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CEO Sherrell Valdezloqui


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The Comfort Zone By: Sherrell Straker-Valdezloqui


Do you Have Room? By: Tina Kay Hughes


Shake Us Again!!!! By: Sherrell Straker-Valdezloqui


The Super Natural Power of Vision! By: Dr. Inecir Matthis


It’s Your Season! By: Rachel Moore

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I would like to first say it is a blessing to be able to be alive and well in 2011. I know a lot of people have started on their new year’s resolution. Food for thought; we shouldn’t wait until the New Year to say what we are going to do things different in our lives. Even if it’s losing weight, you don’t have to wait until the New Year to go on a diet. This is something that could be done at anytime. We must get to a point in our lives where we are not putting something on hold because of the date. Life is too short. What about those who say they were going to

get there life straight in 2011? Some that have said those things may have lost their minds or even their life prior to the New Year coming in. Live your life as if each day is your last. Love one another, cherish the moment and remember every second of your life that has past; you can never get it back. Love and enjoy your time here on earth. Let this year be the year you seek and find your purpose in life. Once you’ve found it, you never know, you could be the next inside feature or cover feature on Promoting Purpose Magazine.


Promoting Purpose Magazine is a monthly digital and printed publication. Promoting Purpose is available to our subscribers in all 50 states. Our purpose is to ―Promote What God Has Already Placed in us‖. We put those who have ministries in the pulpit, through writing, motivational speaking, coaching, poetry and etc. in front of thousands to share what God has placed among us. Our articles are full of spiritual tools to help with everyday life as well as bring people closer to God.

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Dear Readers, First, I would like to acknowledge God as My Lord and Savior! Giving praise in advance for His awesome blessings. The message that I would like for everyone to receive through this article is hope. No matter what situation you are facing right now, God will give you the strength and encouragement to make it through. There were times when I felt like it was no purpose of being here on earth. But God!! He sent his holy angels to speak in the midst of darkness reminding me of how special I am in his eyesight. I hope through this article you can see yourself on the mountain top instead of the valley. Going through for many years with my oldest son, is where I truly began to understand God and His plan for my life. It wasn’t personal, but God knew a ministry was coming forth from the trials and

tribulations which I had experienced. Mothers I want to encourage you that God will take the natural and release the supernatural upon your situation. When the enemy speaks that you can’t or your child is doomed for failure, tell him he’s a liar. Sometimes God has to put them in a safe haven where He can speak to them. To get our children’s attention and have an opportunity to receive a life that’s everlasting. I am a living testimony and a conqueror through Jesus Christ. The enemy tried to break my spirit in many ways. It happened through broken relationships and a lot of hardship! But I am here to encourage you, don’t give up on God. Whatever He tells you to do, please trust His voice and do it. He always has our best interest at heart.


My name is Natasha Edwards and I am from Tallahassee Florida. I am a single mother of two boys, ages 11 and 21. I have been employed with the State of Florida for 17 years. My life converted to Christ at the age of 12. I didn’t begin to surrender until 2000 and by the year 2002 my heart and mind was made to serve God faithfully. I was ordained in 2006 as a minister. The Lord has blessed me to operate in the Evangelistic and Prophetic anointing. My oldest son is currently serving a 15 year prison sentence. His troubles began at age 12 when he experienced attitude changes and his happiness turned into anger. His school grades began to drop and while he was in the 7th grade, he was caught with marijuana. This was only the beginning of a long journey. Before we could clear this matter up,

within 3 months there was another charge. The courts recommended probation and drug court, unfortunately, he continued down the wrong path and violated probation. He was sentenced to Disc Village and after a few months another violation. For the next 7 years, I had to experience court, legal fees, and victims attempting to sue me. I had to go through a lot of this by myself. He continued to get into situations and finally at the age of 18, the ultimate thing happened. God stepped in and saved him! He’s in prison but God knows what’s best for him. Afterwards God told me to not mourn long; he needed me to go forth and be there for others! Hallelujah! The Mothers of Hope Ministry was established…..

