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Were there any particular barriers for you as a woman as a candidate? (financial, getting nominated/selected, etc.)

9 // NOT ELECTED MEMBER CITY COUNCIL: BIG CITY First name / Family name / Country / Affiliation Date of the election ……… / ………/ ……… Area covered Campaign

What were the main topics that you campaigned on?



Educational background Profession

Family context

Why did you stand? Other questions

Would you stand again? Why/why not?

How do you see your role? From your experience what would make a difference for women: (1) To come forward as candidates

Did anything support you as a woman? (party structures, training, mentoring, support from other people, etc.)

(2) During the election campaign

What would you do differently if you had to run for elections again?


Women’s political representation in the Eastern Partnership countries

What was your experience of the campaign? (media coverage, attitude of electors, attitude of party members, other candidates)

Appendix 2


Women's Political Representation in the Eastern Partnership Countries  

Council of Europe regional study. Published 15 December 2016.