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REFLECTING ON OUR SUCCESS I am delighted to be able to update you on the success of the Lake Simcoe Conservation Foundation in 2015. I would like to thank Debby Beatty, past President, for all her inspiring years at the helm. As the incoming President, I look forward to leading our diverse and talented Board of Directors and staff as we work together to support key environmental programs and projects in the Lake Simcoe watershed. It’s so wonderful for us all to have the opportunity to live, work and enjoy Lake Simcoe throughout the year. Unfortunately, the watershed continues to go through changes. Issues like climate change, population growth and our expanding urban centres are putting pressure on the lake and its rivers and streams like never before. We must continue to pull together as a community to ensure that it will continue to be sustainable and resilient. Every one of us has a critical role to play in helping to preserve our home. For more than six decades, the Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority (LSRCA) has worked to protect the precious ecological features in our watershed. With your gifts, the Foundation has been able to support this incredible work. Together, we have helped the LSRCA to undertake environmental restoration projects that will benefit us all. LSRCA recently released a new 2016-2020 Strategic Plan, Vision to Action, Action to Results that will guide it’s work in the years to come. In the coming year, we will ensure our new strategic plan is aligned so we can provide the funds needed to ensure Lake Simcoe, its rivers and streams will be healthier tomorrow than they are today. We should all feel a sense of pride at the shared accomplishments outlined in the pages of this report. I hope you will enjoy learning more about the work you supported, and will be left with a heartfelt desire to give back to nature again in a way that is most meaningful to you. Thanks again for your generous support in the past year. Sincerely,

Brad Rogers, President

OUR VISION: We envision a cleaner, healthier Lake Simcoe watershed that will inspire, motivate and enrich us all. OUR MISSION We raise money to support a cleaner and healthier Lake Simcoe watershed through the funding of specific projects of the Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority.

Cheryl Taylor, Executive Director


WHO WE ARE LSCF is a registered charitable organization governed by a volunteer Board of Directors. Established in 1973, we are the leading environmental charity in our watershed, working to protect and restore it through our enduring partnership with the Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority.


BEING ACCOUNTABLE TO YOU! LSCF is one of only 150 non-profits in Canada to be accredited by Imagine Canada’s distinguished Standards Program. This means that a third party has verified that we are using your generous gifts in a responsible way. We are committed to making sure that as much as possible of every dollar you donate goes towards making lasting improvements in our watershed.

WHAT IS A WATERSHED? A watershed is the area of land that collects and drains rainfall and snowmelt – through rivers and streams – into a body of water, in our case, Lake Simcoe.


THE CREEKS PROJECT: THE DIFFERENCE YOU’VE MADE IN 2015 The Creeks Project is a partnership with LSRCA that is focused on raising funds and completing projects that will help restore degraded subwatershed systems in the Lake Simcoe watershed. Since 2013, the focus has been on the Barrie Creeks, Lovers Creek and Hewitt’s Creek areas of our watershed. All flow directly into Lake Simcoe and have been recommended by scientific study as opportunities for improvement in water quality, aquatic habitat and infiltration of rain and snow. The effects of urbanization and climate change are of significant concern and the Creeks Project will help increase the terrestrial biodiversity of our streambanks, wetlands and woodlands. The Creeks Project will also execute high focus projects beyond these areas throughout the watershed. Your donations were leveraged many times over in the past year to help to complete more than 85 restoration projects that have allowed us to reduce 171 kg of phosphorus per year from entering Lake Simcoe.


PROTECT FISH HABITATS Thanks to our incredible donors, three pond retrofits were completed. The Scanlon Creek dam bypass project (pictured below) removed a fish barrier which opened up eight kilometers of fish habitat, 500 meters of creek and planted 600 trees and shrubs with the incredible help of our local community.



FUN FACT! LSCF had 973 donations in 2015 5

IMPROVE THE QUALITY OF THE AIR WE BREATHE The Lake Simcoe Watershed has benefitted greatly from tree planting and stream bank projects that your donations helped to support. Over forty tree planting events ensured 58,000 native trees and shrubs were planted. Fifteen streambank erosion projects restored 5.4 kilometers of Lake Simcoe watershed streams. This attention to our watershed has beautified our surroundings and led to better air and water quality for everyone who lives here.

CONSERVATION DAYS ARE A HIT! Local employees worked together and got dirty for a healthier Lake Simcoe watershed through planting trees and upgrading local trails. Thanks to CH2M Hill Ltd., EcoSparkle Cleaning Services and SCS Consulting Group for their amazing contributions.


