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ProofreadMyEssay - The No. 1 Academic Proofreading Company By. Kristen Stewart

Welcome to ProofreadMyessay  Get Better marks by having your document proofread by one of our

highly qualified professionals proofreader.

 Our student proofreading service is unparalleled and covers all aspects

of spelling, grammar, punctuation, structure and referencing, presenting ideas concisely and clearly without altering your fundamental concepts.

 Our unique purpose-built 100% confidential document management

system means your work will be returned to you within 24 hours(under 12,000 words) with NO HIDDEN COSTS!

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About Us ProofreadMyEssay, is the Professional Proofreading and editing service for students and here are 12 reasons to upload your document for Academic Editing. 1.

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Our Academic Proofreading Services Our proofreaders proofread all academic documents, including but not limited to essays, dissertations, theses, research papers, projects, reports and presentations. Our professional editors specifically target:  Spelling and Punctuation - Correcting mistakes that can't be picked up by electronic spell-check programmes.  Grammar - Amending your syntax so that your sentences flow articulately. Continue…

 Inconsistencies - Unifying Abbreviations, Ambiguities

and replacing Irregularities.  Academic Language - Improving your word choice and suggesting alternative language with greater academic merit.  Unifying Arguments - Increasing coherence by suggesting areas where arguments need strengthening and more clarity is required.  References - Consistently correcting references according to your specific university regulations and style. Continue…

Whether you are a Native student, International student or Dyslexic student we can cater specifically for your individual needs. How We Make Amendments  If you would like to know more about Track Changes and how to use it, Click Here  ProofreadMyEssay have introduced a new Formatting Service  If you are still have doubt, why not submit a500 word FREE SAMPLE, or explore our examples page?

Get in Touch With Us Company Details Registered Company Name: ProofreadMyEssay LTD Registration Location: England and Wales Company Registration Number: 7108371 Registered Company Address: 52 Somerset Road, Coventry, CV1 4EE, United Kingdom For more information, visit:

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ProofreadMyEssay - The No. 1 Academic Proofreading Company