering annual ever! Within 6 weeks of sowing you will have colour and then right on into the autumn. Brilliant star shaped flowers, 18" tall with a striking maroon eye are highly suitable as dot plants. An oasis for bees and butterflies. 18". HHA. 1349C £1.80 (100 seeds)

Gorgeous plant, extra early to flower with a broad white picotee edge and a deep lavender eye. Marvellous for bedding, perfect for conservatories and ideal as pot plants. 8-10". HA. 1455A (35 seeds) £2.35

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Antirrhinum Cinnamon Spice F1

Impatiens Cherry Splash F1

Beautiful deep cinnamon bronze flowers on thick stems. Stately, almost superior looking and a gem for the vase. 21/2'. HHA.

Cherry Splash really catches your eye. A rose pink moth like eye just kisses the face of this delicate colour. Scores of flowers cover the plant and little is seen of the leaf. 8-10". HHA.

1083 (50 seeds) £2.25

1723 £2.45 (50 seeds)

Gazania Sun Kissed Aster Lady Coral Dark Blue Sapphire blue incurved flowers and huge heads will quickly make this variety a real ‘must have’. Indescribably beautiful. 2'. HHA.

Beautiful ‘twinkle star’ mixture which still struggles to remain open if there is no sun. However such a mixture is rarely seen and is worth every penny. Mainly gold, lemon and white with contrasting eyes. 8-10". HHA. 1572 (20 seeds) £2.75

1138C £2.00 (150 seeds)

Nicotiana Whisper Mixed Ideal for the back of the border! Tall mixture in all the shades and colours we have come to expect. Architecturally speaking, it’s a gem. Masses of flowers just keep on coming and are enhanced by a new silvery green foliage! 2 1/2 -3'. HHA. 1960B £2.05 (100 seeds) 20

Eschscholzia Raspberry Fool If we had to choose just one Eschscholzia this would be it! Very attractive double blooms in ice-cream pink, raspberry and cream are the envy of all. 8-12". HA. 1520 (150 seeds) £1.95

Lupin Tiny Tots Mixed The astonishing result of many years breeding culminating in a very dwarf perennial variety but with the ability to flower in just 16 weeks. A simply gorgeous selection of softer colours and bicolours and almost a bedding plant. 18-20". HP.

Calendula Kalinkas Meet the Kalinkas. Dense pincushion centres, with multiple rows of broad petals and a depth of colour not seen before. Side shoot the plants, like tomatoes for enormous heads and straight stems.

1856 (75 seeds) £1.85

C. Kalinka Orange

Delicious seville orange petals. 2'. HA. 1230A (100 seeds) £1.80

Pansy Blue Jeans F1 Deep blue face with sky blue petals in the winter or cooler months changing to purple with sky blue petals during the summer. Startling combination rarely seen in Pansies and powerfully persistent. 6-8". HHA. 1992 (25 seeds) £2.40

C. Kalinka Lemon

Delightful lemon yellow petals. 2'. HA. 1230B (100 seeds) £1.80

C. Kalinka Apricot

Apricot crest, buttermilk petals. 2'. HA. 1230C (100 seeds) £1.80

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Primula You & Me Mixed

Hose in Hose type where one flower nestles above the other giving a unique ‘piggy back’ impression of being double. Years of breeding has gone into the production of this variety which is never normally seen in garden centres. 6-10". HP. 2125 (20 seeds)


Antirrhinum Candyfloss Pink F1

Lavender Elegance Snow

Stunning colour and crowded florets gives this variety the edge over most ‘Snaps’. Does particularly well if you have missed the first early sowing and will be well in time for flower festivals. Sweetly scented. 2'-2'6". HHA.

Compact grey foliage, flowering in the first year and with a deliciously perfumed pure white stem. Ideal for container growing. 1-11/2'. HP. 1776 (50 seeds) £2.45

1093B £2.25 (50 seeds)

Digitalis Camelot Cream F1


Dianthus Sweet Mixture

This single colour alone would draw gasps of breath. Densely clothed stems of Guernsey cream bells remain in flower for ages and a single colour stand is always impressive. 4-6'. HB.

AGM. A new professional variety produced in separate colours and blended to become the finest mixture available. Flowers in the first year and consists of white, scarlet, coral, red and on to purple. Suitable for patio planting. 1-1'6". HB.

1476C £2.65 (25 seeds)

1451 £2.25 (35 seeds)

Ruellia Southern Star Mixed

Penta Starla Mixed F1

The new kid on the block! Mounded plants covered in short trumpet shaped flowers in a mixture of pink, blue and white are ideally suitable for ground cover, beds or containers. A magnet for bees and butterflies and tolerates all kinds of weather. 10-12". HHA.

A very choice pot and bedding plant that withstands cool nights and hot days. Each stem carries dozens of starlike flowers. Compact, long lasting and exotic looking in six delightful colours. 14-18". HA.

2160 (15 seeds) £2.95

2046 £2.95 (25 seeds)

Adenium Thailand Beauty A very popular house plant lasting a lifetime and forever showy! A small bottle shaped trunk supports a crown of leaves and ultimately a myriad of huge ‘busy lizzie-like’ flowers in every colour imaginable including picotees. Highly fashionable for the conservatory. Easy from seed and we’ve included the latest hybrids too. 18-24". HHP.

Tecoma Mayan Gold Interesting shrub normally grown from cuttings but this is the first to be grown from seed. Best suited for container growing where the funnel shaped golden blooms are produced in groups during the late summer. Prefers the shelter of a porch or conservatory during a hard winter. No maintenance required and bees love it! 36". HSh.

1024 (20 seeds) £3.95

2268E (10 seeds) £2.95

Plumbago Escapade Blue & White Not often grown from seed but this new variety is compact and self branching requiring little attention. At least 2 weeks earlier than the standard variety. Lovely pot plant. 1-11/2'. HHS.

Blue 2086 £2.95 (8 seeds)

White 2086A £2.95 (8 seeds)

A-Z of Seeds & Plants Abutilon - Malvaceae A. Bella Original Select Mixed F1. An early sowing will reward you with large bell shaped flowers in shades you would not consider believable in only a few months from sowing. Grow in borders or pots and they will flower profusely. 11/2'. HHSh. 1004 £2.65 (10 seeds) A. Bella Original Select Mixed F1

A different ‘Forsythia’ with distinct pink flushed flowers, fragrant and easy to grow. Best grown against a wall or fence but may be damaged by late frosts. A good risk though and enviable. 2-4'. HSh. Del: Late May Last Orders: April

A. vitifolium. Taken from some particularly fine forms of this shrub and should provide flowers in a range of mauve blue shades. 5-10'. HSh. 1005 NEW (15 seeds) A. vitifolium £1.95

Japanese original, very fast hardy climber with astonishingly fragrant chocolate purple flowers usually followed by elongated edible fruit. Different. HClimber. (10 seeds) 1037A £2.30


Abeliophyllum Distichum Roseum


8245 £8.75 (1 plant )

Akebia Quinata Chocolate Vine Courtesy of Jelitto

Achillea - Compositae A. Flowerburst Red. An eye-catching mixture of cerise, red, crimson and dark rose with a dash of pastels for good measure. Flowering in the first year in sumptuous colours. 24-30". HP. 1016A (50 seeds) A. Flowerburst Red £2.10


8052 (1 plant ) £11.95 Deliver y: Late May Last Orders: April

Anisodontea Large Magenta Lavatera shaped flowers are borne in profusion on this evergreen shrub from June to September. A very showy plant with little or no effort required. 3-4'. HSh. Deliver y: Late May Last Orders: April 8374 (1 plant in a 9cm pot ) £7.85


Alstroemeria Inticancha Red The most striking red Alstroemeria we have ever seen. Ideal as a dwarf patio plant flowering from June to November. NEW 8". HP. Delivery: Late May Last orders: April

8399 (1 plant in a 9cm pot) £7.85

Alstroemeria Inticancha Maya Lovely bicoloured white and raspberry flowers tinged with a hint of green on each petal. Dwarf and an absolutely ideal pot plant. Hardy too! 8". HP.


A. Autumn Palette

Amaranthus A. Autumn Palette. A really nice feathery looking spike in pale copper and cinnamon. Wonderful used fresh and can be carefully preserved for autumn and winter use too. 4-4'6". HHA. 1065 £1.95 (1000 seeds)

Ammi - Umbelliferae A. majus Graceland. Queen Anne’s Lace. A Chelsea Favourite filler for gardens and bouquets. Large umbels of green and white turn a pretty common plant into an ‘architectural must have’. 4'. HA. (200 seeds) 1070A £1.45 A. majus Graceland


Delivery: Late May Last orders: April

8400 (1 plant in a 9cm pot) £7.85

Alstroemeria Psitticina Rare. Fascinating. Deep burgundy red trumpets have been overlaid with apple green as they finally open. Both red and green are then splendidly peppered with black stripes and dots. 2'. HP. 1047C (8 seeds) £3.25 8072 (1 plant in a 9cm pot) £8.95 Delivery: May Last orders: April

Angelonia - Scrophulariaceae A. Serena Mixed. The first seed grown Angelonia ever. Lovely plants, still flowering their heads off in September. Multiple stems and does not object to shade either. A lovely mixture of lavender pink, purple and white flowers. 1'. HHA. 1076C (15 seeds) £3.20 A. Serena Mixed


Antirrhinum - Scrophulariaceae - Snapdragon A. Regal Red F1. Deep Victorian red, solid spikes, scented and simply oozing quality. A florist’s dream. 2'-2'6". HHA. 1093D (50 seeds) £2.25

A. Regal Red F1

A. Opus Plum Blossom F1. Indescribably attractive spikes of plum red and white with huge cutting stems. The generous supply of side shoots ensures a second crop. Very special. 2'-2'6". HHA. 1091A £2.25 (50 seeds)

A. Opus Plum Blossom F1

A. Chantilly Mixed F1. Butterfly ‘snaps’ with large stylish flowers, strong stems and a gorgeous appeal. Seven colours including salmon, copper, lemon and several pinks make up the mixture and for flower arranging, unbeatable mainly because of their open faces and 3' stems! HHA. 1096A (75 seeds) A. Chantilly Mixed F1 £2.25 26

A. Opus Ivor y F1

A. Summer Wine Mixed F1. A stunning mixture of plum blossom, magenta and snowhite all chosen for their ability to withstand slightly lower temperatures and still perform equally as well during the summer. Scented. 2'-2'6". HHA. (50 seeds) 1093 £2.25

A. Opus Appleblossom F1

A. Opus Ivory F1. Buttermilk petals with just a hint of a lemon sorbet throat. Very tightly packed stems and the perfect neutral colour for any self respecting arrangement. Positively the only Snapdragon you cannot afford to miss. Simply gorgeous. 2-2'6". HHA. (50 seeds) 1092 £2.25

A. Summer Wine Mixed F1

A. Opus Appleblossom F1. Gorgeous silvery pink flowers, unbelievably attractive, with salmony red throats. Strong cutting stems packed with flowers - uniform habit and could easily be the Flower of the Year! 2-2'6". HHA. 1091 £2.25 (50 seeds)

A. Gypsy Rose F1. Bold dense spikes of flowers in soft rose, slightly scented and a florists dream. 2-3'. HHA. 1099A (50 seeds) £2.25

A. Apollo Purple F1. Rich royal purple with rocket like stems and each flower jostling for space. Exceptional cut flower even today. 2 1/2'. HHA. 1084 (50 seeds) £2.25

A. Gypsy Rose F1

A. Opus Lemon Twist F1. Solid stems of deep yellow with a golden lip. Very striking spikes which look pleasing on their own. Slightly scented. 2'-2'6". HHA. 1092A (50 seeds) £2.25

A. Opus Lemon Twist F1

A. Opus Lavender F1. Remove leading flower spike and make good use of this in flower arrangements. The side shoots will now grow and give a wonderful display of bedding height. Haunting lavender pink and peculiarly attractive. 2'-2'6". HHA. 1092B £2.25 (50 seeds)

NEW A. Opus Lavender F1

A. Apollo Purple F1

A. Overture Deep Orange F1

A. Overture Deep Orange F1. A cooler growing Snapdragon for the early Spring days or into the Autumn if given shelter. Mouthwatering Seville orange in colour makes this variety very attractive for flower arranging. 2'-2'6". HHA. NEW 1093E £2.25 (50 seeds)

A. Opus Polar Ice F1. The purest white Snapdragon ever produced. Unblemished and with very strong stems make it highly suitable for those astonishing arrangements we’ve now come to expect. Our favourite this year without doubt. 2'-2'6". HHA. NEW 1090B £2.25 (50 seeds) A. Opus Polar Ice F1 27

Aquilegia - Ranunculaceae - Granny Bonnets A. Winky Double Appleblossom & White. Brand new in 2010. Award winning Aquilegia with upright facing double flowers. Dwarf, almost bedding height and very long lasting especially in containers. 14-16". HP. 1108B (25 seeds) £2.75

A. chrysantha Yellow Star. Precisely held lemon yellow flowers with long spurs and a decidedly attractive perfume. 30". HP. 1111B (50 seeds) £1.85

A. chr ysantha Yellow Star

A. Clementine Salmon Rose. The most popular colour of the family. Clearest salmon. 18". HP.A. 1101 (20 seeds) £2.95

A. Origami Mixed F1

A. Clementine Salmon Rose

A. Origami Mixed F1. First year blooming in a full range of clear Aquilegia colours. Can you expect more from these outstanding hybrids - we think not. 18". HP. 1100A (20 seeds) £2.95

The Frilly Dilly Collection A. Frilly Dilly Mixed. From pale blue through pink, white and royal blue - it’s a sight worth waiting for. 2-2'6". HP. 1103C £1.95 (50 seeds)


Aquilegia - Ranunculaceae - Granny Bonnets A. Origami Blue and White F1. Blue and white with very prominent stamens and with all the hardiness of the red. An outstanding first year flowering variety. 18". HP. 1100D (20 seeds) £2.95


A. Origami White F1. Impressive because of the solid single white colour throughout. Temptingly clear and pristine. An outstanding first year flowering variety. 18". HP. 1100F (20 seeds) £2.95

NEW A. Origami White F1

A. Origami Blue and White F1

A. Origami Yellow F1. Pale lemon yellow, almost translucent with brilliant long stems and flowers in the first year. 18". HP. 1100G (20 seeds) £2.95

NEW A. Origami Red F1

NEW A. Origami Yellow F1

A. viridiflora Chocolate Soldier. A lovely green flower with chocolate coloured petals. A dwarf species with a most unusual scent. 12". HP. 1117A £1.95 (25 seeds)

A. viridiflora Chocolate Soldier

A. Origami Red And White F1. Beautiful contrast between the red petals. Very uniform, very striking, vigorous and flowers in the first year. 18". HP. 1100E (20 seeds) £2.95 A. variegata aurea. A 19th Century Heirloom. Marbled yellow and green foliage with white, sugar pink or powder blue flowers. 2-2'6". HP. 1103 £2.50 (25 seeds)

A. variegata aurea


Arisaema - Araceae Lords and Ladies

Aster - Compositae - China Aster

Arisaema are natives of China and Japan. They grow well in shade and the red berries on the huge seed pods are a picture in the Autumn. Mulch very heavily during the winter especially in the north.

