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Greetings, It is a blessing to have released our third Christian/Inspirational lifestyle magazine. I truly thank God for you the readers with your dedication, prayers and suggestion for the future of Promoting Purpose Magazine. This year is almost over as we approach our holiday seasons. Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years, I am truly bless to have three of my family members Father, Brother and Husband home this year for the holiday after serving a year overseas. As always let’s keep our service men and women and their families in prayer, as the holiday can be very difficult being apart. In this issue we celebrate Thanksgiving and share what we are most thankful for. What are you most thankful for? I pray in this issue as well as every issue you read you receive a spiritual tool, encouragement and inspiration. And if you are not inspired or encouraged at the moment, after reading these articles I pray a fire stirs up in you. Leaving you wanting more of what God has to offer not just for some, but for all. I pray you have a wonderful and safe holiday; Enjoy this moment, love, laugh and never take for granted the life you have and those that are sharing it with you. Tell someone you love them today and tell them why. And remember Promoting Purpose Magazine “Promotes What God Has Already Placed In Us” God Bless and Happy Holidays,

Sherrell Straker-Valdezloqui CEO


S&V Promoting Purpose Media / Promoting Purpose Magazine want to wish everyone a happy holiday. Please remember to pray for those that are less fortunate than we are. Pray for our soldiers who are away from home this year, as well as for the families who may have loss someone over in the combat zone. Remember no matter how hard times may seem it is only for a season; be thankful for what you already have. And if you are able to be a blessing to someone do so.


Sherrell Straker-Valdezloqui CEO/Writer/Designer

Wanda B. Campbell Editor

Rachel Moore Writer

Tina Kay Hughes Writer

Ruby Owens Contributing Writer


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I continue to pray that despite our current global economic times we must allow the faith of mustard seed to hold our ground. When you‘ve done all you can, hold fast and continue to stand. God‘s house is build upon a rock where the gates of hell shall not prevail. God is with us eternally to supply all our needs according to His riches and glory in heaven. Yes, it appears to be scary and maybe even frightening, but God hasn‘t given us a spirit of fear, but of love, power, and a sound mind. We must be faithful in knowing that He will never leave us nor forsake us. When Jesus asked Peter to step outside of the boat, every time Peter‘s faith hit a moment of doubt, he began to sink. Our biggest lesson from this story is, every time Peter‘s faith of a mustard seed was invoked he was able to continue walking toward Jesus. This story teaches us so much about faith because sometime our faith gets weary, or we have moments when we say we‘re going to let go and let God. Yet, we go through a tug-of-war, going back and forth trying to take back control. Does this ever really work for us? No, it actually delays our blessings. Somehow, projecting we know more than God, instead of just trusting in Him. When we review our lives truthfully, we can feel His footprints, His presence throughout our lives. If we reflect on people that have touched our lives, we know that He‘s been there the entire time. Inspirational Article By: Nesheba‘s Moment of Thoughts Series.


Fahren J:

is known by fans and fellow musicians as a songwriter, a singer, a worshipper, an advocate, a wife, a mother, a sister, and a friend–– but she is possibly best known for the inspiration of her voice and music that has inspired and motivated people from all walks of life. Her Freshman Album, Fahren – My Story, released in 2007, gave voice and song to the testimonies of life and how she was able to navigate through challenges and overcome them. Fahren‘s sound is truly unique and unlike any artist you have heard to date. She casts a refreshing mood, a unique sound and a positive message, which leaves any listener encouraged and inspired. She projects a mature, yet laid-back vocal style that delivers music that will transcend time, gender, and genre. She will be attending the YGEA Awards in Atlanta at Morehouse College, as well as the Arizona Gospel Music Convention in Glendale, Arizona. Fahren has also been featured on Her Past is Not Her Future CD, which features many other artists, including Darlene Zschech of Hillsong and Chris Tomlin of the Passion Worship Band, who sing to inspire & encourage women who have gone through abuse in their past. It released this October in Australia.