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This is not your typical book about women, but it is a book that will change the lives of women who are willing to go on a life journey of transformation. These ladies have decided to bear their own souls in order for others to experience healing through adversity. Each one of these women deserve to be applauded for their candor, transparency and honesty as they take us on their personal journeys from pain to promise, tears to joy, trial to triumph and victim to victor. Stories of Transformation will surely lead you on a pathway towards wholeness. These incredible women share true-life stories that will remind us that we too can remain whole despite adversity. - Paulette Harper Bestselling Author of That Was Then, This Is Now! Pre- Order Your Copy Today!

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12:48). Because of his commitment to the ministry, Evangelist Sanders now serves as the Assistant Pastor of Victory Deliverance Church of Christ in Columbus, Ohio where his Father is the Presiding Prelate. Victory Deliverance Church, Inc. spans the United States, Caribbean Islands and Africa. In addition, Evangelist Sanders oversees the International Evangelistic Departments and has been blessed to travel abroad preaching and teaching the gospel from the east to the west coast, as well as Trinidad, Barbados, Canada, Jamaica and the British Virgin Islands.

One of eight children born to Bishop Fred and Esther Sanders, Evangelist Sanders realized there was a call on his life at a very early age. Even though the enemy planned to deter the young evangelist from reaching his destiny, God's plan would ultimately prevail. After years of struggling with drugs, alcohol abuse and crime, the Lord would deliver Jonathan through a revival conducted by his father Apostle Fred Sanders, on September 28th, 1990 in Detroit, Michigan. "..For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required‌" (Luke


CEO Sherrell had the opportunity to speak with Elder Sanders in the middle of his traveling. Because of Elder Sanders busy travel schedule, Sherrell asked Elder Sanders if traveling around the 50 states to minister is as easy as it looks. In Elder Sanders response he emphasizes on how important it is to


His unique deliverance ministry has transformed lives and caused souls to be set free. Anointed with the gift of prophecy, he utters the oracles of God with accuracy. Evangelist Sanders intense delivery of the gospel will grip your spirit and challenge your intellect. He is the Founder and President of Victorious Living Ministries, a ministry that is designed to show the believer how to obtain victory in every area of their life. A graduate of Lighthouse Christian College in Beebe, Arkansas, Evangelist Sanders has received his Bachelor's Degree in Theology and is currently pursuing his Psychology degree at the University of Phoenix. Evangelist Sanders is the Author of the book ―L.A.P.D- Life After a Painful Divorce ―and is the father of two sons. 15


26 year old CEO Sherrell Straker– Valdezloqui had been working overtime last year and she’s not planning on slowing down anytime soon. Sherrell feels it is vital that every one seek and find their purpose in life. ―In order for us to be satisfied, we must find out what we are meant to operate and walk in‖. Sherrell is not only the CEO of Promoting Purpose Magazine, but she is also CEO of S&V Promoting Purpose Media. This includes internet radio, magazine and other media outlets to make others aware of the ministries God has placed among us to help our walk here on earth. The 26 year old is a worshipper of God, a wife and a mother of 2 girls. Sherrell says ―I want my daughters to truly look at my life and see that it is a testimony. I’ve went from where others thought at one point in time I wouldn’t have made it because of the choices I made, to a woman that served her country for a couple of years, who holds a degree in Business Administration, author of two books, and currently working on the promise that God gave her which was her own business at 26. Never give up and always know that even when we fall down God is always there to pick us up. He wants to use us so that others may see his mercy, grace, love and how he looks at the heart of what we are capable of doing, even when we think we are not worthy of his love. Sherrell is available for speaking engagements and can be booked by calling 910-635-2340 or send booking requests to


