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Short about Firexpress

• The company was established in Denmark in 1998 • Accepted into the NATO codification system in 1999 • Business expansion plan implemented incl. opening of sales office in Thailand in 2005 • Production facility established in Thailand in 2007 • ATEX 2 approval for mobile units in 2008 • Fire fighting motorcycle approved by BMW, Germany in 2009

Office and production facilities in Thailand

Micro-drops the Firexpress way

The heart of our systems is the patented design of the nozzle, which can produce extremely small water micro-drops (7-100 micron) at a low pressure of only up to 23 bars and still achieve a long range of up to 15 metres.

Classes of fires Fire class

Fuel source


Ordinary combustibles √


Flammable liquids √


Flammable gases √ Combustible metals


Electrical equipment √ Cooking oils and fats

The Firexpress nozzle is approved for use on electrical fires of up to 10,000 volts.

How to stop a fire with Firexpress equipment Oxygen may be removed from a fire by smothering it with a layer of aqueous film forming foam. Firexpress attacks

Heat can be removed by dousing some types of fire with water. The water turns into steam, taking the heat out of the fire.

Firexpress attacks

With the equipment of Firexpress, it is possible to use both methods depending upon the class of fire that has to be extinguished.

The concept of two extinguishing methods

Micro-drops (7-100 microns) Used on ordinary combustibles, flammable gasses and electrical fires

Jet of aspirated foam Used on flammable liquids, oil based products and flammable gasses

The lance with the dual nozzle Foam jet

Jet of aspirated foam


Micro-drops (7-100 microns)

Use the features of the lance to your advantage

With the angled lance it is possible to stay protected

The stainless steel nozzle can break windows

The low pressure is safe for spraying directly on humans

Long spray range even for smallest micro-drops

The Firexpress nozzle produces micro-drops in various sizes. The larger ones in size up to 100 microns have a high momentum enabling a long spray range. The vacuum created behind these larger micro-drops pulls along the smaller micro-drops ensuring an equal long spray range despite a lower momentum.

Limited entrained air The Firexpress micro-drops are small in size and travels slow, which creates limited vacuum behind the moving microdrop and hence limited entrained air. Traditional high pressure systems in fire engines create large water drops that travels fast, which create considerabel vacuum behind the water drop and hence considerabel entrained air. Wind speed 4 metres from nozzle: System

Wind speed

Beaufort scale

Firexpress PDU (37 bars)

4 m/sec

Gentle breeze

High pressure system (150-400 bars) 26 - 55 m/sec Storm - hurricane

Extinguishing a room fire with micro-drops

Room fire

Circulating airflow

Micro-drops with long hang-time

Micro-drops transported into the combustion zone by the airflow

Micro-drops instantly absorbs heat and generates steam

Steam pressure prevents oxygen feeding the fire – cooling hot combustion gases

Evaporation of water droplets Depth of fire: 5 metres


Lifetime of drops Normal fog nozzle Firexpress 100 – 1000 μm micro-drop nozzle 7 – 100 μm

Spray velocity: 18 m/s Exposure time: 0.28 sec. 200


- 8.000


- 0.800



- 5.330


- 0.533



- 4.000


- 0.400



- 2.600


- 0.260



- 2.000


- 0.200



- 1.600


- 0.160

Source: National Research Council of Canada, report no. IRC-RR-124 of December 2002

Advantages of the Firexpress system • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Maximum fire fighting with minimum of use of water and foam Fast temperature knock down Minimum use of water Minimum water damage Low pressure Minimum entrained air Low recoil Safe for use on human skin No spreading of burning debris – protection of crime scenes Long range of micro-drops and foam Breaking windows Personal protection Approved for electrical fires

The two driving forces of the Firexpress systems Pump driven units An engine drives a self-priming membrane pump that pressurizes the water up to 37 bars.

Compressed air driven units The water is pushed out of its container by compressed atmospheric air reduced to 20 bars before entering the water tank.

PDU – Pump Driven Unit

• • • • • • •

Engine: Petrol, diesel, electric or hydraulic Pump: Self priming membrane pump Foam container: 12 litres Water tank: Unlimited Hose: Up to 100 metres Flow: 24 litres per minute Spray range: Up to 15 metres

Tank units with PDUs 300 litre tank unit • Aluminium water tank • Pump driven unit • 50 metre hose

550 litre tank unit • Fibre glass tank • Pump driven unit • Up to 100 metre hose

All Terrain Vehicles Polaris Sportsman 550 X2 • 160 litre water tank build into the back • Pump driven unit mounted on the front • 50 metre hose

Polaris Ranger 800 XP • 300 litre water tank in the back of the vehicle • Pump driven unit • 50 metre hose

Fire fighting motorcycle – BMW R 1200 RT

• • • • • • •

Compressed air driven 2 x 25 litre tanks for premixed water/foam 30 metres hose 6.8 litre breathing apparatus air tank Flow of 22 litres per minute Range up to 11 metres Tested for structural integrity and rider stability

50 litres mobile unit

• • • • • • •

Compressed air driven 50 litres tank for premixed water and foam 30 metres hose 6.0 litre breathing apparatus air tank Flow of 22 litres per minute Range up to 11 metres Optional transport kit and filling kit