Fahren is an advocate for many issues going on in her community, as well as the world at large. She works with World Vision US Programs, serving the Pacific Northwest. Fahren administers and coordinates for the entire program staff, Distribution Center, and storehouse. US Programs works domestically in the PNW providing partnership, training, and resources to children, youth, and families in underprivileged areas, and offers resources and support to other non-profit groups that have the same focus. They have worked on projects such as Relief for Haiti, Backpacks for Children, Food Drives, and other such community outreaches. Fahren supports local benefits such as The Sickle Cell Foundation and Sisters Against Lupus where she has performed her music as well. Fahren is not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and has a testimony that will encourage the hearts of all who hear. While her mother was institutionalized in a Mental Hospital, she was raped. Fahren was conceived from that rape and entered into the Foster Care System as a Ward of the State at 6 months old. Her journey of identity and purpose took her through challenges that should have destroyed her, yet her decision to Choose Life in Christ has helped her to become the woman that she is today. Her life is her song; her passion and mission is to see people understand who they are and walk strong in their purpose. Her new album: Life Changing Music: Faith, Love, Life was just released and is available at With songs like ―This Way to Love‖ and ―Angel‖, she encourages her listeners to not only love self, but to love others. She has written her first book entitled A View of Redemption: My Story, published by Hunter Heart Publishing, which is available for purchase with the album, off of the Christ Hu Nterz Productions Label. ―I believe while God was speaking forth the heavens and the earth, He created music in the midst of His creating. I imagine Him humming a 9

sound, as He‘s creating the galaxy, placing the stars and the planets in place and forming the world and the fullness of all that grows and lives in it. Because we are created in His image, that same influence of music is in us. Some gifted in it more than others. Some are to deliver the sound, some are to write for the sound, and all of us are drawn to listen to the sounds of music. I don‘t know one person on this earth that is not moved by music…It‘s completely universal, and that can only be accomplished by the One who created it for everyone. If God Almighty found it important enough to create music as He framed the foundations for the universe and the world, this means music encompasses a significant

power that is not to be misused or abused. I could spend my time writing and singing music that speaks anger and all that comes from it, or I can spend my time writing and singing music that will speak life. I‘d rather do the latter.‖ Fahren~ Fahren J is truly a unique and one-of-a-kind artist. She brings to the industry a confidence and maturity that can inspire the youngest to the oldest. You will love her music and the positive, fresh presence she brings.



In the words of the famous writer ―to be or not to be that is the question‖. We as believers of the Most High have received salvation but we still have choices to make. The choices we make whether positive or negative will have a great impact not only on our lives but it will also impact the lives of others as well. Well what are my choices one may ask? The first choice that we must make is ―Will I continue on with the Lord‖? As Joshua told the Children of Israel choose this day who you will serve. He gave them the option to serve other gods but clearly told them that he and his household were going to serve the Lord (Read Joshua24:14-16). The Children of Israel had seen and experienced all the wonderful blessings that the Lord made available to them, yet chose not to serve the Lord exclusively; as a result they suffered greatly. The same is true for us today, if our minds are not made up to serve the Lord, we too will serve other things that will draw us away from him. Another choice that we must make is ―Am I going to grow in him‖? Once a person has received salvation this is only the beginning of our walk with the Lord. Sad to say many Christians never move beyond that initial experience. The Lord desires to reveal himself to us daily. As the Apostle Paul told the church at Ephesus that we are not to be like children being tossed to and fro but we are to grow up in him(Ephesians4:14-15). Whether you are a newly born child of God or if you have been saved for any length of time and are unlearned in basic biblical principles you are a babe therefore milk is required. As we are mature, milk is no longer needed. The pastor and spiritual leaders are there to teach, and guide us, but when it comes down to it, the choice is yours alone whether you will grow in the knowledge of the Lord. No one can do

that for you. The word says if any lack understanding and wisdom let him ask and the Father will give it to him. Once a person decides they will grow in the Lord they must choose ―Am I going to bear fruit‖? It is not enough to settle for religious rituals and church protocols, but we are to produce fruit that says this person is in direct relationship with the Lord. If we are going to be part of the Kingdom, fruit must come forth! Matthew7:20 says ―wherefore by their fruit ye shall know them‖. The fruit that we display in our daily lives is reflective of the Lord. If we are connected to the vine which is the Lord Jesus the fruit we bear will be undeniable. On the other hand if we sow into our flesh we will bring forth fruit of the flesh. If we don‘t bear fruit, that has consequences as well. The Lord cursed the fig tree because it didn‘t bear fruit (Read Mark11:12-14; 19-21). Lastly we have to choose ―Am I going to Positively Impact Others‖? The Lord never gave us the ability to learn and study his word just to keep it to ourselves. Our ultimate goal is to share what we have received in order for others to be blessed. No one can survive on their own we all need the Lord in our lives. If you have chosen to serve the Lord by all means do what you can to share the good news to others. When this life is over the choices we have made will cause the Lord to say one of two things to us, either ―Well done thy good and faithful servant‖ or ―depart from me you worker of iniquity‖. We all have been given a choice to serve and commit to the Lord. When the Lord created us he gave us a free will. He will not force us to serve him but rather prefer that we choose him. If you choose to serve the Lord he will keep and fulfill every promise that he has for you. Choose this day who you will serve! Peace and blessings: Rachel Moore 12


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places and countries. Take in mind that culture is proficient for a healthy society. Unfortunately many Americans have failed to eat healthy. These unwise choices in foods have caused an alarming rate of obesity and other health problems in adults as well as children.