How did you discover at such a young age your purpose? I discovered my Purpose recently, actually. It was July 2010. I was at my mom’s house and I remembered the Lord speaking to my heart. It was clear yet I was confused when he revealed to me a magazine. I’m an author who writes books, I knew nothing about magazines. I just started writing for a magazine in April as contributing to get noticed and promote my books. I would have told anyone who asked, that producing a magazine was not my calling. I couldn’t have told you how to put a cover together if you asked. When the Lord spoke I didn’t know where to start and so I tried to ignore the feeling and kept it moving. My mind set was if I was going to do something it would be opening up a café and selling my books in it. The one thing that made me finally just take a leap of faith was when I went down to Atlanta for a book signing. I was in my hotel room and a friend called. He started prophesying to me and I received it. But yet still nervous on what to do. Where there any obstacles or second thoughts about your purpose? Yes. A couple of weeks I questioned the Lord. I didn’t know where to start. Every website would tell you that in order to start a magazine, you would need at least a couple of thousand dollars to help promote, get equipment, and hire others to help. I wasn’t working at the time and the little I got was from my book sales. I didn’t want to bother my husband because he took care of the bills and etc. I prayed one night and even told the Lord I didn’t think I could go forward, and if he really wants me to continue, I need a sign or confirmation. Now that I think of it, I had some nerve to question God, but He had a friend to call and encourage me. Afterwards I constantly heard the voice of God telling me if you don’t do it someone else will. That made me jump. I then began to ask the Lord to show me how to start the magazine, how to receive revenue for the magazine and etc. He did just that. He downloaded a magazine into my mind and it came out great. I got in contact with a couple of authors, poets and other ministries to start the magazine.


There are so many Inspirational Magazines out there. What makes Promoting Purpose Magazine different? First let me say, any magazine that is called by God is important and there should be no competition, because God knows it takes different approaches and tools to reach the masses. Promoting Purpose Magazine promotes the ministry of those who are making a difference and reaching out and sharing God’s love. You do not have to be well known to be in or on the cover of the magazine, but you have to be walking in your purpose. When God placed PPM in my heart he said this magazine is to show his people who are out working hard and climbing the ladder to never give up and that they are being recognized for their good works. Sometimes people feel the only time they are doing something is if they’re in a magazine, newspaper, radio and etc. We give the children of God the opportunity to also place their ministry in front of thousands so others would know of the ministry’s existence. Our articles are spiritual tools used to speak to the save and the unsaved. For those that know the Lord the articles can be a refresher/reminder. For those that do not know God it is a tool and a way to get to know God. It is said that everyday a new magazine enters the industry. And that half of them will not make it the first year. How do you feel about Promoting Purpose Magazine and what hope can you give those out there that feel as though there purpose is to start a magazine for God as well? WOW! Yes, it is true every day a new magazine is entering the market. I read that as well that 20% of magazines make it and 10% out of 20 % fail within the first year. If God has given you the vision run with it and know that you are going to be among that 20 that make it. I didn’t have any funds to start Promoting Purpose Magazine. I wasn’t going to borrow money and get in debt. I felt that since God gave me this vision he was going to make it where I wouldn’t need to borrow money. The first magazine was released in September. No one knew me and of course no one is going to risk giving you money. My instructions were to do a digital magazine and let people view it for free. The first magazine I contacted people and


did everything for free. I was tired and didn’t know whether I would be doing advertisements for free for months or what. I knew I wanted to help my husband and be able to say I had a job of my own. By the October magazine, I hesitated and didn’t want to ask people to donate if I feature them or advertise for them, But once again the Lord sent me a few encouragers letting me know hey, it’s okay to charge. You have to eat and the Lord knows that. I then started asking for donations for my services. People agreed. I had to stop and pray asking the Lord what was next. I was also curious about how to get my magazine in print although I just started out. Everyone kept saying print would get you in debt. That same month God gave me the okay to charge but not to be greedy. Charge for my time and it would increase from there. It’s weird though how at first when you present something at a low price people prefer the one that costs more. But when others started giving word of mouth and saw the magazine that’s when I started receiving advertisers that were willing to pay the fee I charged. By the middle of October I was blessed and excited to inform others I was in print. It was God because it happened so fast I really couldn’t tell you how I got to that point. I was only in my second magazine and already printing. Not once did I become in debt with printing. At times I may have come out even but not under. At this point Promoting Purpose has only been out for 4 months. We are still pushing forward. The company S&V Promoting Purpose Media in which PPM is under is the main company which produces PP magazines and Promoting Purpose internet radio. This is a sure way to get the ministries out in the open. It’s also important to have a staff that believes in what you are doing and is always praying for the Lord to constantly lead and for the success of the company. I thank God for a staff that’s behind me 100%. They aren’t jealous because they know we are one body of Christ. And although God gave me the vision, he had to place others to work with me. I never say for me, but work with me because we are all working for the Lord in this business. How do you or would you handle someone that is not satisfied or does not like what you are doing? We must understand that even though we are doing the work for God, there will be a lot of people hoping to see this company fall. For