A. Sherbet Orange

A. Species Mixed. Superlative unmatchable mix including: consanguineum, ciliatum, amurense, flavum, tortuosum, jacquemontii etc. HP. 1125C (20 seeds) £2.75 Astrantia Umbelliferae Masterwort A. major Ruby Wedding. A rich ruby colour with just sufficient white at the flower base to emphasize the wonderful colour. Choice. 24". HP. (35 seeds) 1157A £2.85 A. major Ruby Wedding

A. Species Mixed. All the many species we have in a disproportionate mix including the variegated form. 2-3'. HP. 1160B (50 seeds) £2.85

A. Species Mixed


A. Sherbet Orange. Huge ball shaped flowers in chamois orange. Ramrod stems, generous in production and resistant to wilt, at least in our trials. Fantastic find and a fashionable colour too. 2'6". HHA. 1139A (150 seeds) £1.90

A. Coconut Ice

A. Coconut Ice. Perhaps the most pleasing of this beautiful family of ball shaped Asters. Most welcome cutting variety for any situation. 2'6". HHA. 1139B (150 seeds) £1.90 A. Sherbet Lemon. A sister variety of Sherbet Orange which has been so successful. Almost good enough to eat and a rare colour in Asters too. 2'6". HHA. 1143 £1.90 (150 seeds)

A. Sherbet Lemon

Aster - Compositae - China Aster A. Lady Coral Light Blue. Upright habit with very dense flowers. This is not only a natural bouquet but a well deserved Award Winner. 2'. HHA. 1139 £2.00 (150 seeds)

A. Lady Coral Lavender

A. Lady Coral Light Blue

A. Lady Coral Lavender. A brand new colour in the Lady Coral Series. A delightful silvery lavender with the familiar Chrysanthemum-like flower that is always so popular. 2'. HHA. 1138G (150 seeds) £2.00

A. Lady Coral Salmon Rose. Of all the Asters we’ve introduced over the years this one has become our favourite. Brand new colour with Chrysanthemum-like flowers which capture the imagination of every cut flower enthusiast. Gorgeous! 2'. HHA. 1138B (150 seeds) A. Lady Coral Salmon Rose £2.00

A. Candyfloss. Huge King size flowers in lavender pink looking more like Chrysanthemums than Asters. Lovely cut flower and only the minimum of stems required because of their size. 2'6"-3'. HHA. 1151 (150 seeds) £1.95 A. Candyfloss A. Strawberry Crush. Another huge ball shaped Aster complementing Candyfloss. Positively compelling and often mistaken for Chrysanthemums. 2'6"-3'. HHA. 1152 (150 seeds) £1.95

A. Strawberr y Crush

A. Ice-cream Sorbet. Joining an already illustrious pair, Candyfloss and Strawberry Crush, this variety will very quickly ‘snap up’ prizes on the Show Bench. It’s snowhite Chrysanthemumlike heads are weatherproof and simply gorgeous. 2'6"-3'. 1152A £1.95 (150 seeds)


A. Ice-Cream Sorbet


Beautiful Bellis Bellissima Mixed - Autumn Flowering Enormous heads of fully double, extremely hardy flowers in red, white and unusual pink bicolour with white collar. 6". HP. 1185A (50 pellets) £2.55

Berkheya - Asteraceae B. Zulu Warrior. A very handsome perennial which would enhance any border. Large lavender blue frosted flowers disguise the prickly thistle like leaves. 11/2'- 2 1/2'. HP. 1188A (25 seeds) B. purpurea Zulu Warrior £1.95

NEW Medicis Series - Spring Flowering

Callirhoe - Malvaceae - Poppy Mallow

Deep blood red. 6". HP. 1182 Deep Red (100 seeds) £2.05 C. involucrata

C. involucrata. We listed this plant years ago and even today its vibrant silky wine red flowers, which trail everywhere, are a source of admiration all summer long. Should be grown much more frequently. 8-10". Trailer. HP. 1232H (20 seeds) £2.55

A really lovely deep pink. 6". HP. 1183 Rose (100 seeds) £2.05

Unblemished white. 6". HP. 1184 White (100 seeds) £2.05


Campanula - Campanulaceae - Bell Flower C. Alpine Breeze. A never ending display of blue bells flowering in their first year and simply charming for pot culture. Alpine Breeze will match the mountain sky and will complement any chalet balcony. 6". HA. 1238 £2.35 (50 seeds) C. Alpine Breeze


Buddleia colvileii kewensis Since offering this Buddleia some years ago we have been swamped with requests for others. Kewensis is a vastly improved colour and marginally more hardy. A quite outstanding plant. Climber. Del: June Last orders: April 8237 £10.85 (1 plant in a 9cm pot )

Callicarpa bodimieri Profusion If you’re looking for something outstanding for early autumn colour, this is it. Tiny star shaped lilac flowers are followed by myriads of small sapphire blue berries that cluster the stems like a swarm of bees. 2-3'. HSh. Deliver y: Late April Last Orders: March

Campsis - Bignoniaceae C. radicans. Vigorous, beautiful climber enjoying the second half of the summer while producing masses of multiple heads of orange red trumpets. Normally quite hardy and exotic looking. Climber. 5'-20'. HP. 1248 £2.45 (200 seeds) C. radicans Canna - Cannaceae C. Tropical Mixed F1. Spotted yellow, white, red, salmon and now rose pink completes this superb ‘Parks and Gardens’ mixture. 30". HHP. 1252C (15 seeds) C. Tropical Mixed F1 £4.25

Canna Tropical Bronze Scarlet F1

Cardiocrinum - Liliaceae C. giganteum. The most noble of all the lilies with glossy heart shaped leaves and stems up to 12' high with many long white gloriously fragrant flowers. Grow in woodland or shrub settings where it can remain undisturbed for years as it does in the Himalayas. HBb. (65 seeds) 1253 £2.55 C. giganteum

Gorgeous bronze leaved hybrid with a carmine red flower. Use as a pot or dot plant for the patio. A touch of the tropical! 10-15". HHP.

Car yopteris C. incana Blue Myth. Stylish soft shrub highly suitable as a cut flower and clothed in deep blue whorls from top to bottom. Very distinctive grey foliage with a light spicy aroma. Impressive. 3'-3'6". HSh. (25 seeds) 1260 £1.75

8137 (1 plant in a 9cm pot ) £8.75

1252D (10 seeds) £3.50 8380 (1 plant in a 7cm pot ) £6.85 Deliver y: April/May Last Orders: April

C. incana Blue Myth


Calendula - Compositae C. Galaxy NEW Mixed. All sorts of shapes and sizes together with every shade of orange, yellow and cream besides several colours in between. Very simply ‘out of this world’. 12-24". HA. 1226 £1.80 (150 seeds) C. Galaxy Mixed

C. Neon. Ultra double flowers with densely set deep orange petals edged in burgundy and giving a decidedly glowing effect. Very nice! 2-2'6". HA. 1227 (150 seeds) £1.80 C. Porcupine. Ancient variety with spiky quilled petals, almost a hairstyle and very suitable for floral art. Dead easy. 11/2-2'. HA. 1225 (200 seeds) £1.75

C. Porcupine

C. Flashback Mixed. A soft and subtle look is produced by the back of the distinct pink petals with a touch of yellow at the tips. Elegant cutting Calendula - a far cry from the brash orange types. 20-24". HA. (100 seeds) 1228A £1.95

C. Coffee Cream. Dull old variety so you would think. Now grow it! Cream petals with coffee coloured reverse and so beautiful massed together. 18". HA. 1232B £1.80 C. Coffee (150 seeds) Cream C. Orange Star. Specifically bred for cutting so the stems are long, strong and straight. Add to that it’s heavy fringing, 4" petal head and its barely recognised as a Calendula. A Japanese Masterpiece. 2 1/2-3'. 1229 (100 seeds) £1.95

C. Orange Star C. Flashback Mixed


C. Neon

Centaurea C. Black Boy. The blackest Cornflower you’ll ever encounter. Been around ‘yonks’ but still pulls an audience. Macabre and beckoning! 30-36". HA. 1281B £1.70 (100 seeds)

Cleome - Capparidaceae Spider Flower

C. Black Boy

Centratherum Asteraceae C. Pineapple Sangria. Fluffy lavender blue button shaped flowers tolerate the summer sun and rain. Loved by butterflies and bees, try rubbing the leaves and you’ll experience the scent of Pineapples. 20-24". HHP. (25 seeds) 1286A £1.95

C. gigantea

C. Sparkler White F1 Hybrid. After the enormous demand for Sparkler Rose we have included its white sister. Same dwarf plant, same habit and just as early. Highly recommended. 2'6"-3'. HHA. 1326A (15 seeds) C. Sparkler White F1 £2.85

C. Pineapple Sangria

Cephalaria - Dipsaceae Yellow Scabious C. gigantea. Forms a magnificent clump of dark green leaves and pure yellow Scabious-like flowers. Good for cutting. 5-6'. HP. 1289 (30 seeds) £2.25

Chr ysanthemum - Compositae C. Polar Star. An easy to grow, showy annual with tricoloured flowers. Comes into its own when all other annuals are beginning to tire. Marvellous as a cut flower with large innocent looking blooms. 2'. HA. 1302 £1.50 (250 seeds) C. Polar Star

C. Sparkler Rose F1

C. Sparkler Rose F1 Hybrid. This hybrid is early, large flowered and compact and lends itself beautifully to the perennial border for filling those summer gaps. 2'6"-3'. HHA. 1326 (15 seeds) £2.85


C. Sparkler Mixed F1

C. Sparkler F1 Hybrid Mixed. Rose and white but with added purple and pink. Always a fascinating plant used extensively by Parks and Gardens. 2'6"-3'. HHA. 1326B (15 seeds) £2.85


Beautiful Clivias C. miniata Butterball. Primrose yellow and very sought after. Narrow flared trumpets and shiny strap-like leaves but be patient, it will take about 21/2 years before flowering. Extremely easy to germinate and full germination C. miniata Butterball instructions will be provided. 18". HHBulb. 1332A (3 seeds) £7.95


Tulip flowered Clivia

We’ve had breaks in colour and now we have breaks in shape. Tulip like flowers can only be described as gorgeous. This unique collection is available in two wonderful colours of striking red and eye-catching orange. Seed is limited so order quickly. You will need lots of patience as Clivia take about 21/2 years to flower but it’s worth it! C. Red Tulip 1331E (2 seeds) £9.95 C. Orange Tulip 1331F (2 seeds) £9.95

C. miniata Lana. A broad open faced shell pink with a hint of shadow in the throat. Very domineering flower. 18-24". HHBulb. 1332E (3 seeds) £7.95 C. miniata Lana

C. miniata Snowflake. Almost completely white apart from deepest part of the throat. Gorgeous formation and very sought after. 18-24". HHBulb. (2 seeds) 1332D £9.95


Clivia Nobilis C. miniata Snowflake

C. variegata Deep Red Shades. Irregularly striped leaves and very deep red flowers. Rare to say the least. Very choice however and should be in any reputable collection. 18". HHBulb. 1331B (2 seeds) £9.95 C. variegata Deep Red Shades


As the name suggests a really noble plant with 50 or more tubular flowers swarming around the head and each reddish flower is adorned with an apple green halo around the lip. A very exciting plant and rare to be able to offer seed at any time. 16-24". HHBulb. 1330 (2 seeds) £7.25

