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Propellercontents 24 | The Mary Rechner entrance

42 | Gustave Flaubert survives the workshop

30 | Ben Greenman rounds up the rebels

74 | At Container Corps, Print still matters

The author of Nine Simple Patterns for Complicated Women talks about stories, novels, and what is meant by “The Mary Rechner Exit.”

The author of What He’s Poised to Do discusses correspondence, false immediacy, and smashing characters’ computers.

Gary Robbins used to do book design for big publishers, but he quit to start Container Corps. He has his reasons. By Rachael Wilson

92 | Forgotten Providence


In Rhode Island’s biggest city, forgotten freeways and abandoned buildings hold out against the ravages of time. Photography by Sarah Kruse



In 1849, Flaubert read the first draft of his first novel to two trusted friends. It didn’t go well. By Alexis Nelson


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