Fire fighting backpack • • • • • • • • •

Compressed air driven 2 x 6 litre tanks for premixed water/foam 3.0 litre breathing apparatus air tank Flow of 22 litres per minute Range up to 11 metres Weight 30 kg (filled) Optional with integrated breathing apparatus 6.8 litre air tank for use with breathing apparatus Weight with breathing apparatus 33 kg (filled)

Vehicle applications

A Coru単a, Spain PDU mounted in a fire engine

Acapulco Fire Brigade, Mexico 600 litre tank unit mounted on a trailer

Ministry of Defence, United Kingdom 300 litre tank unit mounted on a trailer

West Fynen, Denmark PDU in first response vehicle

Vehicle applications

Arhus Port Terminal, Denmark PDU mounted in emergency vehicle

Brezia Fire Brigade, Italy Mobile unit in fire engine

Macau International Airport, Macau PDU installed in fire engine

Sรถdertรถrn Fire Brigade, Sweden PDU in fire engine

Fuel fires Karup Air Force Base, Denmark • Fuel type: JetA-4 • Amount: 500 litres • Wind: 12 m/s • Temperature: 10 deg. Celsius • Water used: 59 litres Petrogal Oil Refinery, Portugal • Running fuel fire • Fuel type: Diesel and petrol • Amount: 400-500 litres • Water used: 38 litres

Car fires Hong Kong Fire Services Department • Truck fire • Extinguished with fire fighting motorcycle • Water used: 38 litres

Montichiari, Italy • Car fire involving two cars • Extinguished with pump driven unit • Water used: 45 litres

Market segments Fire brigades • Civil defences • Municipalities on small islands • Municipalities with congested traffic Armed forces • Army • Navy • Air force Other authorities • Police • Tunnel safety organizations • Cultural and political institutions • Forest authorities Private companies • Companies in various industries • Commercial vessels • Off-shore installations

Trust is good but references are better ‌

References Industries Abbott, Italy (chemicals) Bengtsfors, Sweden (defence industry) Chi Mei Optoelectronics, Taiwan (electronics) Dansikring/Securitas, Denmark (security service) Ecco, Thailand (shoes) Hempel, Denmark (coatings) Jysk, Denmark (retail chain) Ovako Steel, Sweden (steel mill) Pandora, Thailand (jewellery) Sandvik, Sweden (tools) Sanofi-Aventis, Italy (pharmaceuticals) Statoil, Norway (offshore oil rigs) Volvo, Sweden (cars) ... and many more

References Authories Borssele Nuclear Plant, the Netherlands (energy) Bristol Airport, the United Kingdom (airport) Country and Marine Park Authority, Hong Kong (nature conservation) FOA Linkoping, Sweden (defence research agency) Forest Bureau, Taiwan (forest authority) Grovehurst Energy, the United Kingdom (energy services) Macau International Airport, Macau (airport) Ministry of Food and Disaster Management, Bangladesh (disaster management) Ministry of Interior, Italy (rescue services) Ministry of Natural Resources, Thailand (forest authority) National Rescue Services, Korea (disaster management) Royal Danish Embassy, Thailand (political institution) Trains of Portugal, Portugal (railway authority)

References Police Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates Bergen, Norway Dubai, United Arab Emirates Lissabon, Portugal Oslo, Norway Tarnby, Denmark Fire fighting training and services Cannon Fire & Safety Systems, the United Kingdom Eurosafety (DDA Fire), the United Kingdom (fire service) Falck, Denmark (assistance and emergency) Guangzhou Fire Training School, China Hampshire Fire & Rescue Service, the United Kingdom Pudding Lane Fire Company, the United Kingdom (consulting) Integral Fortem, Spain (technical emergency training centre)

References Fire brigades Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates Acapulco, Mexico Agualva-CacĂŠm, Portugal Beijing, China Bellinzona, Switzerland Cainta, the Philippines Cape Town, South Africa Hualien, Taiwan Istanbul, Turkey Kou Kod, Thailand New South Wales, Australia Northumberland, the United Kingdom Puerto de la Cruz, Spain ... and many more

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References Cultural institutions National Museum, Denmark (museum) Vanfest, the United Kingdom (festival organizer) Venice Museum Authority, Italy (museum) Tunnel safety authorities A1 motorway, Albania Bergen, Norway Baguashan, Taiwan Mont Blanc, Italy/France Oresund, Denmark/Sweden Snow Mountain Tunnel, Taiwan Terneuzen, the Netherlands/Belgium

References Islands Astipalea, Greece Avernako, Denmark Bjorno, Denmark Lama, Hong Kong Lyo, Denmark Ockero, Sweden Orkney Isles, the United Kingdom Romo, Denmark Skaro, Denmark Stryno, Denmark

References Commercial vessels Ship owner

Name of vessel

Type of vessel

Location of unit


Petter Wessel

Car/passenger ship

Car deck

Prinsesse Ragnhild

Car/passenger ship

Car deck


BF Hidrasund II

Car/passenger ship

Car deck

Royal Caribbean Cruisers

Adventure of the Seas


Helicopter deck and engine room

Explorer of the Seas


Helicopter deck and engine room

Liberty of the Seas


Helicopter deck and engine room

Mariner of the Seas


Helicopter deck and engine room

Drilling platforms, North Sea

Production platforms

Helicopter deck

Statoil – Norway

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Firexpress Company Presentation en  

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