C. trichotomum

Clerodendron Verbenaceae C. trichotomum. One of the most attractive, almost artificial looking shrubs. Brilliant red calyx around a sapphire blue berry. Deciduous but easy and hardy. 2-6'. HSh. (8 seeds) 1329A £2.50

Clitoria - Leguminosae - Butterfly Pea C. ternata fl. pl. White Lady. Giant ‘butterfly flowers’ in pure white, blushed cream and flowering itself to a standstill. Choice and different plant to confound your friends. 12-24". Climber. 1331A (10 seeds) £2.05 C. ternata fl. pl. White Lady Cobaea - Polemoniaceae - Cathedral Bells C. scandens. A really vigorous and exotic looking climber producing masses of cup and saucer shaped bells or flowers in varying shades of deep purple to purple pink. 8-15'. Climber. HHA. HHP. (15 seeds) C. scandens 1333 £2.50 C. scandens alba. Ivory white ‘Cathedral Bells’ with a hint of jade. Rapid growing, very desirable climber for any odd place. Makes nice buttonholes. HHA. 1334 £2.75 (15 seeds) C. scandens alba

Codonopsis C. forrestii. The most attractive climbing perennial you could wish to see. Broad leaves and large fabulous bell shaped flowers of deep lavender blue with burgundy throats. 1336 (15 seeds) £3.25 8126 (1 bare root tuber) £7.50 Del: April/May Last Orders: April

C. kawatamii Jade

C. kawatamii Jade. Rare and very choice climber with narrowish bell shaped flowers in jade green and willing to climb anything. Best grown in a container to prevent waterlogging. HClimber. 1336B £3.25 (20 seeds)

Coreopsis C. Rising Sun. Easily grown perennial flowering in its first year with rich butter yellow double flowers punctuated by a ring of rusty red dots. An AAS Winner. 18". HP. 1348C £2.40 (35 seeds)

C. Rising Sun


C. Golden Globe

C. Golden Globe. Fleuroselect Novelty Award. Double golden orange balls of outstanding beauty. First year flowering and thereafter a strong perennial flowering very much earlier. Very showy. 15-20". HP. 1347C (100 seeds) £1.80 37

Cosmos - Compositae C. Versailles Red. Pure rose red with a lemon yellow disc. The ideal flower arrangers variety and if the first flower is removed, the plant will reward you with a dozen more stems. 3'-3'6". HHA. 1355 £2.00 (100 seeds) C. Versailles Red C. Collarette White. This single colour has given more double and semi-double flowers than any other colour. Awesome in a vase on their own and simply brilliant white. 3-3'6". HHA. 1354B (100 seeds) £2.05

C. Sweet Dreams

C. Cosimo Purple Picotee. A vastly improved picotee type with a prominent white star shaped centre. The purple-red and white is striking. A vibrant plant for the annual border and very showy for the flower arranger. 3-3'6". HHA. 1355A (75 seeds) £1.90 C. Cosimo Purple Picotee

C. Collarette White

C. Collarette Pink. Neatly bordered petals in pink with a distinct collarette centre. Different and appealing especially to flower arrangers where even the lacy foliage becomes useful. 3-3'6". HHA. 1354D (75 seeds) £2.05

C. Collarette Pink


C. bipinnatus Sweet Dreams. Dwarfer plants with that innocent look. Slightly smaller flower but quality in itself. 36". HHA. 1354 £1.85 (100 seeds)

C. Limara Lemon. A naturally compact globe shaped plant, very free and long flowering in this new intense lemon yellow colour. This type of Cosmos always ‘pays it’s way’ by the sheer length of blooming and it’s weather tolerance. A new colour in Cosmos. 12-15". HHA. 1360 £1.85 (100 seeds)

Cosmos - Compositae

C. Versailles Palace

C. Versailles Palace. The very best Cosmos for cutting purposes. Huge flowers with very strong stems. A real asset. 36-40". HHA. 1351A (100 seeds) £2.00

C. bipinnatus Picotee

C. bipinnatus Picotee. Pastel pink flower with a deeper red edged habit. Can be variable but lovely nevertheless. 30-36". HHA. 1351 (100 seeds) £1.85

C. Cosmic Orange. AAS Gold Medal Winner. The longest, earliest, most bushy Cosmos yet produced with 2" flowers smothering the plant. Very highly recommended. 12". HHA. 1352A (100 seeds) £1.85

C. sulphureus Crested Mixed. Beautiful shades of orange, red and lemon all displaying a prominent central crest. Not the common old Cosmos but more select and lasts for ages. C. Crested Mixed As bedding unbeatable especially in the back border. 2'6". HHA. 1359 (100 seeds) £1.85 C. Sonata White. Pure glistening white and dwarfer by at least 18" than anything else. Grown NEW in groups they make an ideal patio plant. (We offer only original breeders stock). 24". HHA. 1356C (60 seeds) £2.15 C. Sonata White C. bipinnatus Sonata Mixed. Dwarfer by at least 18" than anything else. (We offer only original breeders stock). 24". HHA. 1356 (60 seeds) £2.15

C. Sonata Mixed


Coleus - Labiatae C. Exhibition Mixed. Just name the colour and it’s there! From almost black to frilly edged bicolours and even tricolours. Easy, showy and if kept frost free will make an unusual perennial. 6-15". HHP. 1341 £2.35 C. Exhibition Mixed (25 seeds) Cyclamen - Primulaceae

C. Snowridge Mini Purple F1

C. Snowridge Mini Purple F1. Pale purple with every petal carrying a ridge of white either side. Easily visualized as a ‘snowstorm’ result. 6-8". NEW HHP. (10 seeds) 1395A £3.75

C. Sterling Purple F1. The deepest unadulterated purple ever seen in Cyclamen. Stately stems crowd the pot and at a glance appear artificial. Gorgeous! 8-12". HHP. 1397A NEW (10 seeds) C. Sterling Purple F1 £3.50 Datura Solanaceae Angel Trumpets D. Angel Trumpets Mixed. A mixture of all we list including the very rare sanguinea. HSh. 1413 £2.95 (20 seeds) D. Angel Trumpets


Frost Tolerant Cyclamen C. hederifolium Mixed. True frost hardy cyclamen in pinks and whites. Flowers Sept-Oct. 4-6". HP. 1376 (35 seeds) £2.75 C. coum Mixed. Beautiful rounded leaves and lovely flowers in rich pink, white and rose-red. Flowers Dec-March. 4-6". HP. 1378 (35 seeds) £2.75 C. Hardy Species Mixed. A formula blend including coum silver leaf, hederifolium & repandum in all colours. 4-6". HP. 1388 (35 seeds) £2.75 C. NON HARDY SPECIES Mixed. A professional blend of all our species. Special and choice. Many unobtainable elsewhere. 4-6". HHP. 1386 (35 seeds) £2.95

Cytisus C. battenderi Pineapple Scented. Usually called the Pineapple Bush because of its Pineapple scent wafting from the C. battenderi Pineapple Scented huge clusters of cone-like flowers. Enjoys a lovely silky, silvery green foliage and when its seen, draws gasps of appreciation. 4-6'. HSh. 1399A (8 seeds) £2.95


Daphne Retusa Lovely little shrub originating in China and a lazy plant, only growing about 2-3" each year. However it’s purple and white flowers have the most glorious perfume and is perfect for the rockery or troughs. 3'. HSh. Deliver y: July Last orders: June 8270 (1 plant in a 9cm pot) £8.95

Dahlia - Compositae CHOICE PLANT

Dahlia Asahi Chohji Stunning! Wonderful 4" flowers of pure white enjoy the added attraction of a broad brilliant red band down each side. The central disc is nicely ruffled and curled and even the yellow stamens are a picture. As you would expect, a Japanese heirloom. 4-5'. HHP. Deliver y: May Last orders: April 8144 (1 plant in a 7cm pot) £6.85 D. Cactus Flowered Mixed. Nicely balanced mixture of the spiky cactus flowered types, perfect for cutting. 3-4'. HHP. 1404A (40 seeds) £1.80


D. Cactus Flowered Mix

NEW D. Pompon

D. Pompon Mixed

Mixed. Nicely balanced cutting mixture in six different shades with tightly knit ball shaped heads. Rarely 100% true but darn close! 2'6"-3'. HHP. 1405D (50 seeds) £1.90

D. Decorative Giants Mixed

D. Decorative Giants Mixed. Semi ball shaped flowers of substantial size and with very long stems. The ‘hotel foyer’ job! Bold approaching brassy but very nice in a wide range of colour. 3-4'. HHP. 1401B NEW (40 seeds) £2.10

D. Bambino Mixed. Dwarf, mainly flat faced plants with a good NEW sprinkling of double and semi double flowers. Gorgeous if only because of its colour range. 10-15". HHP. 1403B (50 seeds) D. Bambino Mixed £1.90 D. Bishop’s Children. Reputedly the offspring of Bishop of Llandoff. Very attractive with dark ‘plain chocolate’ leaves and mostly single or semi-double flowers. 3'-3'6". HHP. (40 seeds) 1402B £2.15 D. Bishop’s Children

D. Collarette Dandy. Dwarf plants each with a contrasting central collar of ‘petalettes’. 12-18". HHP. 1404 £1.80 (40 seeds)

Delphinium - Ranunculaceae

D. Raider Double Blue Bicolour

D. Centurion Gentian Blue F1. Dense blue spikes. 5'. HP. (10 seeds) 1418A £2.95

D. Raider Double Blue Bicolour. Mid to powder blue but with a novel sky blue centre just sufficient to make this variety different and captivating. A gem. 4-5'. HP. 1420B (15 seeds) £2.40

D. Mulberry Rose F2. Unusual shades of pink and mulberry. 1420 (35 seeds) £2.40

D. Centurion Sky Blue F1. Powder blue flowers. 5'. HP. (10 seeds) 1418 £2.95 D. Distant Memories

Annual Delphinium Larkspur L. Cannes Mixed F1. Unique fully double mix of picotee edged blooms, the pink having irregular blotches of red over the whole petal. Stunning for flower arranging. (Best sown late Spring when temperatures are rising). 4-5'. HA. 1440A (75 seeds) £2.75


D. Red Fox. A rather lovely first year blooming perennial Delphinium. Just 10-12" tall, well branched and the perfect patio plant. In our climate it will flower throughout the summer. Brilliant scarlet-orange flowers appear to hover above the foliage adding to the impact. The seed has been treated for faster germination. 10-12". HP. 1427 (50 seeds) £2.35

D. Magic Fountains White. Pure unblemished stems of white. 1425 (50 seeds) £2.40 D. Distant Memories. Bold strong colours, resilient stems and smothered in flowers. Challenges any mix available today. A real winner. 3-4'. HP. 1415 (50 seeds) £2.75

Sweet William

Echinacea - Compositae Cone Flower

D. Cottage Perfume. Glorious mixture of predominantly DOUBLE Sweet William in an unbelievable range of colour which intensifies as the flowers are bicoloured and tricoloured. A heady and intoxicating perfume. 18-20". HB. 1464D (50 seeds) £1.95 E. Prima Donna Deep Rose Improved

E. purpurea Amando. Probably the best white Echinacea available today. Pure white petals with a green-gold cone. 3'. HP. 1495E £1.95 (50 seeds)

D. Heritage Bridesmaid. Sweet William at its absolute best. Pure white blended with rose eye and a very heady perfume. A Japanese miracle. 18-20". HB. Recommended. 1466E (30 seeds) £2.50

D. scandens

Dierama Iridaceae Angels Fishing Rods D. Castlewellan Species Mixed. We offer a mix with generations of hybridising behind it. 2-6'. HP. (20 seeds) 1473 £2.75

Dicentra Fumariaceae Bleeding Heart D. scandens. A most wonderful climber with dozens of yellow locket flowers which scramble through any convenient trellis, fence or shrub 10'. HP. (20 seeds) 1469B £2.75

E. Prima Donna Deep Rose Improved. Huge, 4-6" horizontal vibrant rose red heads surrounding a bronze cone. 30". HP. 1497E £2.35 (50 seeds)

E. purpurea Amando

E. paradoxa. Pretty nearly 100 years old and still rare. Lovely border plant without comparison. 48". HP. 1497A (30 seeds) £2.55

E. paradoxa

E. purpurea Magnus. Very large flowers in coral pink but unlike other Echinacea this variety holds its petals horizontally. 3'. HP. 1495B (50 seeds) £2.75 E. purpurea Magnus

D. Castlewellan Species Mixed


Digitalis - Scrophulariaceae - Foxglove D. Elsie Kelsey. So the story goes that a young Irish nursery girl was told to clear a trayful of old Digitalis plants. They all succumbed with the exception of one having beautiful snowhite bells and a ‘raspberry jam’ lip. Fabulous plant with its only drawback being its height, what a sight in full flower. 4-6'. HB/HP. 1476 (400 seeds) £1.85

CamelotMixed F1 D. Camelot Mixed F1. The very first F1 Hybrid Foxglove. Colours include rose, lavender and cream, each heavily freckled. First year flowering and second year ‘over-powering’. 4-6'. HB. 1476B (25 seeds) £2.65

D. Foxtrot. Each original tubular bell is split down the middle giving a semi-double impression but still retaining the raspberry jam throat. Quite charming! 3-5'. HB. 1484A (30 seeds) £2.85