DIVERT RAIN AWAY FROM STORM DRAINS Seven new rain gardens built in our watershed have allowed rainwater from roofs, driveways and parking lots to be absorbed back into the earth. Thanks to you, four Low Impact Development (LID) projects were completed to better convey, filter and treat stormwater.

FUN FACT! LSCF had 219 online donations in 2015 7

IT’S BETTER IN THE COUNTRY, TOO! Ten agricultural projects, projects like upgrading manure storages, cover crops, clean water diversions and restricting livestock from watercourses made sure the environmental health of our rural communities improved.

INSPIRING GREENER COMMUNITIES Six new builders joined the IGC program in 2015 bringing the total number of Lake Simcoe watershed builders participating to 12. Thanks to the newest additions, Wycliffe Homes, Thornridge Homes, Yorkwood Homes, Andrin Homes, Lakeview Homes and Oxford Homes, hundreds of new homeowners will receive an incredible welcome home gift bag that connects them to the Lake Simcoe watershed and provides eco-friendly products and services.


EDUCATING THE NEXT GENERATION Together, we are teaching the next generation about the importance of conserving and protecting the natural world. With your help, we were able to put 3,300 school-age children on the path to becoming the eco-champions of tomorrow.

WE TOUCHED THE LIVES OF YOUNG PEOPLE IN OUR COMMUNITY BY: • Supporting education at Scanlon Creek by backing the Outdoor Environmental Education programming at the Nature Centre and providing 20 new GPS units for the classroom. • Giving 10 kids the chance to attend Conservation Kids Camp through our partnership with York Region Children’s Aid Society. • Funding Environmental Education Teacher Resource Kits for Lake Simcoe watershed educators.



FUN FACT! LSCF had 607 generous donors in 2015

Urban development and our daily practices can have an enormous effect on Lake Simcoe, its rivers, streams and wildlife. By increasing our understanding of how we can prevent environmental damage, we are creating a better future for our watershed. Some of the initiatives the Foundation supported helped to create a better understanding of our environment including: A plan for a new research boat for Lake Simcoe that will enable Authority scientists to learn more about the challenges facing our lake. Thanks to donor support, this new 25 foot Stanley R/V (research vessel) will help our scientists study things like invasive species like Zebra and Quaga mussels and how they are affecting the local ecosystem. Thanks to the McLean Foundation and other funders, LSRCA was able to identify and monitor turtle mortality on selected stretches of roads in the region. Turtles are a barometer of our watershed health and two thirds of the native turtle species in our area are at risk. Once this problem has been adequately studied, the Foundation will fund the installation of special fences that will keep turtles safe during their nesting season.

In 2015, over 900m of local roads at five sites and four control sites were monitored. During this period dozens of turtles, frogs, snakes and other mammals were killed by vehicle collisions.


FRIENDS OF SCANLON CREEK The Friends of Scanlon Creek Group has continued to take action on behalf of nature and heighten our community’s enjoyment of the Scanlon Creek Conservation Area. The Friends help increase awareness of environmental issues through fun events such as Family Fun Day and Run for the Trails as well as group efforts such as trail maintenance, BioBlitz, butterfly garden planting and the ACER Tree Monitoring Program.

SCANLON CREEK BIOBLITZ The first ever Scanlon Creek Bioblitz recorded over 600 difference species of plants and animals like the endangered northern long-eared bat

RUN FOR THE TRAILS RESULTS Thanks to the Friends of Scanlon Creek for organizing the second annual Run for the Trails on September 26, 2015. Close to 100 runners challenged themselves on three different courses and helped raise money for an accessible trail at Scanlon.


THANK YOU TO OUR GENEROUS DONORS We are grateful to the many donors who have given smaller amounts as well as those who have wished to remain anonymous. Every gift makes a difference.

Norah Dunning

Douglas Osborne

Craig and Dr. David Ellis In Honour of David and Debby Beatty

Drs. David and Donna Ouchterlony

Toshia Fleischaker Mike Flux - In Memory of George Connell

ECO CHAMPION ($250-$999)

Raymond Gauthier

John Adams

George Gibbons and Debra Percy In Memory of George Connell

Clair Balfour - In Memory of George Connell

Virginia Hackson

Barbara Bamford

Sharon Herman

Trish Barnett

Innisfil Lions Club

Debbie-Ann Bath

RenĂŠe Jarrett

Kenneth R. Beatty

Sharon Johnston In Honour of David and Debby

Bruce C. and Nancy Bone David Brand R. Brian Cartwright In Memory of Mary Grace Wright

Brian and Susan Kemp Arthur Labatt - In Memory of George Connell Donald and Lorraine Lawson

Ian and Margaret Clarke

Jocelyn Lee

James and Barbara Cowan

Scott and Debi MacKay

Mayor Geoffrey Dawe

John McCallum

Anthony and Joy DeWerth

McDowall Associates Human Resource Consultants Ltd.