those who do not like what I am doing I would simply keep it professional if they approach me. I would let them know everyone has their own opinions and if they do not like what I’m doing then this ministry is not for them. What’s sad about it is I understand and know that some of the people who may not like my ministry would be some that say they are a child of God. That’s how the enemy tends to work. He tries to turn your brothers and sisters on you because he knows you expect more support from them than anyone else. But I have learned we are all human and we all have our natural ways. Only set your sight on pleasing God and following his direction and no one else. Have I had someone say they didn’t like what I was doing? Of course I have. I’m not afraid to say it. At first it will get to you and many know I’m a transparent person. It will get to you and play in your head several times what that person said. You may even think of how the old you would have approached the situation. But thank God for prayer warriors and God himself for giving you that thick skin. Some don’t receive the thick skin at first. I didn’t start off with thick skin, but God has delivered me and let me know that the more people that are exposed to the magazine, the more people that will come against it. The enemy doesn’t want to see God’s plan or vision become successful. Besides business how is Sherrell personally? I am a down to earth person. Some say I look too nice and easy. Others say I at times intimidate them by my outer appearance. I am nice (lol). I just don’t like or tolerate mess. I’m very approachable. When I’m on business I dress very professional but not to intimidate. I just believe when promoting or doing book signings and seminars, I should dress professional. If you catch me on my relaxed days I throw on jeans and a shirt or sweat pants. I’m a humble person and never try to go out and make myself known just for the attention. Most of the time I walk around among others, speak, smile, talk, and then during a conversation one may ask what I do and I’ll tell them. I always get the response of WOW God is blessing and using you at such a young age. Most like the fact I never make anyone feel less because my work is different. To me we are all the same and that is a creation made by God. My children are my pride and joy, so spending time with them and watching the Princess DVD is what I’ve been doing lately, when I’m not traveling or working on the magazine. I want to thank the subscribers for your questions. Thank you for your love and support. Continue to seek or walk in your purpose.



PPM wanted your vote on one of the articles that stuck out to you in 2010. Your choice was The Comfort Zone. So here goes!

For so long we’ve been accepting and adapting to the things we feel are comfortable to us. For example, the home we live in, the car we drive, the people we associate with and the job we report to almost

every day. This is also true on a spiritual level. We accept where we are instead of digging deeper because we are comfortable. We’re satisfied inside our little box of daily Bible reading, praying, going to


church, singing in the choir or ushering. We rely on the Pastors’ Sunday morning message and most times never research for ourselves what was being preached. We testify quickly, but only to those we know are going to cosign or agree with us. We do minister, but only to those who are all ready saved and know the Word. All the while we believe we have fulfilled our requirement as Christians. Living Christ-like is more than saying, ―I love you,‖ to everyone, or going to church every time, the church doors are open. I consider this the comfort and safety zone. My question is: Are you really living a Christ-like life? In studying the life of Christ and his journey, we find that he prayed, worshiped and sang to the glory of God. He did this daily. This was his comfort and safety zone. When the time came for him to step out of his comfort zone, Christ ministered and prophesized to those who received him and to those

that rebuked and hated him. He traveled outside of his hometown to minister, heal, raise the dead and show love to everyone. Christ knew he would be sent to places in which he would be hated yet he pressed forward and planted the seed of the gospel in all who would listen. The more Christ was pulled out of his comfort zone the more lives he touched along the way. Jesus took the ultimate step outside of his comfort and safety zone. He bared his cross. He fulfilled his purpose and freed many souls. Because Christ stepped out of his comfort and safety zone we are able to ask for forgiveness and receive eternal life. So I ask, ―Are you really living a Christ-like life? Are you ready to take that big step of leaving THE COMFORT ZONE this year 2011?” By: SherrellStrakerValdezloqui


Be sure to get your very own copy & share this inspirational project with your girlfriends! Much love, Woman to Woman