D. Foxtrot

D. purpurea Apricot. Ages old and a reliable peachy-apricot colour. Stocks over the years have deteriorated but D. purpurea Apricot we believe this original Sutton stock maintained by us is the best. 48-60". HB. 1474 £1.95 (450 seeds) D. obscura Dusky Maid. Nodding red veined yellow flower sometimes leaning towards amber but all in all unusual and desirable. Hails from Spain. 18". HP. 1482 £1.95 (50 seeds)

D. x heywoodii Silver Fox


D. obscura Dusky Maid

D. x heywoodii Silver Fox. The palest of pinks, heavily freckled, densely packed bells on this dwarf plant make it a ‘must have’ candidate. The silver leaves make a perfect setting for the flowers. A group is a breathtaking cottage garden picture. 2-2'6". HB. (50 seeds) 1487B £1.95

Digitalis - Scrophulariaceae - Foxglove D. Candy Mountain Peach. Sister variety of Candy Mountain Pink where all the bells face upwards with no space between them. Delightful cream flowers fade to peach as the flower matures. 4'. HB. 1478B (100 seeds) £1.95

D. Candy Mountain Peach

D. parviflora. Densely packed spikes of chocolate funnels. An aristocrat from Spain and is totally hardy if it likes the position that it is in. Otherwise you miss the fascination of its colour and the bees who love it. 18". HP. 1481 £1.95 (100 seeds)

D. purpurea alba

D. mertonensis Strawberry Crush. A very fine hybrid reproducing truly from seed and described as crushed strawberry in colour. Large bells and long lasting. 2-3'. HP. 1480 £1.95 (250 seeds)

D. mertonensis Strawberr y Crush

D. Excelsior Mixed. Hugely popular. Colours range from cream, pink, primrose to maroon all with heavily marked throats and flowering right around the stem. Sow early and you’ll have flowers in the same year. 36". HB. (1000 seeds) 1486 £1.55

D. par viflora

D. Tinkerbell. Charming little foxglove courtesy of a busy bee the previous year. Dwarf, clear yellow flowers with a hint of lipstick on the petal edges and just the suggestion of a pink blush on its cheeks. Flowers in the first year. 18". HP. 1485 £1.95 (150 seeds) D. Tinkerbell

D. purpurea alba. The pure unadulterated white form of this English woodlander. Grown as a single colour in a perennial bed they are outstanding for their simplicity alone. 4'. HP. 1483 £1.85 (1000 seeds)

D. Excelsior Mixed

Old English Foxgloves Gift Pack Six Cottage Garden varieties separately packed in an ‘oldie worldie’ hand painted packet all of which Grandma knew and loved. 1473C £5.50

Eccremocarpus - Bignoniaeae E. scaber Tresco Mixed. Chilean Glory Vine. Spectacular easy vine. Longish tubes of flower in shades of pink, yellow, deep red and orange hang down amongst ferny foliage. HH Climber. 1495 (150 seeds) £1.80

Er yngium Umbelliferae Sea Holly E. leavenworthii Purple Sheen. Curious and fascinating plant with purple blue flowers and a reddish purple ‘Prince of Wales Feather’. 2'. HP. 1506A £2.10 (20 seeds)

NEW E. scaber Tresco Mixed

Echium - Boraginaceae E. pininana Tower of Jewels. One of natures miracles. From a rosette of hairy strap shaped leaves on a thickish stem, will arise, astonishingly, a 12-14' tower of bright blue flowers, like swarming bees. Mesmerizing when seen. 12-14'. HB. 1498D £2.25 (15 seeds)

E. pininana Tower of Jewels


E. giganteum Silver Ghost. The Ghost of ghosts! A very advanced version of Miss Wilmot’s Ghost being heavily frosted silver. 3-4'. HP. 1507A £2.20 (50 seeds)

E. pininana White Tower. The rare white form. 12-14'. HB. 1498E £2.30 (15 seeds) Courtesy of Jelitto

E. russicum. Unusual burgundy red spikes which the bees swarm over. Multistemmed and a perennial border candidate. 24". HB/HP. 1498G (30 seeds) £2.20

E. bourgatii

E. russicum

E. laevenworthii Purple Sheen

E. bourgatii. Attractive european species with heavily veined variegated leaves and a decidedly lovely flower. Worth a place in any garden. 12-20". HP. 1507B £2.25 (50 seeds)

E. giganteum Silver Ghost

E. Blue Hobbit. The World’s first naturally dwarf variety. Just 1' tall with silver blue flowers. Gorgeous in full bloom and especially as a container plant. 1'. HP. 1508 (25 seeds) £2.65

E. Sweetheart

Erodium Geraniaceae E. Sweetheart. Beautiful plant with a predominantly white face, purple veining and splashed blackberry in the centre. Very choice hardy perennial. (15 seeds) 1505A £2.90

Er ysimum - Cruciferae E. Little Kiss Lilac. Sow like Wallflowers if you wish but this biennial can be grown as an annual. Lilac mauve flowers will appear in just four months from sowing. 12-15". HB. (100 seeds) 1509A £1.95 E. Little Kiss Lilac

Er ythronium - Liliaceae E. Species Mixed. Probably the finest mix you’ll find from several choice collections. 10 -12". HBulb. 1513 (30 seeds) £2.95

Eschscholzia - Papaveraceae Californian Poppy E. Candy Kiss. Gorgeous semi-double flowers heavily splashed in rose pink. Easy to grow and self seeds like mad. 8-10". HA. 1521A £1.95 E. Candy Kiss (150 seeds)


Francoa sonchifolia Pink Bouquet Known as Bridal Wreath and carries large flowers on elegant spikes from June to August. Light pink flowers with a darker blotch at the base. Mighty impressive. 18-24". HP. (50 seeds) 1541 £1.95 8371 £7.85 (1 plant ) Deliver y: May Last Orders: April Gazania - Compositae - Treasure Flower G. Kiss and Tell. A ‘lip smacking’ mixture of huge flowers from rose, lavender to orange. Many flowers open together and the result is stunning. Almost all are bicoloured too with a piercing eye. 8-10". HHA. 1570C £2.75 (30 seeds) G. Kiss and Tell Geum - Rosaceae G. Red Dragon. Brilliant cherry red and a lovely perennial at its best when other perennials are past theirs. 2 1/2 -3'. HP. 1609A £2.10 (50 seeds) G. Red Dragon

G. Lady Strathedon. She’s been around for years but this ‘Lady’ improves with age as selections continue to be made. A very worthy companion to Red Dragon. 2 1/2 -3'. HP. 1609B £2.10 (50 seeds)

G. Lady Strathedon


Geranium - Geraniaceae G. Hardy Species Mixed. Almost certainly the best mixture you’ll ever find - a treasure chest with varieties and species too numerous to mention. HP. 1607 £2.60 (20 seeds)

NEW G. St George F1

G. St George F1. Beautiful zonal leaved mixture of white and scarlet. Dense heads and the two colours combine to give a very patriotic display. Highly recommended. 12-15". HHP. 1587 (10 seeds) £2.85

Geranium BlackVelvet F1 NEW

NEW G. Guernsey White

Salmon. Unique colour, dense heads and sinister black leaves with green picotee edge. 12-15". HHP.

Appleblossom. Beautiful, spring orchard colour, very black contrasting leaves. 12-15". HHP.

1583D (8 seeds) £2.85

1583C (8 seeds) £2.85



Rose. Black picotee edge leaves with a magical rose-pink flower. Super combination. 12-15". HHP.

Scarlet. Richest red yet, with the blackest foliage. Breathtaking as a massed bed. 12-15". HHP.

1583E (8 seeds) £2.85

1583B (8 seeds) £2.85


G. Hardy Species Mixed

G. Guernsey White. Exclusive! The very first of this Giant Geranium in pure white. Enormously showy - not the least bit shy and like other maderense plants can be tender in the winter. Brilliant! 3'-5'. HHP. 1605B £2.55 (10 seeds)

G. Guernsey Pink. Huge ‘tree trunk’ stems with masses of umbrella-like leaves and so many flowers. Easily grown from seed each year. 3-5'. HHP. 1605C £2.55 G. Guernsey Pink (10 seeds) G. wallichianum Buxton’s Blue. Sky blue flower with a white centre and flowers into the Autumn. The most sought after hardy Geranium ever. Easy, showy and sprawling. 15". HP. 1607B (8 seeds) £3.20 G. wallichianum Buxton’s Blue

Cottage Garden Scents Hedysarum - Leguminosae French Honeysuckle H. coronarium. Fantastic dense spikes of very fragrant deep red flowers. Spectacular but prefers a sunny position. 3-4'. HA/HP. 1658B £2.10 (150 seeds) Heliotropium - Boraginaceae Cherr y Pie H. Marine. Very popular Victorian plant with giant heads of violet blue flowers. Powerful scent. 18"-2'. HHA. 1676 (150 seeds) £2.00

Helleborus Elizabeth Town Doubles A wonderful mixture of pure doubles. Lovely colours from almost white through to deep purple. Bred by a connoisseur to be the very best. (Sow the seed, place in a cold frame and be very patient)! 18". HP. 1685H (10 seeds) £6.95


Hesperis Ambleside


Astonishing, pure white, fully double flowers, which from a short distance, look like column stocks even down to the perfume. A must have plant that every Grandma knew and loved ages ago. 18"-2'. HP. Delivery: April Last orders: April 8140 £7.85 (1 plant in a 7cm pot) Hesperis - Cruciferae Damask flower H. matronalis. ‘The Cottage Garden Scent Bottle’ with every flower pulling its weight in pink, violet and white. 2'3". HB/HP. 1686 (500 seeds) £1.75


Helleborus Royal Collection Countless years of breeding and selection has produced these individual colours including Amber Queen, Emerald Queen, Queen of Hearts and Queen of Spades. All are matched for height and earliness and we shall supply four exceptionally well rooted plants ready for immediate planting. A really worthwhile, value for money buy - and beautiful too! 16-18". HP. Deliver y: Late May Last orders: April 8118 £24.95 (1 plant of each) H. orientalis Royal Mixed. A specialist mixture of all the colours including purple, wine red, pink, green, apricot and white. 16-18". HP. 1678 £3.10 (25 seeds)

Helianthus - Compositae - Sunflower H. Butterscotch Yellow. A mid yellow colour with a chocolate face and always looks good in any weather. Pollen free, suitable for cutting and just 5' tall with shorter than usual petals. Exquisite. 5'. HHA. (25 seeds) 1663B £2.05 H. Butterscotch Yellow

H. Maximiliani. A tall persistent perennial with 3" flowers all the way up the stem like Hollyhocks. Late to flower but a wonderful sight in full bloom and marvellous against walls and fences. 5-8'. HP. 1665A £2.05 (50 seeds)

H. Maximiliani

H. Earthwalker. Trendy and jazzy type for cut flowers. Colours include terracotta, brick red, burnt sienna and the odd coppery bronze. Refreshing break through. 5-8'. HHA. 1663 (30 seeds) £2.05 H. Earthwalker

H. Double Dandy. Wonderful dwarf bedding variety, suitable for cutting too and the most eyecatching colour for a long time. Best described as salmon red. Highly recommended. 2'. HHA. 1659 (25 seeds) H. Double Dandy £2.05 H. Peach Passion F1. Unique cut flower variety with peach coloured flowers and multiple rows of petals. Very different and looked superb in trials. 4'. HHA. 1663A (25 seeds) H. Peach Passion F1 £2.05 H. Garden Statement. Soft lemon-yellow flowers with multiple rows of petals and a piercing black disc. Top flowering for cut flower purposes and in our opinion a ‘soothing’ flower. 2'6". HHA. 1659C £2.05 (30 seeds)

Van Gogh Sunflower Gift Pack Six lovely varieties, separately packed that even Van Gogh would be proud of. 15"- 5'. HHA. 1658C £5.50 H. Garden Statement


Hollyhock - Malvaceae H. Spring Celebrities Mixed. First year flowering, dwarf and a range of six compelling colours - all double. No problem with wind, they are only 2' tall and beautiful for containers or specimen pots. Colours include pink, wine, yellow, maroon, salmon and rose. 2'. HB. 1700A £2.65 NEW (25 seeds) H. Spring Celebrities Mixed

H. East Coast Hybrids. Black, slate grey, rust, copper - just a few of the descriptions we’ve heard about this 60 year old strain from the East Anglian village of Aldeburgh. 6-8'. HB. 1694 (50 seeds) £1.95

H. East Coast Hybrids

Hollyhock Spotlight Eighteen years of breeding has resulted in the very first single Hollyhock in separate colours. They are perennial as opposed to biennial and will flower the same year from a Jan/Feb sowing with clean innocent flowers for weeks on end. 5-6'. HP. Del: Jan 2011

H. Black Night. Almost midnight. (25 seeds) 1694A £2.95

H. Mars Magic. Hot Red. (25 seeds) 1694B £2.95

H. Polar Star. White and yellow. (25 seeds) 1694C £2.95

H. Sunshine. Lemon Yellow. (25 seeds) 1694D £2.95

Hollyhock Memory Lane Gift Pack Memories of Grandma’s Cottage Garden full of Hollyhocks in astonishing colours. Hand painted packet of six separately packed varieties. 1693A £5.50

H. Double Chestnut. Unusual chestnut brown. (30 seeds) 1698C £2.05

H. Double Peach. Bold flowers good enough to eat! (30 seeds) 1698A £2.05

H. Almond Blossom. Unique blooms deepen with age. (30 seeds) 1700 £2.05


Hollyhock Mars Magic

Del: May Last Orders: April 8390 £7.85 (2 plants in 7cm pots )



Heuchera Sun Loving Collection A collection of 4 lovely varieties; Citronelle, Caramel, Beaujolais and Blackout. These hybrids thrive in sunny conditions and keep their delicious bold colours the whole season without fading. Later in the summer the foliage is topped by wands of small creamy white flowers. 10-15". Delivery: Late May Last Orders: April

Impatiens Semi Double Athena The only series of semi double flowers on the market today. For spreading power there’s nothing better than the Athenas and just one plant would prove it. Absolutely gorgeous for containers and the front of the border. Elite germinating seed (90%+).10-12". HHA.

