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29th, 30th APRIL & 1ST MAY 2010 - 7.00PM CLECKHEATON T O W N


THIS JUNIOR PRODUCTION OF THE WIZ HAS BEEN... Produced and Directed by Assisted and Choreographed by Set Design and Props Stage Manager Costumes Additional Costumes Business Manager Chaperone Supervision Lighting Sound Keyboards Percussion

Anne Tonks Emma Wainwright & Phil Jowett Anne and Simon Tonks, Renee Downie & Michael Bastow Simon Tonks Cathryn Laban Kathryn Tonks Claire Boocock Gillian Bastow Michael Bastow Mark Ellis Bob Lancaster & Roger Stevenson Malcolm Verity

The Society and Theatre Management have advised that there must be NO VISITORS BACKSTAGE strictly authorised badge holders only. Any recording of this performance is a breach of copyright and the taking of photographs or video recording is not allowed. Whist we endeavour to ensure that the information in this programme is correct at the time of printing, we apologise for any unseen errors or omissions.



Produ d n a n a m ir a h C e h From t

Welcome to our junior production of The Wiz. We are pleased to welcome Phil Jowett and Roger Stevenson to our production team this year along with Emma, Bob and myself. Thank you to all our front of house helpers, chaperones, makeup, costumes, stage crew, lighting and sound, without whom we could not function We have all enjoyed working with the young people, and it has been lovely to see some of our older members still in the Junior productions after taking well earned parts in the Senior society production earlier this year. This is how this society grows and sustains itself by nurturing our young people and encouraging their talent. We are proud of all our members and some of them have gone on to do bigger and better things. For example Vincent Franklin who started with us as a Pantomime Dame now is in Films such as ‘Confetti’ and also appears on Television. Christopher Fountain was our ‘Pinocchio’ and has appeared professionally in Les Miserables, Oliver, Hollyoaks and most recently on television in Dancing on Ice. Jennifer Burrows was our ‘Goody Two Shoes’ and is now performing professionally on stage, she played ‘Cinderella’ in Halifax’s recent Christmas Pantomime, and has previously toured with Fiddler on the Roof. Tom Milner was ‘Michael’ in our production of Peter Pan and he went on to do ‘Woof’ on TV. Connor Phillipson who was ‘Mr Hines’ last year in Pajama Game has been in Chitty Bang Bang at the Alhambra and has also appeared at the Leeds Grand playing Oliver and then alongside Rowan Atkinson in Oliver on the West End Stage in London. Our latest claim to fame is a young man in this production who has just been cast as Daniel, for the film Tyrannosaurus. Samuel Bottomley, watch for this name, remember he started here! To celebrate the young people’s commitment, dedication, and enthusiasm to this group, we have a Shield donated by the McMahon family called the Beatrice McMahon Shield. For the last 3 years the young people have been invited to vote for the member of the cast they think has done the most towards the production. Whether it be helping others, giving a good performance, always attending, being well behaved or just being a special person, the member with the most votes receives the Shield for one year along with a personal miniature shield and a lapel badge.

The past winners have been:

2008 – Sam Higgins,

2009 – Anna Parker,

2010 - ?? We’ll find out later!

We hope you enjoy this performance, please spread the word and tell everybody about this wonderful group of young people and encourage them to come too. If you enjoyed this then why not come along in January to see our senior society perform ‘Anything Goes’ at St George’s Hall. Once these young people are sixteen they too can join the seniors and continue their hobby with us. Thank you for coming and have a safe journey home – just click your heels three times!! Best Wishes

Anne Tonks

Evillene, Addaperle, Glinda & The

an & Dorothy

nm Scarecrow, Lion, Ti


The Wiz is a musical with music and lyrics by Charlie Smalls and book by William F Brown. It is a retelling of L Baum’s The Wonderful Wizard of Oz in the context of African American culture. The original 1975 Broadway production won seven Tony Awards, including Best Musical. The show was an early example of Broadway’s acceptance of works with an all-black cast. It has had revivals in New York, London, San Diego and the Netherlands, and an off-Broadway ‘Encores’ concert version was staged in June 2009. A film adaptation was released in 1978. Motown Productions acquired the film rights to The Wiz in 1977, and signed Stephanie Mills in anticipation of having her star in the film adaptation. Motown singer and actress Diana Ross asked Motown CEO Berry Gordy to cast her as Dorothy instead, but Gordy declined, feeling the 33year old Ross was far too old for the part. However, Ross contacted Rob Cohan of Universal Pictures, who offered to have Universal finance the film if Ross were to play Dorothy, at which point Gordy agreed. The resulting film version of The Wiz also starred former Motown star Michael Jackson as The Scarecrow, Nipsey Russell as the Tinman, Richard Pryor as the Wiz, and Lena Horne as Glinda the Good Witch. Ted Ross and Mabel King reprised their respective roles of the Cowardly Lion and Evillene from the Broadway production. Sidney Lumet served as director, working with screenwriter Joel Schumacher and music supervisor Quincy Jones. While similar in plot to “The Wizard of Oz”, The Wiz transforms the show into a more fun, funky modern version.