CONTACT Ms. Steph @lifesjourney_w2w@yah o m


Stephanneth Adams is 25 years old, a devoted Christian and desires to use her Godgiven gifts to help foster the success of women on a holistic level. She is the Founder of Life's Journey: Woman to Woman, A ministry dedicated to breaking women free from their feelings of shame and pain in order to embrace feelings of joy and beauty. Stephanneth is also an aspiring author of the accompanying book; Life's Journey: Woman to Woman. Born and raised in the state of Maryland to the proud parents Dr. Stephanneth Adams M.D. & Mrs. Stephanie Adams, she received much love and care. Not to mention, her brothers have been there to irritate her in sibling

love. As a little girl, Steph always found that expressing herself through writing & dance came naturally for her. This was a gift she later realized during her late teens that God wanted to use. Surrendering her life to God at the age of 17, Steph began her journey of walking into her Godgiven destiny. “I have not always been "perfect" but, God has always been there to reshape and transform me into the woman he desires�, she says. God has placed a calling on her to live a life inspiring to others, especially young adult women. Through her own life's journey (her ups, 26

her downs, & turnaround) she has learned life principles and how to depend upon the one who supplies her needs. Currently she holds a Bachelor's of Science Degree in Biology: pre-medicine from Union University; Jackson, TN. During her academic journey she realized that God wanted her to pursue a career in Nursing, which focuses on a holistic view of the patient and provides an opportunity to be a vital part in the lives' of others during a major turning point. Along with her previous studies of the biological sciences, she has obtained a Bachelor's of Science Degree in Nursing from Saint Joseph's College; West Hartford, CT. As a registered nurse, Steph, by God's grace, is pursuing graduate studies in Women's Health Nursing to become a Women's Health Nurse

Practitioner. These studies will further her knowledge on women’s issues and increase her contact with their lives. Ultimately, her life goal is to develop a team that will work with women and instill in them a seed of hope that will inspire them to become a "better you". That is, to motivate women to have a strong spiritual foundation, to be career goal oriented, and to develop socially. Through the accompanying book, web site, blogs, videos, events, ministries, and weekly Monday inspirational, women are empowered to move from their past and into a brighter future. The group is located at three sites: Official: Facebook: type in group name Youtube: user/LifesJourneyW2W


We have room for everything under the sun these days! By room I mean, your time, attention, efforts, and energy directing at or being used for a specific thing or person. We make room for whatever makes us feel as if we have power, comfort, control and/or happiness. It is so funny that we read the nativity story and say I would have given up my bed and even prepared a feast for Mary & Joseph. That’s just it, we love to say what we would have done, but the truth about the matter is when we are in the moment, at a particular space in time, to make a decision that could

ultimately affect someone else we don’t have any room for it. Last year I’ve been so lackadaisical about purchasing gifts because I’ve come to enjoy the company of loved ones verses what I can give someone that will only provide that person with a temporary emotion. What can be given to loved ones that will last forever—a lifetime? Memories, especially good ones, are a lot more important to me these days, than more gadgets, clothing, or figurines that only clutter my home even more. People don’t


understand or even realize that all these things are taking up way to much room in their lives already. This year, as I do throughout the year, I have resorted to walking around my home and giving away things to people that will provide a lasting memory. I am baking and opening my cupboards to see what will benefit someone else and create lasting memories. Think about it. Do you remember what you received 5 years ago for Christmas? What are some of the memories you have from Christmases past? Joseph & Mary were in desperate need of a room, someone’s room, anyone’s room and it is so ironic that no one had room for the Lord and Savior that we call upon everyday who always has room for us. I’m sure they never forgot the day Mary gave birth to her first son, who is God’s Son, and the

Son that gives us access to God on a daily basis. Think about it, a stable with animals—imagine the smell. This is the memory that they never forgot all their days on this earth. On the day Mary gave birth no one had room or even wanted to make room for a couple who had a child on the way. Do we have room for Jesus Christ in our lives or do we have so much going on, too many things in our home (and lives), and trying to get this and that causing us to completely fill our schedules with lots of stuff, but no room for Jesus. I don’t really like clichés but Jesus is truly the reason for this season. Make room for Him in your life, home, and in all that you do—He always has room for you.