8313 (1 plant of each) £24.95


NEW Appleblossom. 1717B (20 seeds) £2.50

NEW Orange. 1717C (20 seeds) £2.50

Heuchera Melting Fire Best seed raised Heuchera today. Mature curled leaves are intense purple and long lasting. Newer central leaves remain brilliant red. Recommended. 18". HP. 1687 (25 seeds) £2.25

NEW Purple. 1717D (20 seeds) £2.50

NEW Red. 1717E (20 seeds) £2.50


Ipomoea - Convolvulaceae Morning Glor y I. Grandpa Ott. Morning Glory. Deep purple flowers with a cerise throat fading to white at the deepest point. Charming. 6-8". HHA. 1726 (30 seeds) £1.95

I. Grandpa Ott

I. Crimson Rambler. Overlooked for years. Crimson flowers with an ice-white centre. Positively brilliant. HHClimber. 1729B £1.85 (30 seeds)

I. Crimson Rambler

I. Venice Blue. A very new distinct pattern. Predominently white with masses of irregular blue stripes changing each day makes this variety anything but boring. Very prolific bloomer. Climber. HHA. (30 seeds) 1732E £1.85

I. Venice Blue

I. White Feather. Dainty star shaped flowers nicely creased to give a velvety appearance and complemented by fancy fern-like foliage. Climber. HHA. (40 seeds) 1727 £1.85

I. Ruffled Pink. Introduced by POD years ago and now being produced in large quantities. Fully NEW double with just a hint of violet at the base of each petal which curls and furls in a distinctly loose manner. Climber. HHA. 1732B (30 seeds) I. Ruffled Pink £1.95 I. Milky Way. ‘Robin starch’ white trumpets with delicate lavender splashes on each petal. Climber. HHA. 1730 (30 seeds) I. Milky Way £1.85

I. Venice Pink

I. White Feather

I. Venice Pink. Large white trumpets randomly splashed with rose pink stripes - no two alike! Very prolific bloomer, earlier than most and a rapid grower. Climber. HHA. 1732C (30 seeds) £1.85 53

Lathyrus - Leguminosae L. Annual Species Mixed. From yellow to violet blue and on into orange stripes blest with wine and white. A mouth watering mix of all the annual ‘Sweet Peas’ rarely if ever seen before. Grow in large pots and enjoy. 2-6'. HHA. 1763 (30 seeds) £2.85

L. latifolius White Pearl

L. vernus Rainbow Mixed. Delightful little bushy mound shaped pea. Completely hardy and colours range from crimson, rose, lilac and white. Early and very rewarding every year. 1'. NEW HP. (10 seeds) 1762 £2.25 L. vernus Rainbow Mixed

L. Annual Species Mixed

L. sativus azureus. Narrow leaves showing off a myriad of solid Mediterranean blue flowers and an instant favourite. Easy to grow. 2-3'. HA. 1757 £2.25 (12 seeds)

L. latifolius White Pearl. Almost mistaken for artificial flowers is this pristine white form of everlasting pea. Suitable for covering old buildings, fences or tree trunks. 8-10'. Climber. HP. (20 seeds) 1754 £2.25

L. sativus azureus

L. tingitanus roseus. Spectacular coral pink flowers easily grown and en masse, beautiful. Rapidly growing annual highly suitable for covering fences or spent bushes and trunks. An underrated species now beginning to make itself known. 4-6'. HA. (30 seeds) 1756A £1.95

L. tingitanus roseus

L. latifolius Mixed. All the existing colours of this persistent beauty plus we’re including latifolius Red Pearl, a brilliant true red. 8-10'. HP. 1753 (30 seeds) £2.25

L. matucana

L. matucana. The original Sweet Pea of 1699. Since we first sold this variety the demand has risen beyond belief. Hide a single stem in any arrangement and watch the reaction. The perfume is staggering. HA. 1758 (25 seeds) £1.95 54

K. vitifolia


Chilean Bells

L. rosea. One of the most handsome plants in the flower world. Large Loganberry bells freely produced in late summer are spectacular and will readily grow outdoors in a south or southwest aspect and will stand a degree or two of frost. HHCl. 1750 £3.95 (10 seeds)

L. rosea

L. rosea White Cloud

L. rosea White Cloud. The rare and seldom available seed from the named variety White Cloud. Should produce 100% pure white flowers but an occasional blush might occur. We emphasize again very rare. HHCl. 1751 £5.95 (6 seeds)

Romantic Lavender Gift Pack Dark blue, pale blue, white, pink and bicoloured with the same mesmerizing scent. Bees love it - bugs hate it humans drool over it. A perfect shrub for hedges, pillows, perfume and protection. Six individually packaged varieties. 1768A £5.50

Linaria - Scrophulariaceae L. aeruginea Neon Lights. Lovely little perennial which will flower in the same year of sowing if sown early. Mostly bicoloured flowers in rust, purple, red and yellow. Bluish grey foliage and an under used plant. 9-12". HP. 1820 £2.05 L. aeruginea Neon Lights (100 seeds) L. Pretty In Pink. Elegant, dainty little plants, all shimmering in the slightest wind and in gorgeous shades of rose, pink and cream. Almost totally hardy in all but the worst weather. Very new and very showy. 8-10". HA. 1820A (1500 seeds) £1.65

L. Pretty In Pink

L. Charmer Mixed

Linum - Linaceae L. Charmer Mixed. Red, white and salmon all with contrasting eyes. Very satisfying if scattered freely and dead easy. 18". HHA. 1827A £1.95 (200 seeds)

Lobelia - Campanulaceae L. valida. Seldom available perennial species forming large clumps 2' across and carrying huge heads of deep blue flowers nicely emphasized with snowhite centres. Exceedingly attractive. 18"-2'. HHP. (40 seeds) L. valida 1845 £2.15 55

Courtesy of Jelitto

Kitaibelia - Malvaceae K. vitifolia. Captivating plant! Malva-like leaves with a pure white, shallow cup shaped flower 11/2" across. 21/2-3'. HP. 1744C (30 seeds) £1.95

Lunaria - Cruciferae L. annua variegata. A still very popular and reliable Victorian plant with white flowers and lovely marbled foliage. Seed heads are used for winter decoration. Variegation appears as the plant matures. 2'6"-3'. (30 seeds) 1849 £1.85

Lupin - Leguminosae

L. annua variegata

L. New Millennium Mixed

L. New Millennium Mixed. Quality at its best. This superb show quality mixture contains many rich colours and striking bicolours. Every spike is a new creation and demands a place in the border. The best seed raised variety yet. 4'. HP. 1857 (30 seeds) £2.80 Lychnis Caryophyllaceae Campion L. occulata Angel Blush. A silver leaved Lychnis with pure white flowers slowly changing to pink as the weather cools. 24-30". HP. 1864 £1.85 (200 seeds)

L. Beaujolais


Malva - Malvaceae Mallow M. sylvestris mauritanicus Windsor Castle. Royal ‘velvet purple’ silky flowers, heavily veined in black and beautiful crinkled edges. Very handsome and usually over-winters successfully. 36-42". HP. (50 seeds) 1870 £2.00

M. sylvestris Windsor Castle

Marigold - Compositae

L. occulata Angel Blush

Lysimachia Primulaceae L. Beaujolais. Bulging spikes of deep claret ensure this remains an interesting, distinct and fascinating plant, indeed foreboding, but very choice as a cut flower. 18-24". HP. 1865A £1.95 (100 seeds)

M. Harlequin

Monarda - Labiatae M. didyma Red. Ascending whorls of red ‘salvia’ looking flowers and marvellously aromatic foliage. One of the most reliable and eye-catching perennials a border could wish to have. 21/2'. HP. (50 seeds) 1930B £2.15

M. Harlequin. Listed in the 1870’s and today used for the back of the perennial border as hedging. Highly popular for cut flowers. Brilliant red petals distinctly divided by a yellow stripe and small bushy centre. Very different. 2-3'. HHA. (100 seeds) 1900 £1.95

M. didyma Red

Meconopsis - Papaveraceae Meconopsis have a reputation for being difficult to grow. Not so if sown in the Autumn or Spring and kept moist. Just press seed into compost before lightly covering with sand and grit and stand outdoors out of the sun preferably in a cold frame. M. betonicifolia. The most popular of the species and the easiest. Azure blue flowers 2" across on stately stems. 3-4'. HP. 1906 (100 seeds) £2.65

M. betonicifolia

M. betonicifolia alba. Most delicate looking and certainly most spectacular white form of Himalayan Poppy. 3-4'. HP. (100 seeds) 1907 £2.75

M. grandis

M. grandis. Magnificent plant again from the Himalaya with a rosette of leaves and most beautiful blue or purplish flowers 5" across. 3'. HP. 1911 £2.75 (100 seeds)

M. Species Mixed. We’ve thrown together all the species we can and especially where seed quantity was too small to list separately. Pot luck and good luck! HP. 1917 (350 seeds) £2.75

M. betonicifolia alba

M. cambrica Francis Perry

M. cambrica Francis Perry. The desirable red form of the Welsh Poppy. Happily reseeds every year. 12-15". HP. (100 seeds) 1909 £2.25

M. puniceus. The very rare, seldom offered, brilliant red Meconopsis from China. Monocarpic, so the seed needs to be sown as soon as ripe and stood in a cold frame. 2'6". HB. 1916D £3.05 M. puniceus (15 seeds)

M. Lingholm (formerly sheldonii). Considered by some to be sterile but now widely accepted as a perfectly viable species. Try it and see for yourself. Very large blue flowers of perfect form. 3-4'. HP. 1913 £2.75 (100 seeds)

M. Lingholm (formerly sheldonii)


Fancy Foliage Millet Purple Baron F1 Shorter, wider leaves than Purple Majesty and only 2/3 the height. More compact for windy spots and the deepest purple yet produced with fat flower spikes. 2-3'. HHA. 1921C £2.95 (10 seeds)

M. Purple Baron F1

M. Purple Majesty F1

Oryza Black Madras Ornamental rice. Another foliage plant for those variable summers. 16-20". HHA. 1982A (50 seeds) £2.05

Millet Purple Majesty F1 Ornamental with deep purple foliage, stems and flowers. An All America Gold Medal Winner. Use as a dot plant or several together look impressive. Try growing with Canna. 3-5'. HHA. 1921A (10 seeds) £2.95

O. Black Madras

M. effusum aureum

Zea Mays Japonica Tall ‘Sweetcorn like’ plants with tricolour leaves. Makes a magical sound in the wind and is perfect for ‘dot plants’ on the edge of a foliage border. 4-6'. HHA. 2348B £2.30 (15 seeds)


Millium effusum aureum - Golden Grass Used to be known as Bowles’ Golden Grass. Finally been recognized as choice and consequently very fashionable with its lovely golden arching leaves. 2'. HP. 1647 £2.25 (25 seeds)

Z. Mays Japonica

Ophiopogon planiscapus nigrescens Black Grass That’s it’s name, but to the likes of us at POD, simply Black Grass. Mind you, very desirable and fascinating in the winter when covered in frost. Expect about 60% to be truly black. HP. (10 seeds) O. planiscapus nigrescens 1981 £2.60 Panicum Elegans Frosted Explosion The modern bouquet filler. The misty heads of green give the impression of looking through a fog. Very impressive. 24-30". HA. 1649 £2.05 (50 seeds)

P. elegans Frosted Explosion


Morina - Dipsaceae - Whorl Flower

Malvastrum lateritum Blossom Pink

M. longifolia. Ascending trumpet shaped flower heads which are white while in bud, changing through delicate pink and becoming crimson. Simply gorgeous for such a simple plant. Lasts for ages. 24-30". HP. (10 seeds) 1933 £2.95

Enchanting peach flesh pink with a deep rosy red circle around the central lemon disc. Tends to sprawl but can climb. HSh. 8054 (1 plant in a 9cm pot ) £7.85

Melittis melissophyllum Large flowers in apple blossom pink and purple. Honey scented leaves when dried! 12-18". HP. (15 seeds) 1918B £2.95 8324 (1 plant in a 7cm pot ) £8.50

Nerine sarniensis Guernsey Lily Fabulous Ruby Red flowers made up of multiple florets forming a spherical head. Lasts for ages. Prefers to be pot bound. 8-15". HBb. 8353 (2 bulbs ) £8.95

Nerine bowdenii Stephanie Glistening white with a hint of pink towards the petal edges. Gorgeous! 8370 £8.95 (2 bulbs ) Deliver y/ Last Orders: April for all