Donnelly Ford Lincoln In Memory of Bryce McClelland Hunter

Walter and Marylou Montanera

Michael and Maureen Douglas

Monto Reno Marina

Clifford Dresner

Roger Oatley

Geoffrey Peat Andee Pelan Anatoli and Valeria Plotkine Frances Price In Honour of David and Debby Beatty Douglas Reid John and Anne Marie Ritchie Karl and Christel Rueping Mary Jane Sarjeant Brian and Annabell Slaight Joel and Adrienne Slan Gary and Janis Soren Cheryl and Brad Taylor The Lloyd and Gladys Fogler Foundation Trenton Cold Storage Inc. In Memory of Bryce McClelland Hunter Joy Waldie - In Memory of Mary Grace Wright Harry and Anne Walker Mike Walters John Wardrop Terence Witzel In Memory of Bryce McClelland Hunter Kelin Zhao


Leadership Circle Our Leadership Circle donors are our most generous. They foster a vibrant community of engaged philanthropists who provide a broad base of annual support for a healthier Lake Simcoe watershed. Thank you for continuing to give.

Jonathan and Roberta Fidler

Paul Higgins Jr. Fund

Margot Franssen

John and Mitzi Pepall

Irwin and Judith Gould

John and Elizabeth Pigott In Memory of Bryce McClelland Hunter


Nick and Beryl Hamilton-Piercy

Mark Schollen

Mark and Ricki Harris

Garth and Barbara Stephanson In Memory of Bryce McClelland Hunter

James Baillie

Michael Higgins

Andrew and Judy Robinson

James and Carolyn Swan

Donald Bainbridge

William and Mary Horan In Memory of George Connell

Robert Barrett In Memory of Bryce McClelland Hunter

Ivanhoe Cambridge II - Vaughan Mills

Timothy Thompson

Keswick Marine (1977) Ltd.

Robert and Diana Tweedy

Andrew LaFave

Betty and Chris Wansbrough Family Foundation In Memory of George Connell

Earl Bogoch and Esme Carroll William Carey Robert Casper and Jennifer Wardrop Suzanne Caudry and Uzi Zarum Robert Chafee In Memory of Bryce McClelland Hunter


J Douglas and Ruth Grant In Memory of George Connell

Bruce and Judith Langstaff William and Jean Lawrence Brian and Joannah Lawson Lefroy Harbour Resorts Inc.

Hugh and Carolyn Cleland

M.A.M. Group Inc.

Tom Connell and Sara Griffiths

Bruce McCartney

John and Catherine Dale

Wayne and Beverley McLeod

Larry and Joyce Dare

Brian Mosko

Paul Elia In Memory of Bryce McClelland Hunter

Newroads Automotive Group In Memory of Bryce McClelland Hunter

Marcella and Joe Tanzola

Paul Williamson In Memory of Bryce McClelland Hunter W. David and Shelagh Wilson

NATURE LOVERS ($5,000$9,999)


Giftfunds Canada

Ecosparkle Cleaning Service Inc.

Groundswell Urban Planners Inc.


Ontario Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change

SCS Consulting Group Ltd.

The McLean Foundation Uplands Foundation

WATERSHED HEROES ($10,000-$50,000)

INSPIRING GREENER COMMUNITIES (IGC) PROGRAM Brookfield Homes (Ontario) Limited Bellaire Properties Inc.

Bill and Karen Barnett Debby Beatty David Beatty Helen McCrea Peacock Foundation JPM Charitable Foundation The Schad Foundation

OVER $50,000 Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada RBC Foundation

TREE MEMORIAL PROGRAM Innisfil Funeral Home Limited McClelland & Slessor Funeral Homes Roadhouse and Rose Funeral Home

LAKE SIMCOE MARINAS Lefroy Harbour Resorts Inc. Kon Tiki Marine Ltd. Keswick Marine Ltd. Monto Reno Marina Ltd.



Evening Sponsor

Watershed Hero

Dillon Consulting Limited

Geranium Corporation

Environmental Leader Criterion Development Corporation Kerbel Group TACC Developments (Aurora) Inc.

Buffett Taylor & Associates Insurance Agencies

Hill Hunter Losell Law Firm LLP KLM Planning Partners Inc. Mattamy Homes Limited - Land Pratt Development Inc. RM Construction SCS Consutling Group Ltd.

Eco-Champion Brookfield Homes (Ontario) Limited Cole Engineering Group Ltd.