By TKay (Tina Hughes) author of ―TKay’s Inspirational: Walking in Your Season‖


Order your copy of The Hurting Women Today! This book is a lesson learned book for ages 16 and up! A lesson about teen pregnancy, early bird love and why it’s important to wait on God to bring the right woman or man in one’s life; a lesson on how easy it is to be abused emotionally without even realizing it, and how some tend to end up in a abusive relationship that didn’t always started off that way. This book will make teens more cautious with relationships along with making one look into their own situation to seek a better and healthier lifestyle. Be careful who you give your heart to, and always seek the Lord for wisdom and understanding. 30 Order your autographed copy today at $15.99

Olivia Mayfield is the youngest African American woman to hold the position as Executive Manager of Barnes & Rogers Corporation. Olivia has been with the company for only three years and plans to become Director of the Comptroller Department. She is a Christian. She has strayed away from the Lord because of her abusive family background. As she continues to climb the ladder of success she loses herself and compromises her Christian values. She makes many bad decisions that lead her to the path back to the Lord and what she has really been called to do in her life. Will Olivia wake up before she loses everything? Some things we lose in our life are a gain for the glory of God.

Contact Info: Website: Location of books:;; Price: $19.99 ISBN: 978-1-4500-5555-0 (Paperback) Also the author of: Weekend At Camp, $15.99, ISBN: 978-1-4535-1171-8 (Paperback)


Have you heard the song Shake Us Again by Dr. Juanita Bynum? This is a song that is anointed with a message of awakening. For so long many of us have been in a coma; a coma in which many spirits have deeply fallen into. But what leads our spirit into this deep sleep in which God has to turn around and shake us out of? Is it our jobs, money, our family and friends, Satan or the biggest enemy of them all ourselves? As humans our natural man has the tendency of trying to kill or starve any good spiritual connection. This happens even when we are trying our best to live our life according to the gospel. Our natural being is attracted to the things that appear attractive or good on the

outside, but aren’t attractive or good on the inside. Our jobs are something we do in order to make ends meet, put food on the table, pay bills and etc. At times we depend on our job to supply for us more than we depend on God to supply. Jobs and workplaces already have a certain amount of our time and attention away from God, and then because of our means of living, we sometimes look at our finances, and if we don’t think it’s enough we work even more. That’s when one volunteers to pull doubles or work on their day off because they’re looking at the amount of money they can bring in for that particular week or month.


(This is sometimes the case not always). This takes even more of one’s time from God. By the time we get home we are too tired to even read the word or pray. Some still force themselves to do so but not because there heart is in it, but simply because they do it in their spiritual survival mode. Spiritual survivor mode is when you do what you assume is safe and think is border line with God. When doing this you are truly sleeping on life! To top it off there is always someone in the family who tends to be the news in the family because they may be struggling and not have everything together. Sad to say but even those who say they are children of God they get excited to hear news about someone that’s at their weakest or most miserable point. Instead of praying that someone’s situation would get better, we go and tell the next person what is going on and how the other is falling short. All the time your spirit is asking for food, and asking for the energy it needs to fight the unseen and seen warfare going on around you.

Until one day the spirit slips into a coma and you wonder why it feels like the gates of hell have opened on you. You no longer have your armor on and you are vulnerable to any and everything the world throws at you. From time to time your spirit tries to get your attention because God shakes it so you’ll know that there’s something on the inside that needs your attention. You’ll sometimes feel your heart or hear that voice that says pray, read, get back to a place of God so you’ll be safe. Those that hear that voice and truly know they need to get back to God, fight and pray and ask God to shake them again, because without the shaking of God there is no awakening. We can’t shake ourselves and even if we try it’s not long enough to keep us awake. The bottom line is if you know or feel that your spiritual relationship with God is distanced; pray right now at this moment for God to Shake You Again.

Sherrell Straker-Valdezloqui


As this year 2010 comes to an end, begin to write down good things that happened across the year and not so good things. As we make room in our lives for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to celebrate His life; we should do the same for ourselves and family. This year as you sit around the table to eat your holiday meal(s) don’t talk about the mundane things in life, but draw from your list and encourage your family to do the same and talk about positive experiences that happened across the year along with things the family can work on as a whole; because it definitely takes a village, which is your family. The What If’s In Life The what ifs in life…sometimes we need to prepare for things in life even if we don’t know they are coming…what exactly are the what ifs in life, they tend to catch us on our blind side & we don’t have a clue or even know they are on the way, but they come anyway….the what if’s in life.... are we properly preparing for those things…we all have what ifs in life, there is no way around these what ifs in our lives they just show up like an uninvited house guest who stays, and stays, and stays... they can’t be stopped they are like a freight train or subway ready to dump off a load of what ifs in your life of all these things and people that you were not expecting to show up…what are you doing to prepare for the what ifs in your life...please believe the what if's are coming....Get ready cause the what ifs don't care about who you are, what you do, your hopes and dreams or anything about you....the what ifs just COME!!!! By Tina Kay Hughes author of “TKay’s Inspirational: Walking In Your Season”. Please visit my website and join my blog for positive and encouraging words to help you through the week Also, if you are looking for some nice jewelry or a book that feeds the soul you will find a link on my website for unique jewelry I make with my own hands. Don’t forget to kiss and hug those you love often. Make it a habit. I am available for speaking engagements and educating the public about Sickle Cell Disease. I can be reached at 888.982.7555 Ext. 1 or Celebrate this season with a happy heart!


