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Youth Theatre Sector Development Plan

2013 - 2015

The proposed Youth Theatre Sector Development Plan has been born from:  Necessity, stemming from a need for us to re-explore our approach in light of having to apply to Creative Scotland on ‘projects to project’ basis to ensure our future.  Reflection, based on intensive review of our past strengths (and weaknesses) supported by a desire to respond to your evaluation from our Sector Review Work.  Ideology, in that you the youth theatre sector have a vital role to play in the ‘arts ecology’ of Scotland.

We will:

drive professional advancement by designing and delivering practitioner-centred learning opportunities; from a nationally accredited qualification to structured and certificated CPD pathways.

We will:

raise the profile of the art form by strengthening its credibility within Scotland’s arts and cultural sectors, and by pioneering high-quality platforms for the engagement of new audiences.

We will:

invest in the creative future of our young people by working with the sector to provide inspiring participatory experiences which develop young people’s capacity as creative thinkers.

We will:

consolidate and represent our sector by undertaking comprehensive sector mapping, consultation and review, and by providing central leadership and representation on a regional, national and international level.

How we will drive professional advancement

Professional Development Award (PDA) Over the academic year Promote YT will offer six aspiring youth theatre practitioners an educational opportunity which provides pathways into the profession. Through the delivery of the Professional Development Award we will strive to:  Fill the identified training/educational gap and provide a nationally recognized qualification for aspiring practitioners in participatory contexts with particular focus on youth theatre settings  Provide pathways into the youth theatre profession  Provide six aspiring practitioners a placement at an associated youth theatre, arts organization or theatre from across Scotland for the duration of the course (10 months)  Give the aspiring youth theatre practitioners a platform to share their work at National Festival of Youth Theatre

SKILL UP SKILL UP is Promote YT’s annual training event for all organisations and individuals with a stake in youth performing arts. We aim to ‘drive professional advancement’ through introducing a revised delivery framework to offer a more tangible outcome to participants. This new framework will:  Lead in the development of youth theatre practice in Scotland setting standards for best practice  Offer 2 routes providing participants with up to 4 creative learning opportunities over the weekend  Provide practitioners with a choice of two focused training routes: — A CPD certificated option, with associated learning outcomes — A focused exploration of a particular area of theatre practice

The SPARK COLLECTIVE Promote YT will facilitate a development to this now established peer-to-peer training initiative aiming to:    

Regularly bring our sector together Encourage professional collaboration Enhance and share skills and experience Develop arts practice

How we will raise the profile of the art form

CHRYSALIS CHRYSALIS is Scotland’s platform for innovative work by Scottish and International young companies and emerging theatre-makers – designed to showcase emerging talent, develop international partnerships, and challenge misplaced perceptions of youth theatre. Through the delivery of CHRYSALIS we will:  Bring new audiences to youth theatre  Produce the best possible public-facing context for innovative work by national and international young companies  Establish a consortium to curate an inspiring programme of innovative work annually  Stimulate and support critical engagement with and reflection on the programme amongst participants and audiences alike  Raise the profile of youth theatre within the arts and cultural sectors, and within arts media  Invest in the creative future of our young people

How we will invest in the creative future of our young people

National Festival of Youth Theatre (NFYT) Investing in the creative future of our young people will be served through the NFYT, our respected and established annual celebration of youth theatre. Confirmed to be staged with partners in Fife until 2014 this event will be restructured to:  Offer a coherent and structured skill development programme for youth participants  Host collaborative projects, exchange opportunities and scratch events  Introduce an ‘see-all’ performance programme allowing all participants to see every performance  Introduce training on critical review and provide platforms for discussion and debate  Open engagement to a younger age range to capture a larger percentage of youth theatre participation

How we will consolidate and represent our sector

Promote YT will consolidate and represent the sector through:  A development to the scale and reach of our membership  An annual Sector Review process  A development to this Sector Symposium platform to introduce a voice from your youth membership  The scope and impact of our information Services  Regional, national and international engagement with key partners

Youth Theatre Sector Development Plan 2013-2015  

Youth Theatre Sector Development Plan 2013-2015

Youth Theatre Sector Development Plan 2013-2015  

Youth Theatre Sector Development Plan 2013-2015