Our Next Senior Production

Tuesday 25th to Saturday 29th January 2011 C O N C E R T   H A L L

Scenes and Musical Numbers

Act 1 Kansas The Feeling We Once Had Tornado Ballet

Aunt Em Dancers

Munchkin Land He’s the Wiz

Addaperle and Munchkins

Oz Countryside Soon as I get Home

Dorothy with Dancers

I was Born on the Day Before Yesterday

Scarecrow and Crows

Ease on Down the Road Slide Some Oil to Me

Dorothy, Scarecrow & Yellow Brick Road Tin Man

Ease on Down the Road reprise

Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tinman & Yellow Brick Road

Mean Ole Lion


Ease on Down the Road reprise

Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tinman, Lion & Yellow Brick Road

Kalidah Country Kalidah Battle


Poppy Field Be a Lion

Dorothy and Lion

Lion’s Dream

Lion and Poppies

Emerald City Emerald City Ballet


The Wiz’ Throne Room So you Wanted to Meet The Wizard

The Wiz

If I Could Feel



THE WI Dorothy Aunt Em Uncle Henry Munchkin 1 Munchkin 2 Addaperle Scarecrow Crow 1 Crow 2 Tin Man Lion Mouse Gatekeeper Citizen The Wiz Evillene Lord High Underling Messenger Winged Monkey Glinda

Company of Torn Munchkins, Yell Kalidahs, Monke Citizens of the E Winkies, Quadlin

Lauren Ascough, Jack B Lydia Biddiscombe, Sam Josiah Bower, Philip Buc Eleanor Gribble, Devon G Chantelle Hainsworth, El Lauren Hare, Iwan Heath Lucy Hirst, Bethany Holm Ruth Lawton, Leah Merri Chloe Owens, Cara Pari Lucy Philburn, Oliver Pin Molly Sheehan, Lucy Siv Cara Snaith, Laura Snait Joy Wharton, Grace Yeat




IZ CAST Amy Philburn Lucy Hirst Philip Buck Chantelle Hainsworth Lucy Philburn Olivia Hodges Mason Gurney Iwan Heath Devon Gurney Sam Higgins Aydan Rizvi Devon Gurney Laura Snaith Sara Nash Richard Bartlett Leanne Biddiscombe Philip Buck Molly Sheehan Devon Gurney Joy Wharton

nado, low Brick Road, eys, Poppies, Emerald City, ngs:

Bailey, Richard Bartlett, muel Bottomley, uck, Emilia Cooper, Gurney, Eleanor Haley, Kristy Hare, h, Robbie Heath, mes, Sophie Holmes, ifield, Sarah Nash, rinello, Emma Parrinello, inder, Katie Sarsfield, ivyer, Megan Slack, ith, Grace Wainwright, atman




Scenes and Musical Numbers

Act 2 West Witch Castle No Bad News

Evillene and Winkies

Forest Funky Monkeys


West Witch Castle Everybody Rejoice

Winkies, Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tinman, Lion

Emerald City The Wiz’ Throne Room Who Do You Think You Are

Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tinman and Lion

Believe in Yourself

The Wiz

Fairground Y’all Got it

The Wiz and Citizens

Quadling Country A Rested Body is a Rested Mind

Glinda and Quadlings

Believe in Yourself reprise




Always Dancing!!! Thursday 13th, Friday 14th and Saturday 15th May 2010

Contact 01274 405822 for tickets

icers honorary off y of the societ

2009/10 President

Colin Marchant

Life Members

Dick Gregson Tony Gregson Marian Hardy Rita Horner Alan Kilshaw Bessie Klenk Norman Klenk Marion Priestley Roger Stevenson

Vice Presidents

Mollie Alred Julie Burrows Elizabeth McMahon Geoff McMahon Marjorie Wood Norman Butterfield Vincent Franklin David Shinn Colin Tordoff Rev D Griffiths


Anne Tonks


Mollie Alred


Gillian Bastow

Assistant Secretary

Hannah Smithies


Claire Boocock

Executive Committee

Christa D’Apolito Linda Hensby Shirley Hodgson Cathryn Laban Margaret Shaw Alan Hirst Phil Jowett Paul Tarver

PREVIOU PRODUC S TIONS 1973 Cinderella 1974 No panto – power crisis 1975 Mother Goose 1976 Robinson Crusoe 1977 Jack and Jill 1978 No panto 1979 No panto 1980 Cinderella 1981 Aladdin 1982 Babes in the wood 1983 Dick Whittington 1984 Red Riding Hood 1985 Mother Goose 1986 Treasure Island 1987 Pied Piper of Hamelin 1988 Humpty Dumpty 1989 Jack and the Beanstalk 1990 Goldilocks 1991 Sinbad the Sailor 1992 Goody Two Shoes 1993 Cinderella 1994 Aladdin 1995 Dick Whittington 1996 Beauty and the Beast 1997 Goldilocks and the Three Bears 1998 Pinocchio 1999 Goody Two Shoes 2000 Cinderella 2001 Jack and the Beanstalk 2002 Pied Piper of Hamelin 2003 Peter Pan 2004 Aladdin 2005 Humpty Dumpty 2006 Bugsy Malone 2007 Barnum 2008 Godspell 2009 Pajama Game

Uncle Henry, Aunt Em, Monkey, Gate

Keeper, Crow, Citizen, Munchkin, Mes

THE Company

senger & Munchkin


based on the hit TV series by David Croft and Jeremy Lloyd


Cleckheaton Town Hall on

Weds 19th May to Friday 21st May 2010

Great Horton Theatre Company proudly present... An amateur production by arrangement with The Really Useful Group Ltd.

An exciting and provocative production depicting the most amazing, mystifying story ever told...


8 TO 12 JUNE 2010 TH



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Programme - The Wiz  
Programme - The Wiz  

Show programme designed by Simon Frater for Buttershaw St. Paul's AODS junior production of The Wiz. Showing at Cleckheaton Town Hall from 2...