The Super Natural Power of Vision!! Genesis 31:10-12 Genesis 30: 37-39, 41-43 I don’t know about you, but I never thought I would see the day when I would need to wear glasses in order to see better or much clearer. No one ever explained to me that my sight would be directly challenged by words and letters that seemed too small or blurry to decipher. Through the process of vision checks, chart readings and puffs of air applied directly into my eyeballs, I have come to understand that without my vision I would be unable to properly function. This is also true in the aspect of spiritual vision, without it we will not be able to properly function in our purpose that God has for us. Throughout biblical history we see shining examples of how important it is to have vision which is a prerequisite for purpose. One such individual was Jacob, who in a vision, was given the formula to success and prosperity for his life. As we view the scriptures, we will see that in spite of what Jacob had previously done or experienced, God had a plan for him. 10

And it came to pass at the time that the cattle conceived, that I lifted up mine eyes, and saw in a dream, and, behold; the rams which leaped upon the cattle were ringstraked, speckled, and grisled. 11

And the angel of God spake unto me in a dream, saying, Jacob: And I said, here am I. 12And he said, Lift up now thine eyes, and see, all the rams which leap upon the cattle are ringstraked, speckled, and grisled: for I have seen all that Laban doeth unto thee. The Merriam Webster’s Dictionary defines: Super Natural, power and vision as: *Super Natural: Of or relating to phenomena beyond or outside of nature, relating to or attributed to a divinity, ghost, or devil. (Something miraculous!) *Power: The ability to act or produce an effect; force or energy used to do work.


*Vision: Something seen otherwise than by ordinary sight (AS IN A DREAM OR TRANCE); unusual wisdom in foreseeing what is going to happen; a vivid picture created by the imagination. (DIVINE REVELATION) *The Super Natural Power of Vision allows one to see and operate in a dimension that is outside of the normal confines of the human realm of understanding. It gives you the ability to act on what is shown and to produce a desired effect or outcome. It is in this dimension that you are able to see with clarity your Godgiven vision which is for a specific purpose in His kingdom. However, it is always the enemy’s plan and desire to frustrate you and boggle your mind to the point that you are never able to tap into the power of God or the supernatural vision that He has invested within you! I remember the sinking feeling of doom and failure when I lost my job due to budget cuts and downsizing. My first thought was providing for my family and securing employment. But, as time went on in my search for employment I began to feel despair and discouragement as if my life had come to the end of its road. The more I focused on my dilemma the less I was able to think with clarity and to focus on God’s purpose for me until one day the Holy Spirit whispered these words to me: ―What do you have to work with?‖ It was then that I understood that God had allowed me to experience my job loss in order to utilize my tools of education, skills and talents that were within my reach and right before my eyes! With a few phone calls and follow-up meetings I was back to counseling women utilizing my own non-profit that had already been in existence for over three years! God in His infinite wisdom has provided all of the natural and spiritual tools and assets necessary to fulfill what He has planned for us. In the natural all of our body parts and organs have a specific purpose and use. Although they are all of equal importance, the eye is the organ that assists us with the ability to be able to see. This is the organ of vision whose principal purpose is to help us to see or envision what we are focused on. The eye operates in conjunction with light sense, color sense, form sense and movement. There is the cornea which is connected to the retina, which in turn is connected to the optic nerve, which in turn is connected directly to


