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The Bradford Catholic Players present an amateur production of

Affiliated to the National Operatic & Dramatic Association


Monday 12th to Saturday 17th November 2001 at 7.15pm each evening and 2.30pm Saturday Matinée

The Alhambra Theatre is a facility provided for the Community by the Recreation Division of the City of Bradford Metropolitan Council







Commitee Martin Walker - Chairman

Susan Gough Secretary

Louise Bland Treasurer

Patricia Featherstone Business Manager

Mike Martin Technical Director

Anne-Marie Carroll Publicity Manager

Angela Young Member

Rita Francis Member

Jeanette Leach Member

John Martin Member

David Snee Member

Honorary Life Vice Presidents Edward F Bolland Esq Mrs Joan Brear Terence Caine Esq Christopher F Lancaster Esq Mrs Sheila Monaghan Patrick E Shepherd Esq Mrs Dorothy Walker

Mrs Teresa M Bolland Mrs Elizabeth Buffham Mrs Dorothy Chambers Rev Canon Peter Maguire Tony Monaghan Esq Right Rev Mgr M V Sweeney Basil T Walsh Esq

Miss Marie Bradley John Buffham Esq Miss Susan Gough Mrs Patricia McEvoy Mrs Marie Naylor Arthur Walker Esq

Vice Presidents Mrs Patricia Bonner Mrs Philomena Fernandez Mr Robin Reid Mrs Anne Kassapian

Mr Brendan Cope Mr Jim Holroyd Mr Barry Smith

Mrs Carmel Dylak Miss Pauline Joyce Mrs Patricia Stapylton

Patrons Master James Michael Bland Mr & Mrs R J De Rome Mrs Mary Gilmartin Mr & Mrs J M Hastie Mr & Mrs Bernard Parry Miss Katherine Smith Mr & Mrs M Walker

Mr & Mrs Edward Bolland Mrs Patricia Featherstone Miss Susan Gough Mr & Mrs J Martin Mrs Jean Pearman Mrs Mary Sullivan Mrs Monica Walsh

Mr & Mrs Brian Cassidy Mrs Philomena Fernandez Mr & Mrs Paul Hanson Mrs Jane Monaghan Mr & Mrs Hubert Poutney Mr D J Turner

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Bradfords Premier Hotel Telephone: 01274 735735 Fax: 01274 720003

The Presidents Page


ext year finds us in our 75th year, seventy five years of a wonderful tradition of people doing their best. Their best at acting, their best at singing, at painting, at selling tickets, making tea, running raffles, accounting, booking tickets, selling advertising, learning lines, handling props, reading shows, playing music, rehearsing, making scenery, all at the same time as earning their living, bringing up families and doing their best to persuade their families to follow suit. We even have a member bringing the Society right up to date by chronicling the activities of the BCP on CD ROM, this should be available in the New Year and believe me it’s fascinating. This spirit that has survived and flourished for all this time is as strong as ever and I’m sure you will see why I’m so proud to be the President presenting “Guys and Dolls” at the Alhambra this year. All our efforts, no matter how hard the Society works, would come to nothing without the support of yourselves, our supporters. So, this note is about saying thank you, thanks from the Society to our audiences, thank you from me to all our members for their efforts over the years and making me a very proud President of a wonderful Society.

Sylvia Blackie

Bev Jones

Liz Davies

Musical Director



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Susan Carroll Sarah Brown

Michael Riley Sky Masterson

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Anna Yeadon Miss Adelaide

Rory Mulvihill Nathan Detroit

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Come and see what makes us different!

