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THE MONTHLY AUDIOZINE FOR MUSICIANS AND AUDIO PROFESSIONALS. At ProMusicals we’re always connecting with the biggest music stars in India. A lot of them are our customers whom we have supported over the years with consultations and recording/performance gear.

Vasundhara Das talks about Charter Oak and ProMusicals. I write this as I take a break between recording my vocal tracks at my studio, The Active. We are working on the original sound track of a Hindi film titled "Paranthe Wali Gali". I'm recording with my new best friend, The Charter Oak SA538.

Studio in Bangalore...I was hooked and there was no way that mic was going back to Sudhin. The warmth it gives my tone of voice is incredible. I'm really happy and am very inspired to sing more because I'm so happy with how I'm sounding on The Charter Oak SA538.

We are also recording vocals for my latest album titled "The Shah Hussain Project Volume Two" featuring Sufi singer Mir Mukhtiyar Ali, with this mic. The recordings sound unbelievable.

Vasundhara Das Singer/Songwriter/Composer/Actress

Some time ago, Sudhin from ProMusicals asked Roberto and I to try it out and send it back if we were not happy with how it sounded. I'm smiling right now as I remember the day we tried it out at The Active

Vasundhara Das is a famous popstar who’s acted in Bollywood films and sung some incredibly popular chart-toppers.

Kurzweil is now in India, baby! "I love my new Kurzweil PC361- it has all the sounds of the Farfisa, the Vox Panther and the Jupiter 8 that were a signature sound of the band 'back in the day'! It's an 'all In one wonder' and I love it's simple and sleek design!" - Kate Pierson, The B-52’s

Shema of Colour Chaos tells us about her Eko guitar.

D IVAKAR SUBRAMANIAM School of Indian Film

Buying a good musical instrument is a challenge when you have a tight budget. Shema believes that Eko guitars breaks

and Music, T.Nagar.

this myth and here’s why...

"I don’t go by techniques and what’s important for me is the good feel of a guitar.

…and when I finally saved up some money I chanced upon the Eko guitar and she really gives me really rich, vibrant and clear sound that you usually get in an expensive guitar and so I’m happy!”

I’ve struggled with all kinds of guitars, with budget being an issue...

“The flexibility I now have in getting both rich and warm tones for a song and then thinner more jangly tones for the next are available with a simple turn of the Allen key behind the neck of the guitar. Fastlock from Eko is a blessing!”

Shema using the Fastlock key feature on her Eko guitar to get different guitar action at one of her live performances.

Getting the most from our knowledge and experience! Facebookers that have ‘liked’ our page get to hear a lot about latest products, news from the evolving music scene and more. Tell your friends about it too! Do Check out Divakar Subramaniam’s school and studio at T.Nagar. The website links above give you an idea of the sound engineering courses and their contact details if you’re looking to study film scoring, technology and learn instruments. He’s a good old friend of ours besides being an accomplished global performer and educator.

SMARTER INVESTING : Need ‘sound’ advice? CALL US!

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We are extremely happy to see superstar singer Hariharan with the amazing Kiwi Microphone from Blue Microphones. Blue Mics offer an amazing range of Studio mics starting from just Rs. 14,500/ - upwards and mics like the KIWI rank among the favorites at the top end of the industry standards. Hariharan certainly knows a thing or two about microphones and has a superb collection of classic mics from around the world. Thanks for Choosing Blue Microphones. Call us at +91 98843 04426 for directions to your nearest dealers and hot offers this month.

Since 1991 we've been supplying audio equipment to school students buying their first audio interface all the way to academy award. At every level musicians trust us fully. The secret of this stems from the fact that we are musicians ourselves. We see everything as musicians before we sell something to our customer at ProMusicals. Lets help you out with what you exactly need to take your audio work forward!


PINK: A Floydian tribute: Roxygen & Friends.


We found that the Scarlett 2i2 remains to be our hottest selling product for young and gestating artists who’re looking to record some international sounding music with the scarlett series. The 2i2 has turned out to be the ideal gift from parents to the talent in their family and we did play a bit of Santa to go over and set it up at home for them!

Roxygen’s magical theatrical experience directed by Michael Muthu, reinvented the world of Pink, the principal character the world of Pink Floyd. Gave us a dazzling evening with laser lights and grand sets !

Clockwise: Sujan daniels, Josh mark raj, Jim Sathya, Keith peters, Maarten Visser, Vasanth David, Mili Nair, Timothy Madhukar, Nadisha Thomas, Anu Cheyyur and Sudhin prabhakar.


Karthik & Vivin create soul stirring music at our demo studio.