M. longifolia

Myosotis - Boraginaceae M. Sylvia Mixed. From the Swiss Alps comes this beautiful spring flowering reselected mixture of Forget-me-Nots. Always admired and underplanted with tulips or wallflowers they are superb. 8". NEW HP. (150 seeds) 1938 £1.95 M. Sylvia Mixed M. Mon Amie. An English Cottage Garden gem with large light blue NEW flowers which can be sown at almost anytime of the year as it needs no cold spell to assist with germination. 8-10". HP. 1937 £1.95 (40 seeds) M. Mon Amie Myosotidium - Boraginaceae M. hortensia - Chatham Island Forget-me-Not. An extremely rare and stately border plant from the Chatham Islands. Broad spadelike foliage with 4-6" flower heads of brilliant marine blue. ‘Fleece it’ in the winter if you are in a cold district. 1218". HHP. (5 seeds) M. hortensia 1939E £4.50 59

Nasturtium - Tropaeolaceae

N. Caribbean Cocktail. Forget the brash common orange colour and visualize a soft patchwork blend of hand picked shades. We’ve ‘shaken and stirred’ all the pastels and bicolours, the pinks, strawberries, creams and raspberry shades and the result is an astonishingly soothing, colourful carpet. 8-12". HA. 1943C (30 seeds) £1.90 N. Caribbean Crimson. Piercing Hibiscus red flowers, freely produced and predominantly top flowering. Never fails to satisfy and never seems to tire. Pure brilliance. 9-12". HA. 1947B (30 seeds) N. Caribbean Crimson £1.90 N. Milkmaid. Almost there but not quite. Milky white with top held flowers although it is a trailing type. Mixed with the ‘Black Velvet’ it should draw a few gasps. HHA. 1945B £1.95 (30 seeds)

N. Caribbean Crush. Most appealing papaya-pink colour with most of the flowers held above the smallish foliage. Nothing shy about this beauty and it should be grown randomly - it’s that distinct! 9-12". HA. 1947A £1.90 N. Caribbean Crush (30 seeds) N. Black Velvet. Velvety black flowers, a unique colour in Nasturtium and an energetic plant too although it’s dwarf and nontrailing. Visualize a container of black surrounded by trailing Milkmaid! Staggering! 12". HHA. 1945A (30 seeds) £1.95 N. Cherry Rose. N. Black Velvet Probably the most sought after colour in Nasturtiums and normally found only in a mixture. We’ve given it a thorough spring clean so now sit back and enjoy the most attractive colour ever produced - cherry rose-pink! 6-10". HA. 1945C (30 seeds) £1.90

N. Milkmaid

N. Mosaic Flame. From the variegated mixture we have selected scarlet. Mega lovely. 8-15". HA. 1943A (30 seeds) £1.90

N. Cherr y Rose

Nasturtium - Tropaeolaceae N. Caribbean Queen. Red Honduras mahogany best describes this top flowering variety. Rarely without a mass of blooms and will grow in any old patch of soil or container. 6-8". HHA. (30 seeds) 1943D £1.90

N. Caribbean Queen

N. Little Ladybirds. A combination of orangy-yellow and cream flowers all sporting a unique ‘Ladybird’ on each petal. Very dainty. 9". HA. 1944A (30 seeds) £1.95

Perfumed Nicotiana Deliciously perfumed flowers in a beautiful selection of colours. 2-3'. HHA.

1964B Red (60 seeds) £1.95

N. Little Ladybirds

1964F Purple (60 seeds) £1.95

1964G Antique Lime (60 seeds) £1.95 N. Apricot Trifle

N. Apricot Trifle. Unusually crinkly petals, deep bluish leaves and a colour almost beyond description. Apricot salmon and masses of top held flowers in double and semidouble form. 12". HHA. 1942A (30 seeds) £1.90 Timeless Nasturtiums Six of the most sought after Nasturtiums in one lovely hand painted packet. What’s more the plants are edible. 10-12". HA. 1946C £5.50

N. Avalon Mixed F1

Nicotiana Avalon Mixed F1. A formula mix of all the lovely Avalon colours. 12". HHA. 1961G (100 seeds) £2.40 61

Nicotiana - Solanaceae N. Tinkerbell. Appealing and fascinating. Deep green outer trumpets surround a rosy red mouth and cheeks and that combination alone is stunning. Now add Electric Blue stamens and its a knockout. Fleuroselect Quality Mark Winner. 2'6". HHA. (60 seeds) 1960 £2.25 N. Tinkerbell N. sylvestris. The old fashioned formal border type of white towering Candelabras. Handsomely hung narrow tubed flowers with heavenly perfume. Always sought after. 5'. HHA. 1963 £1.65 (1000 seeds)

N. African Bride

N. sylvestris

Nemophila - Hydrophyllaceae N. discoides Total Eclipse. Lovely little plant almost jet black with a white picotee edge. Ground hugging, cup shaped flowers 1" or so across and prefers a moist site. Very persistent however and you’ll not need to sow a second time. 4-6". HA. NEW 1955 £1.75 (150 seeds) N. discoides Total Eclipse Nonea N. lutea. Brilliant yellow flowers with bronzy-green stems and deep green foliage. Quite unusual. 6-8". HP. (20 seeds) 1974 £2.05 62

Nigella - Ranunculaceae N. African Bride. Beautiful underrated flowers, perfect for cut flowers which finally produce curious fascinating black pods ready for a second round of showing. 2'. HA. 1971 (200 seeds) £1.85

NEW N. lutea (formerly Myosotis australis)

N. Moody Blue. A truly delightful Love-in-the-Mist with fully double flowers in shades of violet, deep and light blue all on the same plant. 20-24". HA. 1970A (600 seeds) £1.65 N. Moody Blue

Paeonia - Paeoniaceae

P. Rockii. Finally we’ve tracked down the original Chinese source for this Tree Paeonia. Huge 6" polar white blooms, just beginning to blush and broken only by maroon eyes at the base nestling in tangerine stamens and mesmerizingly beautiful. 3-4'. HSh. 1986B (8 seeds) £3.85

Pansy - Violaceae P. Queen Bee Yellow F1. Bold, well branching jumbo blooms and ‘the’ variety if you want something special. Bright butter yellow with a bronze face! 6-8". HA. 1991A (25seeds) £2.40

NEW P. Queen Bee Yellow F1

P. Viva La Violet F1. Gynormous flowers on a compact plant in a deep violet purple gown with a white picotee face. Very startling and very floriferous for Pansies. 6-8". HA. 1992B (25 seeds) £2.40

P. Kashmir Blue F1. Quite outstanding British bred Pansy inspite of its name. Piercing blue background with an indigo blotch together with a military like appearance is going to make this creation very sought after for single bedding schemes. 6-8". HA/HP. 2010 £2.40 (25 seeds) P. Kashmir Blue F1 P. Darjeeling Ruby F1. Temptingly rich shades of scarlet with a faint whiskering blotch. Reds are always difficult to find but this one nears perfection. 6-8". HA/HP. 2009C £2.40 (25 seeds)

P. Darjeeling Ruby F1

P. Glamarama White F1. Sister variety of Queen Bee. Snowball white with a deep purple face and dainty yellow eye. Powerfully growing variety. 6-8". HA. 1991B (25 seeds) £2.40

NEW P. Viva La Violet F1

P. Pink Berry. Gorgeous variety producing huge rose pink flowers nicely emphasized by a dark bewitching whiskered face. Dwarf with a yellow eye this flower is bold but appealing to ladies in particular. 6-8". HA. 2008A (25 seeds) P. Pink Berr y £2.40


P. Glamarama White F1


Papaver - Papaveraceae - Poppy P. Ladybird. Reselected, cleaned up and raring to go. Fire engine red flowers with black blotches on each petal simply overpower the plant. Dainty little soul happy anywhere and has never lost it’s charm and appeal. 12-18". HA. 2021 (300 seeds) P. Ladybird £1.75

P. orientale Choir Boy

P. orientale Choir Boy. POD Original and the mother of all Oriental Whites. Huge tissue paper petals, deepening black eyes and very dwarf. Furthermore from a mid January sowing it will easily flower in the first summer. The ‘one and only’ Choir Boy! 2-3'. HP. (100 seeds) 2018A £2.25

P. rhoeas Falling in Love. If you don’t ‘fall in love’ with this special mixture then we despair! Beautiful shades of pink, coral, rose and salmon with either semi-double, double or picotee bicoloured blooms. We defy you to find its equal. 30". HA. 2023A (250 seeds) £1.80

Pulchinella Poppies Free flowering Poppies on compact plants that can be produced at any time of the year. Quite delicious to look at. 12-15". HP.


Lovely white with pale green eye. (300 seeds) 2032 £1.95



Cherry rose with yellow stamens. (300 seeds) 2032A £1.95


Orange with large frilly Lemon yellow with paler centre. (300 seeds) petals. (300 seeds) 2032B £1.95 2032C £1.95 P. Ooh La La! Fully double Paeony flowered heads in a delicious range of colours. Pure white, scarlet, blackcurrant, lavender, rose and pink and all with ‘enormous'’ heads for winter arranging. 3'. HA. 2024A £1.85 (500 seeds) P. Ooh La La!

P. rhoeas Falling in Love

Monet Poppies Six packets, separately packed, allow you to ‘paint your own picture’. The hand painted packet will become a favourite gift. 2014A £5.50

P. Black Beauty. Fully double, silky flowers. 3'. HA. (500 seeds) 2016 £1.85

P. Purple Passion. Dusky rose-blue tightly frilled head. 3'. HA. (500 seeds) 2017A £1.85

Sensational Penstemon CHOICE PLANT & SEED

Penstemon Electric Blue Wonderful exhilarating blue flower with greeny grey foliage and a very long blooming season. Cool colour and a real ‘value for money’ plant. Don’t miss it! 18"-2'. HP. 2045 (40 seeds) £2.65 8218 (1 plant in a 7cm pot) £7.85 Delivery: May Last orders: April P. Sweet Lips. Probably the best of the Penstemon, rose pink petals nicely splashed with carmine red. Very attractive to bees! 2'. HA. 2043A £2.05 (100 seeds)

P. Sweet Lips

P. Humming Bells Mixed. A first year flowering perennial in the south and south-west but will need some protection in the north. A myriad of coloured bells only 10-12" tall and persisting to the very end of summer. HP/HHP. 2043D NEW (50 seeds) P. Humming Bells Mixed £2.20

P. Mystica. Beginning with bronze rosettes in the spring followed by multiple flower stems of large lavender pink flowers and in the autumn the final treat as the foliage turns a rich red. A classic perennial for maximum length of blooming. 18". HP. 2044A (50 seeds) £2.20 P. Mystica

P. Luscious Lips. The third member of this family with beautiful wine red flowers and a snowy white throat. First year flowering with beautiful glossy foliage and a very well branched habit. 11/2'. HP. 2043C £2.05 (100 seeds)

P. Chocolate Drop

P. Luscious Lips

P. Chocolate Drop. A really striking perennial with dark purple to deepest burgundy flowers and a pinstriped cream coloured throat. The occasional white flower will appear but worth keeping in itself. Both sinister and appealing. 2'. HP. 2045A £2.05 (100 seeds)


Petunia - Solanaceae P. Pirouette Mixed F1. Huge double 4 1/2" blooms in ten gorgeous colours. Heavily ‘furled and curled’, this variety NEW simply shrugs off the rain and the very strong branching habit resists the temptation to hang its head. 8-12". HHA. 2061C (50 seeds) £2.85 P. Pirouette Mixed F1 P. Pirouette Orchid Mist F1. Huge fully double fringed Petunias with a compact habit and early flowering. Colours include pastel pink, creamy white and soft rose. 8-12". HHA. 2061 £2.85 P. Pirouette Orchid Mist F1 (50 seeds)

P. Plush Red F1. Striking real red, multiflora Petunia. A single colour to be grown alone for impact. Very commanding. 6-8". HHA. 2059B (20 seeds) £2.95

NEW P. Plush Red F1

P. Sophistica Blue Morn F1. Outstanding sapphire blue flowers jostling for space, there are so many! Just a hint of white or cream at the base of the throat otherwise priceless! 1'. HHA. 2056A (20 seeds) £2.95


Petunia Picobella F1 Semi miniature flowers thrive in small depths of soil and make very handsome ‘Coffee Table’ attractions. 10-12". HHA.



Irresistable purple blue. Rich carmine blooms. 2052A (50 seeds) £2.45

2052B (50 seeds) £2.45



Wild salmon flowers.

Unblemished white.

