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Summary Annual Report 2011 – 2012 Promote YT helps us develop the quality of our youth theatres by giving them a platform to perform and connecting them with other groups. It provides opportunities for our workers to gain experience from other professionals, helping us to raise the national profile of our work. NATIONAL YOUTH THEATRE SURVEY 2011 RESPONSE

The Project Year 2011–2012 In early 2011 the NATIONAL FESTIVAL YOUTH THEATRE (NFYT) won the support of Fife Strategic Events Investment, cementing a longer-term partnership with partners and grounding the event in Fife until 2012.

at Fife. This project, supported by NHS Fife, enabled a group of young carers to work with a leading drama artist,a playwright and a group of professional actors,to uncover,explore and share their lives through the media of scriptwriting and performing arts.

The 7th annual NFYT, which was the largest event to date, took place in July 2011 hosting a programme of 15 performances and 54 workshops. 730 individuals actively participated, with youth theatre groups representing 9 different regions of Scotland as well as international guests from the Republic of Ireland and Norway.

To better coordinate the increase in project workload, financial reserves were invested in a change in job role for the Projects Administrator who became the Development Officer in order to focus more directly on the financing and delivery of the organisation’s growing portfolio of projects.

Outreach work took the NFYT experience to over 100 Fife school pupils and a new initiative provided the opportunity for volunteers to gain valuable work experience. The event additionally staged a ground-breaking Deaf Access Project in association with Solar Bear Theatre Company. The success of the 2011 event now places NFYT as the largest open platform for youth theatre performance anywhere in the UK. In direct support of the sector, Promote YT maintained a growing membership network of 85 related organisations and individuals; providing central information services through a website, a bi-monthly e-bulletin and social networking platforms including Facebook and Twitter. In November 2011, as part of an agreed commitment to this membership, Promote YT pioneered a SECTOR SYMPOSIUM. This event,attended by over 60 delegates,brought the sector together to share ideas, network and discuss future challenges alongside industry colleagues including representation from Creative Scotland’s National Youth Arts Strategy team. The SPARK COLLECTIVE, a peer-to-peer training initiative, was an outcome from this SECTOR SYMPOSIUM providing the opportunity for practitioners to network and share practice. The first event was hosted by Dundee Rep Theatre in February 2012 and a programme is in place to run over 2012–2013. From November 2011 to March 2012 Promote YT delivered and led the EVOLVE project for Fife Young Carers, in partnership with ON

Over 2011 – 2012 Promote YT provided added value as an organisation over and beyond providing direct support to youth theatres by accepting commissions to deliver bespoke development and consultancy work.This work contributed to both the core aims of the organisation as well as providing an additional income stream. Clients included ON at Fife, Glasgow East Arts Company, Horsecross Arts Ltd and the Falkirk Community Trust. In November 2011 the approach of Promote YT to the delivery of its objectives was emulated internationally through the staging of SKILL UP Norway and, in March 2012, the organisation was invited to Belfast by the Arts Council of Northern Ireland to speak about its work as an example of best practice. The year concluded with the delivery of Promote YT’s 8th annual SKILL UP training and networking conference staged in partnership with the Glasgow East Arts Company at Platform in Easterhouse, Glasgow. The weekend was attended by 83 participants and facilitation was provided by specialists from Scotland, England, Ireland and Norway. Supported by funding from Glasgow Life,SKILL UP 2012 provided fully subsidised participation to 10 delegates in support of their continued professional development Over and above the core staff team of 4 (2 full time and 2 part time), Promote YT temporarily employed 24 freelance specialists and 5 artistic organisations over 2011 – 2012. The organisation also provided valuable work experience for 8 students and graduates new to the industry.

Company limited by Guarantee No SC 269952. Registered Scottish Charity No SC 035765


Summary Annual Report 2011 – 2012 We are right now using the model of Promote YT to create a similar organisation in Norway. Hopefully we can encourage and develop the Norwegian youth theatre sector as much as Promote YT has done for its sector in Scotland. CARL JØRN JOHANSEN – ROGALAND TEATER, NORWAY Working in partnership with Promote YT is crucial as we endeavour to promote and increase participation in the arts. FRANK CHINN – CHIEF EXECUTIVE, ON AT FIFE

Financial Review

With core funding from Creative Scotland secured until 2013, and £16,079 in deferred funding in place for key projects over 2012 –2013, the organisation has a good financial footing on which to build fundraising activity for 2012 –2013 and beyond. It is the aim of the organisation to establish reserves at a level equating to 4 months’ basic running costs which, for 2011 – 2012, represents a reserves target of £26,700. Over the financial year 2011 – 2012 the organisation incurred a small deficit of £1,819, resulting in carry-forward reserves of £4,393.

Statement of Financial Activities

2012 £

2011 £

Incoming resources from generated funds Donations and grants Investment Income Incoming resources from charitable activities Other incoming resources Total incoming resources

76,458 4 72,693 75 149,230

75,000 8 90,196 165,204

Resources expended Charitable activities Support of youth theatre Governance costs Total resources expended

150,064 985 151,049

162,707 1,031 163,738

(1,819) 6,212 4,393

1,466 4,746 6,212

Net income for the year / Net movement in funds Fund balances at 1 April 2011 Fund balances at 31 March 2012

Contact details Promote YT (Scotland) Out of the Blue 36 Dalmeny Street, Edinburgh EH6 8RG 0131 538 0591

Acknowledgements Promote YT receives investment from: Promote YT (Scotland) additionally acknowledges the following funders and partners for their support over the project year 2011 – 2012: ON at Fife, Fife Strategic Events Investment Programme, Shell UK Ltd, The Foyle Foundation,The Hugh Fraser Foundation,The Birkdale Trust for Hearing Impaired,The Greggs Foundation, The Robertson Trust, Solar Bear, National Theatre of Scotland, Kingdom Shopping Centre, Scottish Youth Theatre,The Rogaland Theatre (Norway), Glasgow Life and Glasgow East Arts Company.

Photographic images by LJ Findlay-Walsh

Despite a challenging financial environment Promote YT achieved a high level of financial and in-kind support from partners for activities over 2011 – 2012. This, coupled with a steady increase in generated income, enabled the organisation to deliver a range of projects to the highest possible standards and to build up reserves which were invested in the development of the core staff team.

Promote YT Summary Annual Report 2011-12  

Promote YT Summary Annual Report 2011-12

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