Aidan Bolland

Simon Carroll

Angie the Ox

Rusty Charlie

Kathryn Addison Mimi

Angelo Clarke

John Clithero

Nicely - Nicely Johnson

Benny Southstreet

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Mark Firth

Gerry Griffin

Harry the Horse

Lt Brannigan

Norma Smith General Maltida B. Cartwright

Barry Smith

Terence Stamp

Arvide Abernathy

Big Jule

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The Cast In Order Of Appearance Nicely Nicely Johnson Benny Southstreet Rusty Charlie Sarah Brown Arvide Abernathy Harry The Horse Lt. Brannigan Nathan Detroit Miss Adelaide Sky Masterson General Matilda B Cartwright Big Jule Mimi Angie The Ox

Act 1

Angelo Clarke John Clithero Simon Carroll Susan Carroll Barry Smith Mark Firth Gerry Griffin Rory Mulvihill Anna Yeadon Michael Riley Norma Smith Terence Stamp Kathryn Addison Aidan Bolland

Scene 1.......Broadway "Runyonland" "Fugue For Tinhorns" "Follow The Fold"

Scene 1a "The Oldest Established"

Nathan, Nicely Nicely, Benny & The Guys

Scene 2.......Interior of the Save-A-Soul Mission "I'll Know"

Sarah & Sky

Scene 3 ....... Telephone Booth


Scene 4 ....... The Hot Box

Kathryn Addison Vicki Connell Sharon Link Nita Mistry Amy Towler Jodie Towler

"A Bushel And A Peck" "Adelaides Lament"

Adelaide & The Hot Box Girls Adelaide

Scene 5 ....... Off Broadway

"Guys And Dolls"

Nicely Nicely, Benny & Ensemble

Scene 6 ....... Broadway

Chorus Helene Barnes Catherine Bolland Lesley Cantley Carmel Dylak Shona Featherstone Ian Hamilton Nathan Hurtault Peter Middlemiss Chris Myers David Snee Catherine Taylor Francis Thompson

Ensemble Nicely Nicely, Benny & Rusty Charlie Sarah, Arvide & The Mission Band

Scene 7 ....... Broadway

Brian Bell Gerald Bolland Malcolm Christie Ben Eagle Darren Firth Derek C Holmes Gareth Hutchinson Susan Middlemiss Robin Reid Sarah Stapylton Frances Turner Julie Withe

Scene 8 ....... El Cafe Cubano, Havana


Sarah, Sky, Dancers & Chorus

Scene 9 ....... A street in Havana

"If I Were A Bell"


Scene 10 ....... Outside The Mission

"My Time Of Day" "I've Never Been In Love Before�

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Sky Sarah & Sky

Act 2 Scene 1.......The Hot Box "Take Back Your Mink" "Adelaides Lament Reprise"

Adelaide & The Hot Box Girls Adelaide

Scene 2.......Off Broadway "More I Cannot Wish You"


Scene 3.......A Sewer "Luck Be A Lady"

Sky & The Girls

Scene 4.......Off Broadway "Sue Me"Nathan & Adelaide

Scene 5.......Interior of the Save-A-Soul Mission "Sit Down You're Rocking The Boat"

Nicely Nicely & The Guys And Dolls

Scene 6.......Off Broadway "Marry The Man Today"

Sarah & Adelaide

Scene 7.......Broadway "A Double Wedding"

All The Guys And Dolls


The story of GUYS AND DOLLS


athan Detroit, the leader of a group of illegal gamblers, is having difficulty in finding a suitable place to hold his crap games due to continuous hounding by Lt. Brannigan of the New York Police Force. The situation has become one of some urgency, due to there being a number of "out of town gamblers" in the neighbourhood who are expecting Nathan to lay on a game, among them, a visiting gambler of some repute, from Chicago, Sky Masterson. The only place that appears to be left where a game could be held, is a local garage, for which the owner is demanding a fee of one thousand dollars. Desperate for the money, Nathan tricks Sky into saying he could take any "doll" named to Havana, as a travelling companion - a bet of one thousand dollars is arranged, and much to Sky's consternation, Nathan selects Sarah Brown, a uniformed girl from the Save-A-Soul Mission. Sky wins his bet, however, and takes Sarah to Havana by guaranteeing to her the attendance of twelve sinners at a forthcoming meeting at the Mission Hall. The crap game ends up being played in a sewer, and it is here that Sky obtains his twelve sinners by betting on a throw of a dice, a thousand dollars against each man present attending the Mission meeting. Sky wins his bet, and an unprecedented situation is created by the attendance of the "Guys" at the Save-A-Soul Mission. Throughout the story Nathan is pursued by Miss Adelaide, a dancer at the Hot Box Nightclub - they have been engaged for fourteen years, during which time she has had to put up with excuse after excuse for putting off the happy day, the last straw being when he says he can't elope tonight because he has to attend a prayer meeting! All ends well, however, as the finale with its unusual developments reveals.

