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INFRASTRUCTURE, & SPECIAL BUILDINGS Brazil’s development today requires production capacity expansion in a wide array of manufacturing industries, and places with even heavier demand on the nation’s logistical infrastructure. In this context, substantial investment is urgently needed in the building of new infrastructure and the revitalization of existing infrastructure to assure the continuity of economic growth and mitigate the logistical bottlenecks that threaten to impede further development. Promon Engenharia is well equipped to contribute to the effort to address this challenge. It has significant experience in the development and implementation of integrated projects in transportation infrastructure encompassing all modals. Its portfolio includes studies and basic and detail designs for more than 900 km of railroad systems and 40 km of metro systems worldwide, as well as ports and integrated logistic centers.

The company has also participated in the development of engineering designs and project management for the implementation of many urban road networks, such as the Linha Vermelha expressway in Rio de Janeiro and the Jorge João Saad and Ayrton Senna traffic complexes in São Paulo, as well as basic and detail engineering for ports and integrated logistics centers. Promon is also participating in this development in an entrepreneurial capacity, using its competencies and market credibility to contribute to private ventures in cross-modal transportation and integrated logistics. All designs produced by Promon comply with the applicable laws, regulations and standards but also include innovative solutions for environmental management and conservation in pursuit of project sustainability.

Consolação Subway Station Companhia do Metropolitano de São Paulo




Cantagalo Subway Station

Serra Sul Project Client: Vale S.A. Period: 2007 –2009

Client: Riotrilhos - Companhia de Transportes sobre trilhos do Rio de Janeiro Period: 2004 –2006

Concept and basic engineering for Ponta da Madeira maritime and rail terminals. Validation of concept and basic engineering for duplication of 550 km of Carajás Railroad (EFC), part of Serra Sul Program.

Basic and detail engineering, geology, geotechnics, architecture, station concept, temporary and permanent structures, mined and NATM tunnel construction, open-cut and invert excavation, improvements to surrounding area, instrumentation, electromechanical design, technical assistance during construction.

PORTS Ponta da Madeira Maritime Terminal Client: Vale S.A. Period: 2006 –2007 Concept and basic engineering for expansion of Ponta da Madeira Maritime Terminal (TMPM). São Paulo | Av. Pres. Juscelino Kubitschek, 1830 | 04543-900 | São Paulo – SP Rio de Janeiro | Praia do Flamengo, 154 | 22210-906 | Rio de Janeiro – RJ

Brochure | Infrastructure and Special Buildings  

Brochure | Infrastructure and Special Buildings

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