2052C (50 seeds) £2.45

2052D (50 seeds) £2.45


P. Sophistica Blue Morn F1

P. Can Can Burgundy F1. Huge petals in bright burgundy bordered by a frilly white edge which beautifully matches the eye made up with double splashes of white. Quite unique and bred to withstand both the European heat and the British cold. HHA. 2052 £2.65 (100 seeds) P. Can Can Burgundy F1


Phlox Candystripe & Scarlet Flame NEW Miniature Phlox,


hardy, evergreen, ground cover. Smothered in brilliant scarlet red flowers or white with deep pink stripes. The perfect plant for rockeries. Very dainty, very showy and widely admired. 4". HP. Del: May Last orders: April

Phaseolus Leguminosae P. caracalla. Curious plant with unusual flowers similar to snail shells and a rapid climber. Nevertheless it produces lovely lilac and yellow flowers and does well indoors or out. Climber. HP. 2065 (8 seeds) £3.25

Phlomis - Labiatae P. tuberosa. A spectacular plant with ruby red stems and whorls of flowers in attractive candy pink. Each whorl can be 20/30 flowers and a real picture. Easy to grow. 24-36". HP. 2066 £2.30 (20 seeds)

8395 (1 plant of each) £8.50 Phlox - Polemoniaceae

P. Wild Salmon

P. Wild Salmon. A quite delicious salmon pink colour, delicate but strong enough to stand alone. One of our favourites and highly recommended. 8-15". HHA. 2076 £2.25 (100 seeds)

P. tuberosa

Pyrethrum - Compositae

P. Golden Moss

P. paniculata Century Hybrids. The newest and brightest colours and the most economical way of raising every Grandma’s favourite. 2'6"-3'. HP. 2067 (35 seeds) £2.30

P. paniculata Centur y Hybrids

P. caracalla

Rhodochiton Scrophulariaceae - Bell Vine R. atrosanguinea. Purple Bell Vine. A lovely climbing plant. Very deep purple tubes hang precariously beneath an umbrella of pale pink calyxes. Very exotic looking and easy. HA. 2148 £2.95 (10 seeds)

P. Golden Moss. A really lovely little bedder with bright golden foliage giving a soft feathery look and beloved by Parks and Gardens. 4-6". HP/HHA. 2141 £2.05 (200 seeds)

R. atrosanguinea


Of all the Primulas the Auricula must be the most mesmerizing. Grown by the Victorians for their outrageous forms and colours, they look almost artificial and instead of the colours clashing they actually complement each other. Once you’ve grown them you’ll be ‘hooked’ and want more. Double Auriculas The rare and most sought after double forms in shades of lemon, pink, green, brown, lavender, red and blue with some ‘in between’ shades for good measure, all derived from and including the famous Barnhaven strains. Wonderfully scented. N.B. Doubles often produce singles, semi-doubles and doubles in the first year. It is essential to grow them on a second year when more doubles appear. 4-6". HP. 2131C (12 seeds) £4.25

Primula Cowichan Venetian Red Finally we’ve sufficient seed to offer this spectacular plain faced ‘Polly’ in Venetian Red. Stunning colour, ‘eyeless’ and mesmerizing. You need to try this expensive beauty to appreciate it. 9-12". HP. 2109B (10 seeds) £3.55

PrimulaLaced Series

P. Silver Lace Scarlet. Classic Primula in scarlet with multiple stems. 8". HP. 2101 (20 seeds) £2.95

P. Cowichan Venetian Red

Elite Garden Auriculas This aristocratic mixture contains both ‘show’ and ‘fancy’ varieties which have been hand pollinated and treasured over many years by an independent grower. To describe the colour range and do it justice is impossible, simply put, it’s the Rolls Royce of Auriculas. 4-6". HP. 2131D (20 seeds) £3.50

P. Silver Lace Black. Silver laced edges and a black base, finally! 8". HP. 2101A (20 seeds) £2.95 P. Gold Lace Black. Gold centre, black outer and gold picotee edge never fails to attract attention. 8". HP. 2101B (20 seeds) £2.95

Elizabethan Primulas Six varieties, separately packed provide an opportunity to reminisce with such names as Gold Lace, Drumstick and Auriculas. Hand painted packet, an ideal gift for special occasions. 2100A £5.50

Frost Hardy Primulas

Rudbeckia - Compositae

Primula - Primulaceae - First Flower P. vialii. Orchid Primrose. Just like a ‘Red Hot Poker’ but the lower half is lavender blue and the unopened top half scarlet. Astonishing colour combination. 12-15". HP. (100seeds) P. vialii 2112 £2.15

P. capitata Noverna Blue

P. Candelabra Oriental Sunrise. Ascending whorls of flowers always produce sighs of admiration. Almost every colour imaginable and will stand dry conditions although preferring a moist situation. (80 seeds) 2123A £2.50

P. capitata Noverna Blue. Lovely little species just being recognised as a very choice plant for shady or moist areas. Has a distinctive halo of deep blue flowers surrounding a silvery white base. 8-12". HP. (25seeds) 2113 £2.35

R. Prairie Sun

R. Prairie Sun. Double winner here and we’re not surprised. As late as September this flower was still giving its best. Magnificent green disc surrounded by solid gold petals resulting in primrose yellow tips. Quite the best border plant we’ve seen! 2-2'6". HHA. 2157A (25 seeds) £2.15 R. Cappuccino. Outstanding for cutting or borders. Long lasting, bushy plants with dark green leaves carrying the most impressive 6" flowers in shades of bronze, copper and rust red. Captivating and easily cultivated. 2'6". HHA. 2158 £2.15 R. Cappuccino (75 seeds)

P. Candelabra Oriental Sunrise

P. Hardy Species Mixed. A very nicely balanced mixture of all the species we have and which survive the winter well. A riot of colour for most areas. HP. 2131A (300seeds) £2.40

R. Autumn Colours

R. Autumn Colours. A delightful mixture of bronze, copper, mahogany and gold all with a central cushion. Large flowers well into the Autumn are just 24" tall. HHA. 2158B NEW (100seeds) £1.95 69



Salvia microphylla Hot Lips

Cape Primrose Special Collection

Extremely unusual small bush which smothers itself in Salvia-like flowers, heavily ‘lipsticked’ on the lower petals. Astonishing in full flower. 1-3'. HShrub. Del: May Last orders: April

A revamped collection to give colour almost the whole year round. Well established young plants are sent and all varieties are chosen for ease of flowering, growing and long life. Very special.


8396 (1 plant in a 9cm pot) £7.85

S. patens Oxford Blue

Salvia - Labiatae - Scarlet Sage S. patens Oxford Blue. The most gorgeous of blues and a sage-like smell all adds up to a really worth-while perennial. A real gem. 18"-2'. HHP. 2180 £2.85 (20 seeds)

S. patens Patio White. NEW Finally a dwarf form of this lovely late summer plant. Curiously hooded flowers, rich green foliage and a distinctly pleasant scent. 18". HHP. (20 seeds) S. patens Patio White 2180A £2.85

S. Peacock Flame F1


Salpiglossis Solanaceae S. Peacock Flame F1. Astonishingly exotic flower 3" across ideal for the English garden in brilliant red with a splash of creamy yellow. 18-24". HHA. (50 seeds) 2163 £2.05

NEW Scarlett Blood red flowers with a darker eye.

NEW Alissa Yellow Multi-branching and very free flowering.

NEW Leyla Blue White with strong purple veining.

NEW Leyla Pink White with exceptionally strong rose pink markings.

NEW Rose Halo Pure white variety with a broad picotee edge in bright rose.

NEW Harlequin Blue Plant of the year at Chelsea. Fascinating colour and very desirable markings.

Deliver y: May to Sept Last Orders: Sept 8329

6 young plants

Streptocarpus Gesneriaceae S. Dragon Mixed F1. Four shades with delicate veining in 50% of the plants. Very special! 8-10". HHP. 2244 (50 seeds) £3.65



S. Black Knight. Very dark purple pompons. A unique colour and very easy and rewarding. 3'. HHA. 2193A (100 seeds) £1.95

S. Snow Maiden. Long stems of pure white flowers begging to be cut and with a very subtle fragrance. 3'. HHA. 2194A (100 seeds) £1.95

S. Morgana Yellow. Rarely seen with delightful creamy apricot-yellow flowers simply pleading to be cut. 3'. HHA. 2195D (100 seeds) £1.95

S. Oxford Blue. Deep blue reselected stock with medium sized flowers grown primarily for cutting because of their strong stems. 3'. HHA. 2194 (100 seeds) £1.95 S. Salmon Queen. Fashionable salmon pink, fully double, large pin-cushion flowers. One of the easiest to grow and probably the most productive of all the cutting Scabious. 3'. HA. 2195C (100 seeds) £1.95 Silene - Caryophyllaceae S. Jack Flash. A brilliant Silene. Dragon red in colour and starburst in shape, it’s immediately appealing and lasts for ages. 18-24". HP. 2218 (30 seeds) £2.85

S. Jack Flash

Stokesia Compositae Stokes Aster S. laevis Blue Star. Really beautiful plant with huge Cornflower-like heads in Wedgewood blue. Hardy old fashioned perennial border plant, very reliable. 18". HP. (20 seeds) 2230 £3.05

S. laevis Blue Star


Delicious Stocks S. Turkish Delight. Rose pink, powder blue, lavender and regal white combine to make this gorgeous mix. Lovely perfume and very distinct. 18"-2'. HHA. 2238 (100 seeds) £2.25

S. Noble White

S. Noble White. The very best white Stock for Flower Arranging. 95% double. Ramrod like stems remarkably long lasting and with a delicious scent. 2'6"-3'. HHA. 2237A (50 seeds) £2.35

S. Turkish Delight

The ‘All Weather -All Season'Stocks These plants have the ability to flower almost all the year round hence their popularity with growers. 2'-2'6". HHA. S. Apricot Punch. Deliciously scented apricot flowers and very much in fashion. 2236B (50 seeds) NEW £2.50


S. Purple Punch. Deep rich purple colour with a delicious scent. 2236E (50 seeds) NEW £2.50

S. Apricot Punch

S. Purple Punch

S. Rose Punch. Bright rose pink and probably the outstanding colour in the collection. 2236D (50 seeds) £2.50

S. Lavender Blue Punch. Dense column of lavender blue flowers and a heady perfume. 2236C (50 seeds) £2.50

NEW S. Rose Punch

NEW S. Lavender Blue Punch

Sweet Pea Our Harry!

Large flowered ruffled blooms bred by Keith Hammett of New Zealand all deliciously scented.

Delicious lavender blue with wavy petals. Named after our oldest Seed Packer (90 years) and still going strong! Furthermore, 50p of every packet sold will go to our local Childrens’ Hospice NEW (The Treehouse Appeal). HA. 2257 (20 seeds) £2.25

NEW Sweet Pea Matchmaker Rose

Sweet Pea Matchmaker Violet. Eye-catching deep blue and violet blooms. Almost a look-alike of North Shore. Climber. HA. 2257B (25 seeds) £2.25

Sweet Pea Matchmaker Rose. Lovely shell pink and white flowers. Our favourite Matchmaker and it’s soft enough to blend with anything else. Climber. HA. 2257A (25 seeds) £2.25

Courtesy of Val Jones

Sweet Pea Matchmaker

Sweet Pea Rule Britannia NEW Sweet Pea Matchmaker Violet

Sweet Pea Matchmaker Maroon

Sweet Pea Matchmaker Maroon. Burgundy wine colour and very refreshing. A very long lasting flower for its type. Climber. HA. 2257C NEW (25 seeds) £2.25

A glorious blend of three specially selected long stemmed varieties all with a delicious scent. Being modern they will outperform and outshine their smaller heirloom relatives. Gorgeous. Climber. HA. 2260 £2.25 (45 seeds)


Sumptuous Sweet Pea Scented Bouquet Hand picked, powerfully scented varieties in a generous balanced mixture providing more than ample cutting material. Highly recommended. Climber. HHA. 2248 (40 seeds) £2.95

Sweet Pea Charlie’s Angel. Exceptional scent and ruffled flowers. Wisley First Class Certificate and a Silver Medal from the Sweet Pea Society. Climber. HA. 2259A £2.05 (20seeds)

Sweet Pea Pastel Sunset


Sweet Pea North Shore. (AM RHS). Heavily scented. Richly bicoloured in navy blue and violet and here you have a desirable Sweet Pea. HA. 2262C (20 seeds) £2.25

Sweet Pea North Shore

Sweet Pea Painted Lady

Sweet Pea Charlie’s Angel

Sweet Pea Pastel Sunset. A feast of scented colours ranging from almond to rose and lavender to white. Wonderful hand picked mixture for every occasion. Climber. HA. 2251A £2.25 (40 seeds)

Sweet Pea Painted Lady. We sell masses of this bicolour pink and white Sweet Pea and why? The scent of course! It can be smelt a mile off and it was even introduced in 1829! HA. 2256 £2.05 (25 seeds)

Sweet Pea Ice Cream. Natural white with a clean cut picotee edge in deep pink. Superb cut flower for every occasion. Climber. HA. 2248A (20 seeds) Sweet Pea Ice-Cream £2.05

Victorian Sweet Pea Gift Collection Six highly scented ‘oldies’ in almost every shade, specially packed and attractively priced. This hand painted packet makes a wonderful gift. 2247A £5.50

Sweet Pea Elegance

Thunbergia - Acanthaceae Black Eyed Susan T. Arctic White. A simple change from the more common yellow or orange. Arctic white with a black beauty spot! Refreshingly pure. 2-3'. Climber. HHA. 2274B (20 seeds) £2.25

Bred for Short Day Flowering so that very early Sweet Peas should be possible especially under cover or in a cold greenhouse or tunnel.