the brain. When the eyes are presented with color, light, forms and movement they are originally perceived as inverted (reversed order, inside out or upside down). By the time this information passes through the cornea, retina and optic nerve and reaches the brain there is a sort of cryptic code scrambling that takes places sending messages and impulses to bring clarity and recognition to the sight or vision that one is focused on. When this process has been completed in our brain we no longer see objects as they were first perceived, but as they exist, which is right side up. However, there are times that this is not without great difficulty due to blurriness and obscurities. Jacob’s insight through his dream vision presented him with the opportunity to see his current situation for what it could be along with the knowledge to put into action a plan that would manifest that change. Oftentimes we are given a dream vision that could alter our current circumstances and situations but it never comes into fruition simply because we do not follow up with a line upon line, precept upon precept process. As human beings, it is our nature to want things speedily without laboring in our talents and abilities or spiritual gifts and prayers. However, as we view the next few scriptures we will see that through his dream vision, Jacob had an epiphany for a plan of action that would increase his faith, introduce him to prosperity and catapult him into his destiny! 37 And Jacob took him rods of green poplar, and of the hazel and chestnut tree; and pilled white strakes in them, and made the white appear which was in the rods. 38

And he set the rods which he had pilled before the flocks in the gutters in the watering troughs when the flocks came to drink that they should conceive when they came to drink. 39 And the flocks conceived before the rods, and brought forth cattle ringstraked, speckled, and spotted. 41

And it came to pass, whensoever the stronger cattle did conceive, that Jacob laid the rods before the eyes of the cattle in the gutters, that they might conceive among the rods.


42 But when the cattle were feeble, he put them not in: so the feebler were Laban's, and the stronger Jacob's. 43

And the man increased exceedingly, and had much cattle, and maidservants, and menservants, and camels, and asses. In reading these scriptures there are several important principles that can be noted: * We must see with eyes of supernatural vision and faith. * We must have a plan of action for our lives. * We must be able to realize that whatever appears as an obstacle before us, are actually tools and opportunities for us to fulfill our God-given purpose. * We must understand that although we will encounter feeble circumstances and weak moments, it is to be used to our advantage. * And lastly, that the Supernatural power of vision is what God presents to you in your most difficult circumstances. He will give you the power to supernaturally understand the vision He has for your life. By Dr. Inecir Matthis, CEO/Founder of Passion Ministries, Inc.


As part of a long standing tradition, especially around this time of year, people often proclaim ―This is my year for a blessing‖ or ―This is my season for a breakthrough‖! For ages, pastors have made these proclamations from the pulpit, encouraging the saints to get ready because their blessing is on the way. These are powerful statements that should not be taken lightly. However, not every season is a season of harvest, miracles and breakthroughs! Every season that we face is of the Lord. Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 states, ― there is a time to plant and a time to be uprooted, a time to tear down and a time to build up, a time to keep and a time to throw away, a time to keep silent and a time to speak‖. Whatever season that we are in, just know that it is for a reason. The things we go through in life test of our faith. How can we expect to grow stronger in the Lord if we never go through anything? No one is above this process. We will have seasons in our lives that we will have to endure and come to grips with. There may be times when we would rather run away than deal with life issues and there may be times when we feel that the Lord has forsaken us, but know this, God is there. In his word he has promised never to leave or forsake us, but he will be with us till the end! We know that seasons come from the Lord, but the real test is how we will handle it. Is your season filled with complaining, murmuring and loads of ―Lord why me‖? Our attitude toward whatever we go through not only shows our willingness to let the Lord have his way in our lives, but also can determine how long our season will last. If our attitude and mindset is negative it will make the process longer. But if we can have an attitude of thankfulness and humility, then God will honor that. In our season we have to be willing to be obedient to the voice of the Lord. If he tells us it’s time to tear down, to get rid of, or to separate, we must obey. Will we like the fact that the Lord has told us these things? Probably not! But we must remember that all things work together for good! God is the potter, we are the clay and His ways are not our ways. In ourselves we may want to hold onto some things but God may be saying otherwise. Not listening to the voice of the Lord will keep us from getting the true healing, deliverance and breakthrough that we desire. If we are willing to yield to the plan of the Most High then our seasons of hurt, pain, and disappointment will pass. In due time, we will walk in seasons of victory, triumph, and blessings but we must wait on the Lord, hold to his promises and watch them come to pass! Peace and Blessings, Rachel Moore



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