Childhood Obesity is on the rise, not only in American, but all throughout the world. The American Heart Association states, ―Today, about one in three American kids and teens are overweight or obese, nearly tripling the rate in 1963. Today, obesity is causing a broad range of health problems among children that previously weren‘t seen until adulthood. These include high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes and elevated blood cholesterol levels. There are also psychological effects: Obese children are more prone to low self-esteem, negative body image and depression. And excess weight at young ages has been linked to higher and earlier death rates in adulthood. It has also been estimated that more than 62 million Americans over the age of six years old, suffer from high blood pressure.‖ Why at such an alarming rate? When a society becomes conformed to a technological means of lifestyles such as the Internet, television, I Pods, cell phones, latch keys and to name a few, the well-being of a society‘s health becomes at risk. Notwithstanding the children are the major victims of our society‗s demise in health. One of the opportunities of America is that it provides a multiracial, multi-creed and multi-cultural society, thus causing an easy access to various types of foods from many

A study reported in the 2003 Archives of Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine found that, ―adolescents who frequently sat down to a family meal had better grades, less depression and were less likely to drink alcohol, or use illegal substances than kids who ate with their families less than twice a week―. Also, a study on (ADHD), Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, the most common childhood disease, reported ―that sugar plays no role in hyperactivity―. The study also mentioned that ―there were few problems found after a high carbohydrate breakfast then after a high protein breakfast―. However these studies are still in controversy. Many obese children do not enjoy the simple pleasures of everyday life because they are always pondering on their inadequacies along with other psychological challenges. They are often uncomfortable at social gatherings, bullied at school, and in a state of withdrawal from interacting with even their peers. Taking a meal from a child in order for a child to lose weight is not the answer. Every child should have at least three healthy meals a day and a healthy snack in between. The problem of obesity is not merely how much food is consumed, but what foods are being consumed. It is vital that parents, caregivers and healthcare providers come together to improvise a plan to bring about a much needed change. Teaching the concepts of ―eating to live and not living to eat‖ can also be a surplus in the education of maintaining health. 15

In many cases, especially in times of stress or when dealing with a problem, food is used as a calming agent. It is vital for children to learn to identify which foods are good sources for keeping healthy and which foods are not. Our society is moving at a fast pace and this quick-fix way of life is bringing about a domino effect of fast food consumers and undue stress. The home breakfast nook is empty, replaced by impatient commuters and long lines at the local drive thru. Often these consumers are not fully aware of the severity of health risks that they undertake as they gulp down unhealthy foods. Sitting around the table for a family meal symbolizes both unity and love. Children will always hold dear to these types of memories. It doesn‘t matter rather you are eating at home, friend‗s house or at a restaurant, mealtime can be a positive tool to connect with love ones and associates. Once children are guided in the right

path to becoming healthier; remind them to continue eating right, while maintaining a daily exercise routine. Keep in mind that reverting from good eating habits back to bad eating habits can cause a greater adverse affect on a child‗s health. Interacting physically with our children is another way of helping them to obtain a healthier lifestyle. Physical exercise such as, walking, swimming, hiking, bicycling, or hopscotch and jump rope are a few good options to consider. An initiative to raise a healthier generation of kids called, ―Let‘s Move,‖ is being campaigned by our First Lady, Michelle Obama. She needs our added support for this crucial mission that is at hand. When join hand in hand, the results are astonishing. For the better health of our children, let us strive to make childhood obesity a thing of the past.

