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Brand Ambassadors

The consumer as Brand Ambassador. 

With the advent of globalization and a plethora of advancements in marketing strategies the dynamics of marketing has witnessed a sea change. The currents rules of marketing are governed by the apt taste which the customer demands from the product. The quality of the product doesn’t matter much in comparison to the packaging in store. Organizations have learnt the inducement of experiential marketing, wherein the customer is induced into experiencing the product and in the run up to follow he becomes a part of the product marketing strategy. A multipronged approach involves the customer into the marketing of the product by giving an apt experience of the product on to the end user customer. The elements of emotion, logic and general thoughts are integrated to connect to the consumer. The customer starts responding to the product based on a logical rational approach when he gets emotionally involved with the product. The thoughts of the consumer are ignited to impulse upon a mindset of the target audience to entice the individual customer to fall on favor of the product.

With the intent of engaging the consumer into experiential marketing it’s quite obvious to engage maximum senses for a getting a responsive review. This strategy suits the best to contemporary sales and marketing campaign. The timing to impress upon the consumer is a shorter span of interaction which requires maximum application of the technique of engagement marketing. It requires an art of emasculating the product through a compelling narrative with a depiction of an element of surprise. To add value to the element of surprise the customers are apprised to be the brand ambassadors of the product. Professional quality and realism is garnered through effective implementation of amplified opportunities dwelled through engagement marketing. Word of mouth, coupled with social media outreach, press coverage, content capture and viral augmentation which engages experiential marketing on to the mindset of the consumer base. Meeting the expectation of the customer is a guided setup but going beyond what the consumer expected and landing an element of surprise to the consumers goes a long path in making the reach through brand ambassadors connected onto the consumer.

The concepts of marketing have gone dramatic changes in recent years giving an outlet of expression and bridging the gap between the producers and the prospective consumers. In light of engagement marketing the producer is at arm’s length to reach out his message to the consumer in a clearly concise and approachable stent.

Brand ambassadors  

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