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C Lotus Zing Resale Sector 168 Noida @ 9811004272 3C Louts Zing Disperse crossways 17.5 acres land estate of grass-green environments, this green residential landed property is handly nested in sector – 168, Noida Expressways.

Size-915 Tower-8 Unit-806,Size-915 Tower-8 Unit-504,Size-915 Tower-8 Uni

Size-915 Tower-15 Unit-303,Size-915 Tower-15 Unit-2402,Size-915 Tower-15 Unit-22

Sophisticatedly crafted for a new refresh which aim for excellence ,3C Lotus zing with its unparalleled location and faultless list of features is obliged to brighten the high and fast fying “ Gen – NEXT “ Size-575 Tower-9 Unit-503,Size-575 Tower-9 Unit-307,Size-575 Tower-9 Unit-302,Size-575 Tower-9 Unit-2606,Size-575 Tower-9 Unit208,Size-575 Tower-9 Unit-205,Size-575 Tower-9 Unit-1704,Size-575 Tower-9 Unit-1404,Size-575 Tower-9 Unit-1402,Size-575 Tower-9 Unit-1207,Size-575 Tower-9 Unit-1101,Size-575 Tower-10 Unit307,Size-575 Tower-10 Unit-2208,Size-575 Tower-10 Unit-1505,Size575 Tower-10 Unit-1008,Size-575 Tower-10 Unit-1003,Size-1415 Tower-4 Unit-303,Size-1415 Tower-4 Unit-2201,Size-1415 Tower-4 Unit-201,Size-1415 Tower-4 Unit-1906,Size-1415 Tower-4 Unit1904,Size-1415 Tower-4 Unit-1606,Size-1415 Tower-4 Unit1602,Size-1415 Tower-4 Unit-1404,Size-1415 Tower-4 Unit-1402 Size-1415 Tower-4 Unit-1103,Size-1415 Tower-4 Unit-1002,Size-1415 Tower-1 Unit-903,Size-1415 Tower-1 Unit-605,Size-1415 Tower-1 Unit-402,Size-1415 Tower-1 Unit-1901,Size-1415 Tower-1 Unit1805,Size-1415 Tower-1 Unit-1803,Size-1415 Tower-1 Unit-1802,Size-1415 Tower-1 Unit-1702,Size-1415 Tower-1 Unit-1401,Size-1415 Tower-1 Unit-1401,Size-1415 Tower-1 Unit-1102,Size-1415 T-4 Unit1804,Size-1415 T-4 Unit-1706,Size-1415 T-4 Unit-1706,Size-1415 T-4 Unit-1604,Size-1415 T-4 Unit1104,Size-1415 T-1 Floor-9th,Size-1335 Tower-3 Unit-704,Size-1335 Tower-3 Unit-605,Size-1335 Tower3 Unit-206,Size-1335 Tower-3 Unit-1804,Size-1335 Tower-2 Unit-701,Size-1335 Tower-2 Unit-401,Size1335 Tower-2 Unit-2003,Size-1335 Tower-2 Unit-1203,Size-1335 Tower-12A Unit-704,Size-1335 Tower12A Unit-2205,Size-1335 Tower-12a Unit-2203,Size-1335 Tower-12A Unit-2103,Size-1335 Tower-12A Unit-206

Size-1335 Tower-12A Unit-2006,Size-1335 Tower-12A Unit-2005,Size1335 Tower-12A Unit-2004,Size-1335 Tower-12A Unit-1906,Size-1335 Tower-12A Unit-1905,Size-1335 Tower-12A Unit-1904,Size-1335 Tower12A Unit-1806,Size-1335 Tower-12A Unit-1805,Size-1335 Tower-12A Unit-1804,Size-1335 Tower-12A Unit-1706,Size-1335 Tower-12A Unit1606,Size-1335 Tower-12A Unit-1605,Size-1335 Tower-12A Unit1603,Size-1335 Tower-12A Unit-1506,Size-1335 Tower-12A Unit1505,Size-1335 Tower-12A Unit-1406,Size-1335 Tower-12A Unit1405,Size-1335 Tower-12A Unit-1204,Size-1335 Tower-12A Unit1202,Size-1335 Tower-12A Unit-1106 This modern day boundary mark is designed particularly towards the youth of nowadays, for whom no ambition is too broad and no habitual is sufficient.

Size-1335 Tower-12a Unit-104,Size-1335 Tower-12A Unit-1006,Size-1300 Tower-3 Unit2201,Size-1125, T-7, Floor-4th,Size-1125, T-7, Floor-16th,Size-1125, T-5, Floor-9th,Size1125 Tower-7 Unit-806,Size-1125 Tower-7 Unit-705,Size-1125 Tower-7 Unit-602,Size-1125 Tower-7 Unit-406,Size-1125 Tower-7 Unit-2003,Size-1125 Tower-7 Unit-1901,Size-1125 Tower-7 Unit-1701,Size-1125 Tower-7 Unit-1501,Size-1125 Tower-7 Unit-1403,Size-1125 Tower-7 Unit-105,Size-1125 Tower-6 Unit-903,Size-1125 Tower-6 Unit-805,Size-1125 Tower-6 Unit-805,Size-1125 Tower-6 Unit-802,Size-1125 Tower-6 Unit-506,Size-1125 Tower-6 Unit-306,Size-1125 Tower-6 Unit-2204 and 2205,Size-1125 Tower-5 Unit-704,Size1125 Tower-5 Unit-603,Size-1125 Tower-5 Unit-203,Size-1125 Tower-2 Unit-702,Size-1125 T-6 Unit-902,Size-1125 T-12 Unit-703

The 3C Company is a pioneer in conceiving and executing Green Developments in Delhi and NCR. With the prime focus on delivering state of the art energy efficient buildings the group has already delivered over 12 Million Sq. Ft. of niche developments and is presently working on projects worth over Rs. 15000/- Crores. The 3C Company is the only team in Asia which has to its credit Three PLATINUM Rated & Two GOLD rated LEED CERTIFIED GREEN BUILDINGS by USGBC (United States Green Building Council)

3C Lotus Zing Resale With Sizes , Tower , Unit 9811004272  

prop world Offer Resale 3c Lotus Zing With unit , Sizes , Tower Wise With More Profit With Best Deal Call 9811004272. http://www.propworld...

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