Article By: Ruby Owens

In telling you a little about myself, my name is Ruby Walker Owens inspirational writer and poet. My hometown is Bladenboro North Carolina. I currently reside in Fayetteville, North Carolina. I have been writing every since I was a child. I am gifted in the art of composing words for all occasions, and I am also a poet. I authored a book called, Healthy Living Choices, which is now in the process of editing and production. When I was a little girl, I had an aunt by which we called, ―Aunt Bessie. Aunt Bessie was a school teacher and she would always quote Shakespeare and other poems at our family gatherings. She could literally recite the prose‘s of Shakespeare by heart. Every time she would recite those poems, I would run and sit at her feet and listen to those wonderful words flowing out of her. I do not remember any of the verses, but I have never forgotten how it made me feel so inspiring within. I wanted so to be like her, a poet. I never dreamed this gift was bestowed upon me as well. Although, I have yet to acquire the skillfulness of reciting poetry by heart. My purpose on this earth is to inspire as many people as I can while I yet have my being. The book, Healthy Living Choices will be my first self-published project. I have other projects that I hope to introduce in the year 2011. These inspirations were created solely to help someone acquire inner strength as well as understanding the value of self worth.


Let’s Get the Facts Straight! September was Sickle Cell Awareness Month. For patients it is not just another month to bring to the public‘s attention a debilitating disease, it is another year to celebrate life. The life expectancy for many who suffer from this inherited blood disorder is 40-50 years of age. This statistic holds true for those living in rural areas where there is no access to knowledgeable doctors with the newest and latest technology, medicines, and procedures. However, patients living in urban areas with access to doctors and the latest procedures, research, and well equipped hospitals with people on staff who are well versed in the care and treatment of Sickle Cell, patients are living well over 70-80 years of age. This blood inherited disorder did not just pop up 20 years ago. This year marks the 100th year anniversary (in this country) of the discovery that is often overlooked and disregarded. In 1910, James Herrick in Chicago, IL early investigations emphasized that sickle cell anemia (SCA) patients have exercise limitations, may suffer shortness of breath at rest—particularly during crisis—and often have murmurs which require differentiation from other forms of organic heart disease. Cardiomegaly has been a frequent finding on clinical examination. The chest x-ray is an essential screening tool for causes of cardiopulmonary symptoms; including tuberculosis, pulmonary infarction, pneumonia, pleural effusion, and pulmonary edema. Frequently noted findings on chest x-ray in SCA patients include generalized cardiomegaly, great

vessel engorgement, prominence of the pulmonary artery, and right and left chamber enlargement.‖ ( ―Early investigators noted that SCA patients in the United States were almost always of African origin. Subsequent global epidemiological studies established that SCA and sickle-cell trait are present at high levels in parts of sub-Saharan Africa, the Saudi Arabian peninsula, central India, and certain parts of Southern Europe, Anthony Allison, an internist and epidemiologist working in Kenya, wondered how this mutant gene, which causes a deadly disease when present in two copies, could have reached such high levels in certain populations while being nearly nonexistent in other African populations (Allison, 1954). He reasoned that possession of a single mutant gene must confer a survival advantage and be positively selected at the population level. In particular, Allison linked the global distribution of sickle-cell trait to regions most affected by falciparum malaria, a parasitic disease that primarily affects RBCs. Malaria causes the death of approximately one million children per year, primarily in sub-Saharan Africa (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2010).‖ ( e-cell-anemia-a-look-at-global-8756219) Hundreds of years ago there was a bad outbreak of malaria in tropical and sub-Saharan areas caused by mosquitoes that was killing people in record numbers, but no one had a clue 17

as to why? The people affected, their bodies began to mutate into sickled cells (or cells shaped like a fourth of a moon) to protect the body from dying. Well this is the only known disease that mutated its own red blood cells (that carry oxygen throughout the body) to keep the body from dying. Over the years, people who carried these mutated cells mated with one another, not knowing that mating with someone else who possessed this mutated sickle cell would create babies who would have the disease also and/or carry the trait which would pass this disease on from generation to generation. This disease is not only confined to the African or African American race there are so many other races that were affected by this mutated red blood cell disorder such as in Portuguese, Spanish, French Corsicans, Sardinians, Sicilians, mainland Italians, Greeks, Turks and Cypriots. Sickle cell disease also appears in Middle Eastern countries and Asia who share the same pains and effects of this disease that I and so many others share. There is no accurate count of the population neither in this country nor beyond the borders of the United States that tells the story and the magnitude of this disease that has no sympathy on those who live with it. How can you help? First of all, get tested at any Sickle Cell Foundation around the country- for free. You can also ask your doctor to give you an extensive sickle cell test that includes the trait and the different hemoglobin that can be carried by any brown skinned person who has the potential of carrying sickle cell disease. Secondly, if you are not a carrier donate blood every chance you get and sign up to be a part of

