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Chapter 5

Recommendations — Country specific Armenia Consideration should be given to introducing measures to prevent the undermining of the intention of the quota of women on party lists, by the practice of women resigning once the list has been accepted or after election and being replaced by men. For example, this could be done by legislating that a retiring member should be replaced by the next one on the party list from the least represented sex. Azerbaijan Consideration should be given to introducing affirmative actions, for example financial incentives to encourage political parties to select women in winnable seats. Belarus The state should consider co-operating with women NGOs to ensure that gender -equality policies are adhered to. Georgia Ensure that the financial incentive paid to political parties that include women on their party lists is ring-fenced to support women to be selected as candidates, during their campaign and when they are first elected. The financial payment could be made dependent on the demonstration of these actions being carried out. The effectiveness of financial incentives alone to encourage an increase in women candidates and those elected should be kept under review and other initiatives considered if they are not found to be working. Moldova Ensure that the recently passed law introducing a 40% quota of women on party lists is implemented fully by including a requirement that women are put in winnable positions on party lists and that the law is effectively enforced. Ukraine Ensure that the 30% quota for party lists in local elections is properly enforced by not registering lists that do not comply. Increase the effectiveness of the law by introducing a requirement for women to be in winnable places on the lists. Ensure that children under 16 can enter the parliament building and provide a parent and baby room. 80

Women’s political representation in the Eastern Partnership countries


Women's Political Representation in the Eastern Partnership Countries  
Women's Political Representation in the Eastern Partnership Countries  

Council of Europe regional study. Published 15 December 2016.