When a brilliant pianist and a globally known flautist get together with some great recording equipment, expect sheer magic! mixer. The flute’s sounds were We immediately set up our lights, captured by a Blue Spark condenser got our cameramicrophone. After the sessions we man heard out the to put some quick ideas sounds on our Checkout our together and started Presonus Scepsoundcloud page. tre shooting the recording Link given below. To Co-Actual session. be up on monitors. Yes Youtube soon. As they start playing we sound more gadgety than their instruments we discover the true soulful sound of musical but then again, we’re the flute in an ‘ProMusicals’ : ethereal raagam that was casually supporters of the being played by Karthik. Vivin professional musician! played some beautiful chords on his Stage HA 88 which was prabhakar/karthik-at-pro plugged into our Presonus 34.4.2 AI

Left: Vivin Kuruvilla, our national marketing head on the Nord keys. Right: Karthik Ramalingam– Canada based flautist & multi instrumentalist (wind instruments)

We were wondering what to give away this festive season all the way upto January end. A lot of demands from friends and clients, we decided to give you a discount. 1% for every facebook like you get us on your page. Tell us who liked our page from your sharing of our page and we will give you 1% off for every like, to a maximum of 15%. Now come and buy some stuff!!

At ProMusicals we’re always experimenting with some of the in-house gear that we use for our demos. What was conceptualized as a simple jamm turned out to be a truly divine experience when Karthik Ramalingam dropped in at the store to record a few tracks.

The challenge that Stevie wonder and Ray Kurzweil once made….

aiaiai Professional studio headphones from Denmark just in!

How Kurzweil keyboards became the most popular synth after the maker A prototype of the Kurzweil K250 was

factured for Stevie Wonder.

manufactured for Stevie Wonder in 1983.

In 1982 Stevie Wonder invited Raymond Kurzweil to his new studio in Los Angeles, and asked if "we could use the extraordinarily flexible computer control methods on the beautiful sounds of acoustic instruments?" In response to this query, Raymond Kurzweil founded Kurzweil Music Systems, with Stevie Wonder as musical advisor.

It featured Braille buttons along with

The Kurzweil K250 is generally recog-


nized as the first electronic instrument to

(potentiometers) for various controls and

faithfully reproduce the sounds of an

functions, an exten-

acoustic grand piano. It

sive choice of acous-

Tests were conducted with listeners

could play up to 12 notes

tic and synthesized

blindfolded on the authenticity of the

simultaneously (also

digitally reproduced acoustic instru-

known as 12-

sounds to choose from, a sampler to

ments and nobody could tell the

record sounds onto RAM and a music

note polyphony by utilizing individual sounds as


well as layered sounds

sequencer utilizing

(playing multiple sounds

battery-backed RAM for compositional

on the same note simultaneously, also

purposes. During production of the Kurz-

known as being multiumbral).

TMA-1 with mic is here! Pro quality performance with a modern appeal. Tested in studios and on tours all over the world, this is a specialized piece of equipment for the hard working musician and audiophiles alike.

weil K250 at least five units were manu-

Editorial Since 1991 Its been an amazing ride for all of us at ProMusicals. So much excitement , so many challenges and yet its always been so satisfying. ProSonic - Our very first monthly newsletter is one more little gesture that we are initiating to make procuring gear at ProMusicals the most fun experience ever for every musician and sound engineer. After all with a bottom-line that says - " Come Play with us" , you've got to know right off that this is one company that’s not like any other you've experienced. So just why is this news letter relevant to you? Well, today as technology grows at such a searing speed, there’s just so much new Hardware and Software out there that its becoming very complicated for newcomers and veterans alike to discern the good from the bad and ugly products and manufacturers. ProMusicals has since 1991 been scouting every corner of the world for the very best products to distribute to users in India and in this process we've seen winners , losers and some fraudsters too and all the while Its been our commitment to you that we sift through the clutter so that you don’t have to. Its been a wonderful 2013 and we've grown our business 100% with your patronage and some amazing hard work by all our staff including our new Head of Marketing Vivin Kuruvilla -who himself plays Keyboards for one of the country's hottest Metal bands - Wolf's Lair. So what’s new at ProMusicals? - lots !!...For starters 2014 commences with some of our grandest announcements in the form of Exclusive all India distribution for world leading brands. - Kurzweil - makers of some of the finest Keyboard Workstations and Digital Pianos in the world. - Gallien Krueger - For fine Bass Amplifiers and Cabinets. - Mic W - for miniature reference/recording quality microphones for ipad and iphone - Aviom - The world No.1 in stage and Studio monitor controllers - aiaiai headphones - DJ and Studio Reference monitoring headphones from Denmark. Do share the joy of music with your friends too and tell them to click like on our facebook site Feel free to send us your comments and suggestions on what you would like to see on these pages as well. Finally - its always the music that wins so come on over and come play with us - isn't that what music all about!

25, Casa Major Road. Egmore. Chennai -600 008 India. Ph: 044 28193445 Edited by : Sudeep Swaroop.

Promusicals audiozine feb2014  

The Audiozine from the house of ProMusicals for February 2014.

Promusicals audiozine feb2014  

The Audiozine from the house of ProMusicals for February 2014.