the bone marrow registry, ―Be The Match‖ that can save a life. Lastly, volunteer your time, talent, and resources with an organization that help those living with this debilitating disease— all you have to do is contact the closest foundation or organization that caters to brown skinned people living with sickle cell disease. Many of us who live with this disease describe it as broken glass flowing through the veins and we consider ourselves as the forgotten few left alone to live in silence. As I write this article, I am in the hospital with two central lines in both sides of my neck (as my blood was removed from my body and donated blood, from people like you, replaced my blood). Many of us who live with this disease are more times than not heavily sedated and on lots of medication (narcotics) and find it hard to function and do the simplest things in life, that can be so easily taken for granted by those who do not carry this disease. Today I‘m carrying my first child in my womb and I worry about the side effects that may harm my baby. Yet still, I write for those with no voice, who live day to day with a disease that torments and leaves its victims defenseless to combat its terrorist attack in our bodies. Do something today. Now that you have more knowledge about sickle cell disease, you are held accountable for what you know—so do something today that can help or maybe even save a life. By Tina Kay Hughes, Author of ―TKay‘s Inspirational: Walking In Your Season‖ Also, founder & Board President of Chronic Illness Advocacy.


The Comfort Zone For so long we‘ve been accepting and adapting to the things we feel are comfortable to us. For example, the home we live in, the car we drive, the people we associate with and the job we report to almost every day. This is also true on a spiritual level. We accept where we are instead of digging deeper because we are comfortable. We‘re satisfied inside our little box of daily Bible reading, praying, going to church, singing in the choir or ushering. We rely on the pastors‘ Sunday morning message and most times never research for ourselves what was being preached. We testify quickly, but only to those we know are going to cosign or agree with us. We do minister, but only to those who are all ready saved and know the Word. All the while we believe we have fulfilled our requirement as Christians. Living Christ-like is more than saying, ―I love you,‖ to everyone. Or going to church every time, the church doors are open. I consider this the comfort and safety zone. My question is: Are you really living a Christ-like life? In studying the life of Christ and his journey, we find that he prayed, worshiped and sang to the

glory of God. He did this daily. This was his comfort and safety zone. When the time came for him to step out of his comfort zone, Christ ministered and prophesized to those who received him and to those that rebuked and hated him. He traveled outside of his hometown to minister, heal, raise the dead and show love to everyone. Christ knew he would be sent to places in which he would be hated yet he pressed forward and planted the seed of the gospel in all who would listen. The more Christ was pulled out of his comfort zone the more lives he touched along the way. Jesus took the ultimate step outside of his comfort and safety zone. He bared his cross. He fulfilled his purpose and freed many souls. Because Christ stepped out of his comfort and safety zone we are able to ask for forgiveness and receive eternal life. So I ask, ―Are you really living a Christ-like life? Are you ready to take that big step of leaving THE COMFORT ZONE?‖ By: Sherrell Straker-Valdezloqui 19


Have you heard the song “He Wants It All” by Forever Jones?

This song touches my heart so deeply to know that God walks the earth searching for a child that will give him their all. Someone that‘s desperate for a savior because of the lifestyle they may have been living. While listening to this song my heart throbs with warmth and excitement knowing there is a God that wants to take away someone‘s heartache, pain , turmoil, sorrow, addiction, depression, financial struggles, worries, sickness and stress. God wants it all and he wants it right now, right this second as your reading, he wants it all today. He takes the bad from us and showers us with blessings after blessings. All he wants in return is, for us to love him with all of our hearts. For us to serve him, spread his word by planting the proper seed (Gospel) for his harvest. God wants us to think about him more than we think about our bills, money, cars and our jobs. At the end of the day when we leave from work and school to rush on the phone to spread the daily gossip, or making a phone call to ask a friend for advice on relationship, children, or racking minds trying to

figure out whom to ask to borrow money. He watches and says to himself, why don‘t they ask me for advice, ask me to show them true love or how to raise their children. Ask me for protection or to make a way for them to put food on their table. To keep their light and water on, ask me what my will is for them and the path they need to take to get there. God‘s been speaking to us at times and we don‘t even hear him, because that spirit of discouragement , gossiping, disappointment seems to try and out speak the voice of God. And although God voice is louder, we tend to put him on mute and listen to the things that can intentionally bring us down. God wants us to give him our all, worship and pray to him. Why not give up all of your pain and struggles, why not give up a heavy load to someone that is willing to take it all from you. Why not give up that sickness that has one lying in bed for weeks and weeks at a time. Someone who gave a life to ensure we are able to give all these things which are harmful both physically and spiritually. So again I ask why not give it to God, he wants it all! By: Sherrell Straker-Valdezloqui


