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Corporate gifts – Torchbearers Of Brands It will be difficult to come across a person who hasn't received or given a gift in his lifetime. For several centuries, gifts have been exchanged as symbols of solidarity among family and friends. Whether it's an anniversary, a birthday or any other special occasion, a well-thought gift immediately leaves a long-lasting impression for the giver in the mind of the recipient. The art of gifting has come a long way from the objects of appeasement given to Kings and tribal leaders ages ago. From chocolates and pens to clothes and electronic accessories, the modern world has a wide range of gifts capable of cementing relationships. In this article, we focus on the magic of corporate gifts and their effectiveness in strengthening business relationships. The Purpose Of Corporate Gifts Before we start, it is important to note that Corporate or promotional gifts have a slightly different connotation from the personal gifts mentioned above. Business gifts are distributed among customers and employees as a sign of goodwill and appreciation. Mainly used as an effective tool for marketing a brand, gifts are known to have a strong impact with the target audience: •

If the recipient of a gift is a customer (prospective or existing), then it helps to cement long-lasting relationships. For example, a practical and attractive corporate gift bearing your logo will most likely be used by your recipients. This ensures that a customer remembers your brand when it matters most.


If the recipient of a gift is an employee, then the goal is to increase productivity and reward performers. Gifts also help to boost employee loyalty towards the company. A promotional and trendy t-shirt can be worn by employees wherever they go, bringing attention to your brand.

American tradition of business gifts: The Genesis The very first promotional gifts were given away way back in the 18th century. They were in the form of promotional calendars. As years passed by, pens, apparel and bags were some of the promotional items that gained popularity among American firms. Today, the promotional industry is worth billions of dollars, thanks to the widespread reach of the Internet.

American firms strongly believe in the power of business gifts because they are clearly aware about the visibility and recall they bring for their brands. Promotional items are not only cheap but they have a long shelf life, ensuring that recipients associate themselves with the product for a long time. Moreover, gifts provide more Return On Investment (ROI) than conventional mediums such as television or the print media. If you represent a firm and are looking for an effective advertising medium, you should look no further than corporate gifts. So go ahead and show your customers and employees you care by giving them products they will find useful. Copyright Š 2012

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Corporate gifts – Torchbearers Of Brands  
Corporate gifts – Torchbearers Of Brands  

This article explores the use of corporate gifts in the modern world. The main goal is to highlight its effectiveness as a promotional mediu...