Shoreplan Tricap Properties Inc. Powerstream

R.J. Burnside & Associates Limited DG Group Emery Investments - Samuel Sarick Ltd. Enbridge Gas Distribution Inc. MMM Group Magna Inernational Rice Commercial Group Minto Communities Savanta Inc. SCS Consulting Group Ltd./Beacon Environmental Green Earth Village - Signature Communities


We also recognize the many donors who have given smaller amounts, as well as those who wished to remain anonymous. Every gift makes a difference.



Where did it come from?

Transfers to LSRCA for Conservation Projects: $318,779 * Each year the LSCF Board of Directors approves which priority LSRCA programs and projects to financially support. Of funds disbursed the following is where it went in 2015.

Corporate: 17%

Individuals: 23%

Events: 27%

Foundations and Grants: 33%

Education: 15% (outreach education and teacher resource kits)

Restoration and Protection: 57%

Science and Research: 28% (research boat and wildlife safe passage project)

Operating Expenses: $232,008 Audited financial statements are available on our website at



The average donation LSCF received in 2015 was $808.

Every dollar donated is leveraged with other funders many times over for incredible impact.



Thank you to all the hardworking dinner volunteers who helped us raise over $156,000 at the 27th Annual Conservation Dinner on May 27th, 2015 at the Carrying Place Golf and Country Club in King.

Thank you to the leaders in our community who provide LSCF with guidance and direction.

Bill Thompson

Lee Hanson

Brad Rogers, President

Brenda Winter

Mary Anderson

Steve Schaefer, Vice President

Cheryl Taylor

Mary Quattromini

Dana Eldon

Meli Rosato

Janice Bennett

Natasha O’Dell

Jessica Burns

Pat Milner

Judy Milner

Ryan Matheson

Julie Gerrard

Shauna S. Fernandes

Bobbie Drew

Julie Ingoe

Shelley Fogelman

Peter Silveira

Kate Lillie

Susan McKinnon

Kenneth Cheney

Trish Barnett

Kim Morrissey

Wanda Black

John McCallum, Secretary Treasurer Stéphane Chénier Debbi Conzelmann Ron Craig John Dale Geoffrey Dawe

STAFF Cheryl Taylor, Executive Director Judy Milner, Development Officer Lee Hanson, Annual Fund Coordinator



Thanks to all Board Directors who also assisted with the Conservation Dinner.

MESSAGE FROM THE LSRCA CHAIR The Lake Simcoe watershed is a wonderful and vibrant place to live, with a diverse landscape and a stunning lake in its midst. Nearly half a million people call our watershed home, and still more enjoy its economic, recreation and leisure offerings. For over six decades LSRCA has been devoted to protecting the ecological features in this watershed and increasing awareness of the critical role we all have in sustaining it. It’s an organization that I’ve been pleased to be a part of for several years now, both as a member of the Board of Directors and as Chair in 2015 and again for 2016. Nearly equal in its contributions to protection and renewal of Lake Simcoe and the watershed is the Lake Simcoe Conservation Foundation. In my time as Chair of LSRCA I’ve also had the distinct pleasure of serving on the Board of Directors of the Foundation. I’ve witnessed first-hand, the immense passion of the board members in their pursuit of community support for the health of Lake Simcoe and the watershed. It’s been a tremendous experience to be a part of that and, even better, to be on the receiving end of their success! The Foundation staff and board together, continue to create new and exciting programs to draw more and more donors to our cause - A cause that is so worthy of support. As one of our foremost partners for over four decades now, the Foundation has continued to ensure that LSRCA can accomplish critical work that needs to be done to protect and restore the very thing that sustains us – our natural environment! On behalf of the Board of Directors and the staff of the Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority, I want to thank the Foundation and the multitudes of donors. Your enduring support makes you an essential part of LSRCA’s success. Geoffrey Dawe, Chair, LSRCA Board of Directors



The Lake Simcoe Conservation Foundation (LSCF) is the leading charitable organization devoted to improving the environmental health of Lake Simcoe and its watershed; raising money to support specific projects of the Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority (LSRCA). LSCF has achieved the distinguished Imagine Canada accreditation; demonstrating the highest standards for public confidence in the nonprofit sector.

Lake Simcoe Conservation Foundation 120 Bayview Parkway, Newmarket, Ontario L3Y 3W3 Tel: 905-895-1281| Email: | Web: Charitable Registration: 11900 3317 RR0001

Lake Simcoe Conservation Foundation 2015 Gratitude Report  

Lake Simcoe Conservation Foundation 2015 Gratitude Report

Lake Simcoe Conservation Foundation 2015 Gratitude Report  

Lake Simcoe Conservation Foundation 2015 Gratitude Report