I am the founder of God’s Precious Jewels, which was birthed on Sunday January 3, 2010 during a conversation with one of my sisters in Christ. We were sharing a testimony and rejoicing in how the Lord was moving in our lives. The words "GOD'S PRECIOUS JEWELS" fell from my lips and just as a baby leaps in the womb, the vision for this ministry leaped in my spirit. All that night and early into the next morning, the burden for hurting women flooded my soul. Having gone through various trials in my own life, I knew that I had a story to share, but did not know how God would provide a platform to deliver a testimony of hope and healing to this population of women. In my growing excitement and restlessness, I shared God's revelation with another sister on Tuesday, January 5, 2010. She spoke these words, "Share your story." Five days later, on Saturday January 9, 2010, GPJ hosted its first gathering in Powell, Ohio with 19 women in attendance. It was a night filled with tears, reflection, insight, hope and revelation. Gods Precious Jewels Mission Statement: GPJ is dedicated to rebuilding the lives of women of all ages, race, and religion by empowering them with the Word of God, losing the ties that bind them to the past, providing tools that enable them to move forward through the stages of brokenness into healthy, whole, women of God, released and equipped to impact the Kingdom of God. I’ve been married to George A. Frederick II for over 18 years. We are the parents of two beautiful

children; daughter, Taylor and son, Tyler. They reside in Reynoldsburg, Ohio. She is a member of Resurrection Power Church of God in Christ and serves as the Minister of Music. I’m a Licensed Massage Therapist and is the owner of Healing Oasis Total Body Therapy, LLC. In my spare time I enjoy reading, traveling and meeting new people. My vision is to open a health and wellness center. The Spirit gave me this scripture as it relates to God's Precious Jewels, "Then those whose lives honored God got together and talked it over. God saw what they were doing and listened in. A book was opened in God's presence and minutes were taken of the meeting, with the names of the God-fearers written down, all the names of those who honored God's name. God-ofthe Angel-Armies said, "They're mine, all mine. They'll get special treatment when I go into action. I treat them with the same consideration and kindness that parents give the child who honors them. Once more you'll see the difference it makes between being a person who does the right thing and one who doesn't, between serving God and not serving him." Malachi 3:16 - 18 - The Message Bible No matter what you have gone through, or even sitting in the midst of, God wants you to know that you are special to Him. Just like the scripture stated we are his, and we are precious jewels in His sight. We overcome by the blood of the Lamb and the words of our testimony. Continue to pray for GPJ as we set out to fulfill the mission that has been set before us.


What Do You Know About the Bible? BIBLE TRIVIA: Answer the following Questions:




How old was Noah when flood waters were on the earth? a. Eight hundred b. Six hundred c. Ninety

5. How many chapters are there in the Book of Psalms? a. 126 b. 118 c. 150

What is the Fifth Book of Moses called? a. Exodus b. Revelation c. Deuteronomy

6. Is the Father, Son and the Holy Ghost a. The same spirit b. separate c. none of the above

Why did Cain kill Abel a. Jealous b. Heard voices c. It was an accident

7. Who is your biggest Enemy? a. Yourself b. Satan c. Ex

4. True or False God created man on the 4th Day?

8. Is there a heaven or a hell? a. Yes b. No


Paulette Harper "So thankful that God saw what I would become instead of judging me based on how others saw me."

--Adrienna Turner I am thankful for God breathing His life in my body, speaking and pouring His Holy Spirit in me when I start to lose the faith, and whispers in my ear, "I love you, My child." I am thankful to share the love He's put in my spirit and to see the best in everyone I meet, talk to, or spend time with. I am thankful for my family, spiritual family, and divine connections including those who despise what I do and still love them. I am most thankful for the gifts that God has bestowed in me to represent as the "living example" of Christ and to keep me in His care with His divine goodness that's unspeakable.

Sherell Edwards I am thankful for a conscious mind that has served me for 40 years, a body that has carried me even when it required rest, a host of family, a few friends and many associates that have supported my life and business endeavors and a Heavenly Father that cares and shows continuous grace and mercy for us all.