Sweet Pea Elegance Pink Diana. A delicate soft baby pink and white colour. Climber. Breathtaking! HA. 2261A (25 seeds) £2.25

Sweet Pea Elegance Pink Diana

Sweet Pea Elegance Mid Blue. Beautiful blue blooms pale enough but deep enough to be different. Climber. HA. 2261B (25 seeds) £2.25


T. alata African Sunset. Unique mixed shades of dusky Watermelon pink and red all proudly display a black central ‘beauty spot’. Go for it - while stocks last. Climber. HHA. T. alata African Sunset 2274A (8 seeds) £2.75 T. Desert Sandstorm. Purest yellow climber smothered with flowers each with a black eye. Very attractive even in baskets where the flowers hang down. Climber. HHA. 2274C (20 seeds) £2.25

Sweet Pea Elegance Mid Blue

NEW Sweet Pea Elegance Scarlet. Ruby red and a single colour that stands its ground alone. Climber. HA. 2261C (25 seeds) £2.25

NEW Sweet Pea Elegance Scarlet

T. Desert Sandstorm



The Scottish Flame Flower Tropaeolum speciosum. Masses of flaming red butterfly flowers and sapphire blue berries. Seed always difficult to get and takes ages to germinate. (For the impatient we suggest you buy freshly lifted thongs). HP. 2290 (10 seeds) £2.95

Verbascum Jackie The original dwarf parent with apricot buff flowers just 18" tall. Suitable for a rockery as well as the border and more refined than the tall types. 12-18". HB. Deliver y: May Last orders: April (1 plant in a 7cm pot)


V. phoeniceum Roman Candles


Verbascum Jackie in Pink Very dwarf with pure pink flowers and a rose-pink eye. Competes well with any modern variety which do not have, at times, the stamina to ‘stick NEW it out’. 18". HP. Deliver y: May Last orders: April 8278


(1 plant in a 7cm pot)


Courtesy of Jelitto

V. phoeniceum Roman Candles. Lovely colours in deep violet, rose pink, white and red make up this mixture and provide thin enough stems for the most fastidious flower arranger. 3'. HP. (250 seeds) 2302D £1.95

8013 (3 bare root thongs) £9.85 Deliver y: April Last Orders: March


Verbascum - Scrophulariaceae V. Southern Charm F1. Modern breeding has transformed a mundane perennial into a gorgeous cut flower as well as a border plant in the most charming shades of apricot, lilac and buttermilk with a sprinkling of sugar pink. 2-4'. HP/HB. 2302A £3.85 V. Southern Charm F1 (20 seeds)

V. chaixi album

V. chaixi album. A lovely long lasting summer plant with stems covered from top to bottom in white flowers with deep pink eyes and only 3-4' tall. HB. 2302 (150 seeds) £1.95

V. Temptress Purple. Lovely little first year flowering perennial with smooth green leaves and striking royal purple flowers. We’ve tried it and really liked it! 24". HP! (50 pellets) 2305 £2.35 V. Temptress Purple

Thalictrum - Ranunculaceae T. Drifting Clouds. Tall back of the border item with lovely fluffy heads and a Eucalyptus-like foliage. Rarely recognised. 4-6'. HP. (30 seeds) 2273A £2.15 T. Drifting Clouds


Trifolium ochroleucum Brilliant plant related to Clover but with huge creamy white heads and quite spectacular in borders and in 6" pots. Rarely grown but NEW leaving a lasting impression when first seen. 18". HP. 2286B (25 seeds) £2.25

Courtesy of Jelitto

Tithonia - Compositae - Mexican Sunflower T. Fiesta Del Sol. AAS Winner. Tithonia with a difference. Now compact and earlier blooming and a ‘butterfly rest home’! Intense orange and really deserves a patio position. 2'6". HHA. (50 seeds) 2281 £2.05 T. Fiesta Del Sol

8397 (2 plants in 7cm pots) £7.85 Deliver y: May Last Orders: April

Verbena - Verbenaceae

V. Tuscany Red

V. Tuscany Red. Singular red only found in Verbenas. Strong, bright ‘ red red’ but retaining all the good habits of the Tuscany Series. Dwarf, vigorous and very powerful. 8-10". HHA. 2309A £2.40 (50 seeds)

V. Obsession Spirit Mixed. A wholly balanced mixture of red, white and blue all with large white eyes and the NEW most patriotic of mixtures for the coming Diamond Jubilee year. Mildew tolerant. 6-8". HHA. 2313 £2.40 (50 seeds) V. Obsession Spirit Mixed

V. Quartz Waterfall. Predominantly pale blue, purple and mid blue all punctuated by frothy bubbling ‘white water’. Gorgeous. 10-12". HHA. 2307 (50 seeds) V. Quartz Waterfall £2.40 V. Tuscany Burgundy Eyed. Fantastic globular heads of delicious burgundy set off by a piercing white eye which from a distance appears to be auricula like. The latest and greatest in Verbena. 8-10". HHA. (50 seeds) 2310 £2.40 V. Tuscany Burgundy Eye 77

Viola Velour Bunchy short jointed plants for Spring or Autumn undisturbed by day length and retaining their exceptional sharp colour. Should be on everybody's patio. 4-6". HA.

NEW Purple & White Purple with white whiskered face. 2322B (25 seeds) £1.95

NEW Yellow Blotch Mid yellow with mahogany blotch. 2322D (25 seeds) £1.95


NEW Sky Blue Delft blue with dainty white face. 2322C (25 seeds) £1.95

Purple Wing Primrose yellow with rich purple upper petals. 2322G (25 seeds) £1.95

NEW Yellow Lemon yellow with whiskered face. 2322F (25 seeds) £1.95


NEW Deep Blue Sweet Pea purple with yellow eye. 2322E (25 seeds) £1.95

Viola - Violaceae V. Penny Rose Blotch. Delightful warm ruby rose flowers with a dark shadowy blotch. 6-8". HA. 2327D (25 seeds) £2.25

NEW V. Penny Rose Blotch F1

V. Brush Strokes. A very natural mixture of historic Pansies as each flower has a distinct face which has been ‘brushed’ with multi-coloured stripes. Perfect for Viola bedding and lasts for ages. 6". HP. (30 seeds) 2332 £2.05

NEW V. Penny White Blotch F1

V. Black Beauty. Plain black face with a yellow eye. Haunting little devil but quite charming and novel. 4-6". HA. (25 seeds) 2321B £1.95

V. Black Beauty

V. Brush Strokes

V. Floral Power Mixed F1. Aptly named for this stunning mixture is powerful both in habit and colour. Vigorous F1 Hybrids are early, compact, upright and very floriferous. A dazzling display of cheerful colours ensuring a timeless display. 4-6". HA. 2325B (35 seeds) V. Floral Power Mixed F1 £2.35

Victorian Pansies & Violas

V. Penny White Blotch F1. Snowhite with a contrasting dainty face in violet blue. 6-8". HA. 2327E (25 seeds) £2.25

V. Floral Power White Rose Wing F1

V. Floral Power White Rose Wing F1. Delicate pale white face with a soft rose pink wing and a cheeky yellow whiskered eye. 4 - 6". HA. 2325C £2.25 (25 seeds)

V. Sorbet Delft Blue F1. A Gold Medal winner with Old Dutch charm! Delft Blue has a unique, true blue colour with a white face and is as beautiful and precious as the porcelain that lends its name. Ideally suited for spring and autumn use in garden beds, pots, patio containers and baskets. 9". HA. 2326C £2.25 (25 seeds)

Six gorgeous varieties separately packed. Unique hand painted packet. Will ultimately become collectable. 1988C £5.50



Veronica - Scrophulariaceae

Violets V. Memories. Lovely country mix of all the Violets we could find in shades of blue, pink and white - heavenly scented. Novel and worth a try. 2-6". HP. 2330 (35 seeds) £2.95

V. Memories

V. odorata sulphurea

V. odorata sulphurea. This little beauty is butter yellow with a few whiskers and a sweet scent. 4-5". HP. 2331E (50 seeds) £2.25 V. Pink Shades

V. Pink Shades. Upright stately tapering stems in varying shades of rose pink. Excellent for cutting and seldom recognised. Marvellous perennial border plant. 2'6"-3'. HP. 2317 (100 seeds) £1.80

Sweetly Scented Wallflowers W. Suffolk Punch. An original classic mixture of good old fashioned Wallflowers in which we’ve put all the usual colours plus rose pink, ivory white, red and lemon. Planted between tulips the scented mix really packs a punch! 18". HB. 2340 £1.85 W. Suffolk Punch

(500 seeds)

W. Dawn Chorus. Charming little Cottage Garden Wallflower. The colour is hard to describe as it changes from apricotsalmon to pink with a hint of peach. Very showy. 18". HB. 2338 £1.85 W. Dawn Chorus (450 seeds)


W. Ellen Wilmot

W. Ellen Wilmot. Born in 1934 or thereabouts and still going strong. Mouthwatering Watermelon pink colour and a perfume beyond description. 12-18". HB. 2343A (250 seeds) £1.85 W. County Cream. Farmhouse Cream - rich but not overpowering and eventually fading to a linen white. 12-18". HB. 2335 (450 seeds) £1.85 W. County Cream

Wallflower Treasure Chest Winter & Spring Flowering

Wallflower Treasure Primrose F1

Wallflower Treasure Red F1

Sister variety to Treasure Red with a delicious scent and soft creamy primrose flowers. 12". HB. 2340B (50 seeds) £2.60

The first F1 Wallflower bred especially to flower in winter and spring. Lovely perfume and strong branching, uniform habit with dense flower spikes. 12". HB. 2340A (50 seeds) £2.60

Wallflower Treasure Bronze F1 Wallflower Treasure Gold F1

All year round flowering but more usually in the Autumn and Spring and can only be described as coppery bronze. 12". HB. 2340D (50 seeds) £2.60


We’ve struck gold with this little beauty! Golden yellow flowers and a gorgeous scent not to be missed. 12". HB. 2340C (50 seeds) £2.60

Zinnia - Compositae Z. Swizzle Scarlet & Yellow. Fully double Dahlia flowered with cherry red petals and golden yellow tips. If it grows like its sister variety we will have another winner. 10-12". HHA 2355B £2.95 (20 seeds)

NEW Z. Swizzle Scarlet & Yellow

Z. Swizzle Cherry & Ivory. Without a doubt a stunning bicolour. Bushy plants are covered in large luscious blooms which perform well even in our climate and are sure to be the envy of all who see them. 10-12". NEW HHA. (20 seeds) 2355A £2.95 Z. Swizzle Cherry & Ivory 81

Z. Summer Bouquet. Fantastic globes of unreal colour. Exceptional cutting stems and quite the best Zinnia of its type. 3-31/2'. HHA. 2381 (40 seeds) NEW £2.35 Z. Summer Bouquet

Z. Cactus Flowered Mixed. The warmer climate, inspite of the summer, has transformed these exotic flowers and the most beautiful of cut flowers can be enjoyed with no risk. All the colours are included and the spiky habit simply enhances the show. HHA. 2353 £1.85 Z. Cactus Flowered Mixed (100 seeds) Z. Faberge. Rarely seen today and sometimes known as the Powderpuff Zinnia. Tightly packed crested flowers sit on a saucer of single petals creating a fascinating pompon-like flower in a full range of colour splendid for cutting.(About 60% come true but we give a generous packet to allow for the off-types). 24-36". HHA. 2380 £1.95 (150 seeds) Z. Faberge 82

Cat Snak Some time ago we produced a very choice menu for cats which we sold in Australia. (The menu not the cats)! Because of its success we thought you’d like to give it a whizz too, particularly for house bound cats. Sunday Dinner: A subtle blend of Catnip, Catmint, Oats and Rye Grass all of which can be sown, grown and ‘mowed’ (served) from a simple seed tray. 0136A (30g) £1.70 Weekday Lunch: Wheat, Oats, Rye Grass all providing broad leaved blades for a rich healthy diet. 0136B (30g) £1.70 Cat Snak Elevensies ‘Variegated Cat Grass’ Here’s something new for those special Felines! Juicy Cat Grass but not the plain boring green. This variety is variegated and will be sure to please any self respecting peckish cat. (25g) 0136C £1.85

Gift Vouchers Why not purchase a very attractive gift voucher for friends or relatives. Sold in multiples of £5.00. 4001 £5.00each

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Courtesy of FIPA - K. Hubert

Zinnia - Compositae

Green Finger Guide Detailed growing instructions will be provided on the back of each seed packet. HARDY PERENNIAL - HP: Hardy Perennials are permanent. Many do not flower until the second year and can be sown from early Spring to early Autumn.

Nemophila Total Eclipse Free! with all orders

HALF HARDY PERENNIAL - HHP: Treat as Hardy Perennials but remember to lift and keep frost free for replanting the following Spring. HARDY BIENNIAL - HB: Hardy Biennials flower only one season. Grow them similarly to the Hardy Perennials. GREENHOUSE PERENNIAL - GP: Perennials grown in greenhouse or conservatory for indoor use. Can be grown outdoors where frost free. HARDY ANNUAL - HA: Sow Hardy Annuals outdoors from early March to early May every year. HALF HARDY ANNUAL - HHA: Sow Half Hardy Annuals in a propagator or greenhouse during late Winter or early Spring. Sow thinly in seed trays and cover with a very thin layer of fine compost. Transplant into pots or trays when large enough to handle. Harden off in a cold frame before planting outdoors in May. HARDY SHRUB - HSh: Prefers to be sown in the Autumn and placed outdoors in a cold frame. HARDY BULB - HBb: Plant in Autumn or Spring.




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Sweet PeaVilla Roma

2011 Gold Medal Winner! The first dwarf Sweet Pea in stunning colours, blooming from July to September and only 10" tall and 10" wide. Bred to withstand heat and ideal for baskets and containers. HA. (20 seeds) ÂŁ1.95 2266 Scarlet

2266A Blue

2266B Rose

2266C White

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