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Title: Finding Eno

Written / Devised By: Rowan Cannon

Genre: Comedy/ScienceFiction

Length: 90-120 minutes

First performed & at which venue: Cast Breakdown: 2 main characters: 1 male, 1 female (same performers throughout). 22 supporting characters: 4 female, 18 male(performers can take multiple roles). Synopsis: "The greatest adventures are the hardest to find..." It is the year 2022. In a correctional institute for unruly or unwanted children, two teenagers, David and Alice, meet by accident when forced into a wardrobe together during a drunken party, and forge an immediate connection. After discovering news of the possible existence of Eno, the mythical supreme being of the universe, the two decide to journey across the furthest reaches of space and time to find him, and with him a opportunity to change their lives. Their adventure leads them into encounters with space pirates, a bounty hunter... and a personal discovery far more important than Eno. PS. Contains strong language.

Finding Eno  

Scripts that have been written and produced in association with youth performing arts groups.

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