Shelby Frederick I am most thankful for being redeemed and forgiven. Our Father in heaven is so gracious to us and even when we are out of His will, He still gives us an opportunity to line up. I THANK GOD that He didn't give up on me. And because of His unconditional love and faithfulness, I now find myself being SELFLESS and seeing people as God sees them. It is not always easy, of course, but I do make that effort! All GLORY, HONOR AND PRAISE TO GOD OUR FATHER, AND HIS SON, JESUS CHRIST!

Vanessa Richards I am thankful for faith and the source of that faith God. I am thankful for the many gifts God had given me. The main one: Faith. Faith is one of the most prominent keys, to opening the doors to our destinies. Faith is hard to acquire by most and is often achieve through the fire (our tests), when sometimes it should be implemented before the fire. Faith can stomp out unnecessary fires; as there JUST some things, we don't have to go through. Keep the faith.

Sherrell Straker-Valdezloqui I am thankful for having a God that loves, forgives and judge us based on our hearts and not the actions we may have taken in the past. I thank him for health; my family having both my father and husband home from oversees safely this holiday. Just thankful for the life he has given and found me worthy to have.



Relationship Empowerment, Leadership Empowerment, Family Empowerment, Dating Empowerment, and Spiritual Formation Empowerment. He is also the CEO of Life Focus Empowerment Ministries. Life Focus is a community outreach ministry of Life Skills Education Programs that are offered to both community and church audiences on an ongoing basis and as needed.

ANTIOCH BIBLE FELLOWSHIP MINISTRIES (Reaching the Next Generation & Beyond) Rev.Wilbert Blandon Jr. is the Pastor of Antioch Bible Fellowship Ministries in Fayetteville, North Carolina. Pastor Blandon is a church planter and pastors a growing church with a heavy emphasis on healthy relationships and the ministry of the saints. He currently serves as the Secretary and Home Missions Director for Building the Bridge Ministries for the United Pentecostal Church International. Pastor Blandon is the President of Covenant Grace Empowerment Ministries. This is a ministry that places heavy emphasis on

Pastor Blandon is married to the lovely and wonderful Glenda D. Blandon. They have shared their destiny in God for over twentyeight years and are looking forward to a great future in Christ together. Sister Blandon as she is affectionately called is always there to support, encourage, strengthen, and to compliment her husband‘s ministry. Sister Blandon has her own unique way of touching lives with her down to earth attitude through the ministry of helps and encouragement to so many people. She also assists in speaking with her husband in Marriage Conferences as well as in Ladies‘ Ministry settings. Pastor and Sister Blandon always look forward to sharing their twenty-eight years of marriage experience whenever God gives them the opportunity to be a blessing. The vision of Antioch Bible Fellowship Ministries is to equip all generations with the gospel of Jesus Christ by sharing God‘s word with everyone. The churches‘ mission is to focus on empowering people of all cultures to reach their highest quality of life in Christ. This way the members can share the core values of loving and serving Jesus, loving and serving one another, and loving and serving their community while maintaining an intentional focus on fulfilling their God-given destiny. It is believed that at Antioch everyone is a minister because everyone has a ministry. The reason why this concept is emphasized because everyone is encouraged to enter in to the 26

corporate anointing of the church; so that their individual anointing can flow unbridled, unhindered, and un-tampered with while serving in the various and diverse ministries of the church. This way we can move from being an activity based ministry to becoming a relational based ministry because ministry is about people and not programs. The goal is to mobilize the entire church for ministry connection both to one another and to the community at large. Another piece to the ministry of Antioch is to set in motion what is called the Transformation Process. The transformation process will involve incorporating spiritual disciplines into your life that put you in a position to be touched, taught, and transformed by God. The transformation process is an ongoing process driven by purpose. Its ultimate end is to transform every member into a minister, so that every transformed minister can be released for ministry fulfillment. This strategic approach is designed to intentionally create an environment for un-limited spiritual growth & development.

that will encourage you, hold you accountable, and walk with you in difficult times. It will also involve a variety of experiences such as suffering, giving, serving, worship, confession of sin, and others that Jesus will use to shape and mold you into His image. Once you get a clear picture of what the authentic ministry of Jesus Christ is all about then you can walk with him with realistic and dynamic expectations. In conclusion, Antioch Bible Fellowship Ministries is doing it‘s very best to be poised, prepared, and positioned to reach the next generation of believers and beyond. We are destined to conquer greater dimensions continually. We are the place where Jesus is Lord and people are precious and we are here in Fayetteville, North Carolina to empower you to reach your highest quality of life in Christ. May the Lord richly bless you as you endeavor to fulfill His purposes in your life. This article is sincerely submitted by: Pastor Wilbert Blandon Jr.

