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What has been the attitude of: (1) Elected members from your own party?


(2) Elected members from opposition parties?


(3) Your electors?


(4) The media?


(5) Staff working in the institution?


From your experience what would make a difference for women: (1) To come forward as candidates (2) During the election campaign

How do you see your role in supporting/ encouraging women to stand?

What would you do differently if you had to run for elections again?

7 // NOT ELECTED MAYOR: SMALL CITY/VILLAGE First name / Family name / Country / Affiliation Date of the election ……… / ………/ ……… Area covered

What would do you differently if you had to run for elections again?




Educational background Profession

Family context

Why did you stand?

Would you stand again? Why/why not?


Women’s political representation in the Eastern Partnership countries

How do you see your role?

Appendix 2


Women's Political Representation in the Eastern Partnership Countries  

Council of Europe regional study. Published 15 December 2016.