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Kathryn Addison


Vicki Connell

Nita Mistry

Sharon Link

Amy Towler

Previous Productions 1927 1928 1929 1930 1931 1932 1933 1934 1935 1936 1937 1938 1947 1947 1948 1949 1950 1951 1952 1953 1954 1955 1956 1957

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LUNCH - MONDAY TO FRIDAY 12 noon to 1.45pm

DINNER - OPEN EVERY EVENING A la Carte & Early Bird Menu available Private Dining Facilities Functions Catered For

Tel: 01274 499890 46 - 50 Highgate, Heaton, Bradford, BD9 4BE

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Helene Barnes

Brian Bell

Catherine Bolland

Gerald Bolland

Lesley Cantley

Malcolm Christie

Carmel Dylak

Ben Eagle

Shona Featherstone

Darren Firth

Ian Hamilton

Derek C. Holmes

Nathan Hurtault

Gareth Hutchinson

Peter Middlemiss

Susan Middlemiss

Chris Myers

Robin Reid

Sarah Stapylton

Catherine Taylor

Frances Turner

Francis Thompson

Julie Withe

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Who's Who (Back Stage) Director Musical Director Choreography - Dancers BCP Technical Director/Stage Manager BCP Lighting Sound Engineers BCP Stage Crew/Scenery Workshop

BCP Properties Team BCP Wardrobe

BCP Make-up BCP Prompt Rehearsal Accompanists BCP Ticket Secretaries Programme Compilation BCP Marketing & Advertising BCP Refreshment Team

Programme Cover Design Programme Photographs Production Scenery Designed & Painted By Scenery Constructed & Supplied By

Costumes Printing BCP Front Of House Team

Bev Jones Sylvia Blackie Liz Davies Mike Martin Brian Cassidy, Susan Gough John & Linda Trenouth David Barnes & Richard Swales (Assistant Stage Managers) Chris Balson, Terence Caine, Matthew Carroll, Lee Cannon, Jim Cantley, Brian Cassidy, Adam Grayson, Chris Grogan, Michael Jones, James Kennedy, John Martin, David Nowakowski, Paul Nutter, Jonathan O'Connor, Brian Peace, Arthur Walker, Phil Yeadon Marie Stamp, Barbara Furniss, Maria Nowakowski Debbie Carroll, Janet Bell, Edna Caine, Margaret Cawood, Maureen Gordon, Dorothy Riley, Mary Rowbottom, Maureen Sirrell, Katherine Smith, Maureen Thompson Helen Clarke, Jennifer Barnes Jeanette Leach Andrew Bedford, Jonathan Brigg, Philip Walsh Valerie Hamilton, Meresa Morton, Sheila Gibbs John & Julie Martin Anne-Marie Carroll, Jon Francis, Angela Rix, Marie Sedgewick, Sarah Stapylton Josie Cassidy, Ken Furniss, Patricia Holmes, Pauline Joyce, Peggie Tolan, Arthur Walker Dorothy Walker Kevin Taylor David Lowdell Ian Wilson Albermarle Scenic Studios 74 Mortimer Street, London, W1N 8HL Tel 01825 830565 Fax 01825 830259 Homburgs Hart & Clough Patricia Featherstone Steve Cant, Edward Bolland, John Buffham, Elizabeth Buffham, Jenny Clark, Anne Copley, Paul Francis, Rita Francis, Sheila Gibbs, Maureen Gordon, Mavis Henry, Anne Harrison, Valerie Hamilton, Eileen Hines, Jim Holroyd, Tony Horricks, Tina Kirkman, Patricia McEvoy, Sheila Monaghan, Meresa Morton, Merle Narey-Hill, Margaret Porter, Maureen Vosper, Monica Walsh, Paul Whitford