The transformation process is important because it involves having people in your life


Sr. Pastor Tony Johnson has been firmly established as one of the most dynamic up and coming servant-leaders in the body of Christ of our time. As a spiritual father, counselor, preacher, teacher and psalmist, Johnson is respected for his innovative thinking, age old wisdom, contemporary leadership and his holistic approach to serving people. Receiving the Lord Jesus Christ as his personal Lord and Savior at the age of sixteen years old and called to A spiritual son of Bishop Ira V. Hilliard and a covenant partner of the AIM organization. Johnson is a man of tremendous faith, living out the truth of Hebrews 11:6. Johnson has proven to be one of the most gifted, solid and sound faith teachers of today. While forging ahead to fulfill the call of God on his life, he has studied at Florida Memorial University, Theos International Bible College and he is continuing to pursue his education at the International College of Ministry to stay on the cutting edge of ministry.

Also a mentor to many, he is a conduit that brings many people together to ensure kingdom mobility and momentum for individuals and ministries. A man of balance and with the love of God, Johnson is committed to the faith walk and the assignment given to him to equip the saints for the work of the ministry; he strives daily with passion and purpose to advance the kingdom of God to fulfill his call in the earth.

Our Services We invite you to come and experience one of our dynamic services Wednesday evening The Bible Encounter - 7:00 PM Sunday Morning Worship~~~ 10:00 AM

Location: Word of Faith Worship Center 6815 53rd Ave. East Bradenton, Fl 34203


Lady Paulette Harper Johnson is a sought after speaker, certified life coach, minister and author. As an inspirational and motivational speaker, Paulette‘s desire is to motive women to reach their God given potential through conferences, workshops and seminars. Combining enthusiasm with an energetic speaking style, audiences describe Paulette‘s presentation as inspiriting, enriching and encouraging. She is committed to speaking a message that is always uplifting and edifying. Paulette has authored such books as, That Was Then, This Is Now, This Broken Vessel Restored which achieved national recognition, becoming a finalist in the 2009 Next Generation Indie Book Award. Moreover, it ranked consecutively on the Black Christian Publishers Bestsellers List for Independent Publishers (non-fiction category). Her newest release, Completely Whole was published under her own publishing company, Thy Word Publishing. She is the coauthor of Victorious Living for Women. Her next book, For Such a Time as This will be released in 2011 in addition to Victorious Living for Moms. Paulette is the visionary behind Write Now (releasing the word in you) literary workshops designed to coach aspirating writers in the areas of creativity, development and publication of Christian books. God has given her a desire for writers especially those who want to write for the Lord. Through these workshops it is her desire to provide information that will help aspiring authors dream come to reality, by providing tools, resources and opportunities to help them succeed. Visit her website:




As a non-denominational church, we are called to be a body of believers demonstrating the principles of faith and exemplifying the kingdom of God here on earth. This ministry is called to equip and help bring maturity to the body of Christ. We do not exist to merely distribute fish to people, but to teach people to fish for themselves. We are called to disciple men and women and teach them to disciple others.

The primary purpose of the ministry of Word of Faith Worship Center is to teach the uncompromising word of God and to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ. To be a ministry committed to excellence that reaches the lost and teaches the found by ministering to the total man; spiritually, physically, socially and economically; having the word of God as our guide, the Holy Spirit as our teacher and faith as our foundation, founded on Romans 10:8 "But what does it say? The word is near you; in your mouth and in your heart', (that is the word of faith which we preach):" (NKJV)

As we teach, minister, love and strengthen others individually, we strengthen collectively the corporate body of the church. As we minister to marriages and families, we minister to the basic unit of society. Therefore, when individual hearts are changed, families are changed and thus society is changed ultimately advancing the kingdom and glorifying God.

Our Services We invite you to come and experience one of our dynamic services Wednesday evening The Bible Encounter - 7:00 PM Sunday Morning Worship~~~ 10:00 AM

As a healing ministry for hurting people, we are called to reach beyond the walls of the church, beyond race, creed and nationality to be a church without division: to be a multi-racial, multi-ethnic, multi-cultural ministry so that the church actually reflects the kingdom of God.

Location: Word of Faith Worship Center 6815 53rd Ave. East Bradenton, Fl 34203




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