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Guest List Monday

Jane Glaister, Director of Arts, Heritage & Leisure for Bradford Council


Mgr. Keiran Heskin (VG) & Guest Very Rev. Canon Peter Maguire & Guest


Rev. Fr. Dennis Cassidy (BCP Chaplain) & Guest Mr Alec Bloom, Chairman of the Heartbeat Appeal & Guest


The Rt. Worshipful the Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress of Bradford, Councillor Ghazanfer Khaliq & Mrs Shahnaz Khaliq Mr Reg Vinnicombe, National President N.O.D.A. & Mrs Margaret Vinnicombe Miss Joan Lofthouse, N.O.D.A. Regional Representitive, & Miss Judith Lofthouse


Rt. Rev. David J Smith, Bishop of Bradford & Mrs Mary Smith


Presidents Party: Mr Michael J Stapylton & Guests

Patronage Nights Monday Evening sponsor - The Carroll Cleaning Company St Urban's, Leeds Mary Kincade and Friends St. Clare's, Fagley St. Mary's Church, Bradford St.Ignatius' U.C.M. Ossett St. Patrick's, Leeds Christ Church, Ilkley Ladies Guild of St. Luke's, East Bierley St. John the Evangelist, Bradford.

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Tuesday Pupils of St.Bede's, Bradford Pupils of St. Joseph's Catholic College, Bradford Stage 84 Wednesday St. Mary's U.C.M., Horsforth Thursday St. Patrick's, U.C.M., Huddersfield Christine and Friends Margaret Cawood's Keep Fit and Line Dancing Group St. Joseph's U.C.M., Castleford St. Anthony's, Beeston St. Bede's Grammar School, Staff Bradford Midwives Holy Spirit,Heckmondwike & St.Paul's, Cleckheaton

Saturday Evening Evening sponsor - W Lever Funeral Directors Limited Catenians, Broughton Circle Knights of St. Columba, York Circle Rotary Club of Lower Wharfedale

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Thanks To Our sponsors: The Carroll Cleaning Company Limited

W Lever Funeral Directors Limited

Grateful thanks are also extended to the following for their kind generosity: All advertisers in the Guys And Dolls programme Chris Kelly, Morrisons Plc Kevin Taylor Mary Frame, Frame For Flowers Telegraph & Argus

Bradford & Bingley Hammond Suddards Solicitors Kirkgate Centre, Bradford Staff of Alhambra Theatre for their help and support Towler & Staines (Bradford) Ltd White Rose Centre, Leeds

Social Committee John Martin

Eileen Hines

Julie A. Martin

Maria Nowakowski

Maureen Vosper

Paul Whitford

Louise Bland

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75th Anniversary Gala Dinner

Saturday 2nd March 2002 at

The Midland Hotel Bradford

For further information contact Julie Martin

012 7 4 5 6 5 4 3 4

Actors, singers, dancers, pianists, technicians, wardrobe staff, tea makers, scenery builders, backstage crew, make up people, front-of-house staff, prompters. If you can do one, some, or even none of these, but you want to belong to a group of very friendly people come and join us! Call Anne-Marie on

01274 889707 This page kindly sponsored by the Holroyd family

Find out about the BCP on the web at Contact us by email on Since 1927, The Bradford Catholic Players have been presenting shows and concerts in the City of Bradford. As part of wider celebrations to mark 75th anniversary of the society, a team of people have been working on a Digital Archive. The archive, stored on a Compact Disk and playable on any personal computer, contains every page of every post-war show programme along with quite literally thousands of press clippings, publicity leaflets, photographs, letters, dinner invitations, etc. The Digital Archive will be on sale in the new year at ÂŁ20 - profits raised will be used to boost the BCP's own funds. If you want to order a copy or you have BCP show programmes from 1927 to 1938 that you would be willing to loan to us for inclusion in the archive, please contact us on

Let us know what you thought about GUYS & DOLLS on









Rodgers and Hammersteins

OKLAHOMA 25th to 30th November 2002



Programme - Guys and Dolls  
Programme - Guys and Dolls  

Show programme designed by Simon Frater for the Bradford Catholic Players production of Guys and Dolls. Showing at the Alhambra, Bradford fr...