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Table 31: Key candidacy requirements – Legislative power Country Armenia

Nomination Political party

Information on candidates Self-nomination

- charter of the party - decision of permanently functioning body - the electoral list - candidates’ written consent - receipt of financial deposit - statement certifying citizenship - copies of personal documents



Same as for independent candidate, plus: - protocol of the supreme body on nomination - copy of the certificate of registration of the party - charter of the party - certificate stating that the candidate is a member of the party


- application - signatures of supporting voters - copy of personal identification - 2 photos


- record of the supreme or territorial body regarding nomination - list of candidates - biographical data - candidates’ consent to being nominated


- application for registration signed by the head of the party - charter of the party and registration certificate - decision of party’s higher body - list of candidates - candidates’ consent to being nominate - biographical data - receipt of financial deposit - 4 photos - photocopies of first and second pages of candidates’ passport of citizen of Ukraine



Alliance of political parties

Financial deposit

Income/property/ financial liabilities


8 000 times the minimum salary for proportional elections 1 000 times the minimum salary for majoritarian elections

- minimum 450 signatures - last year’s income information - information on property

Nominated by voters By a bloc of parties


Not known

- application and consent - data on the person - income and property declaration - if needed, consent of leaving the position or terminating powers

For Chamber of Representatives – a group of electors no fewer than 10 persons For Councils of Deputies – a group of 3 to 10 persons



An election bloc An initiative group of 5 members


- petitions with required number of signatures

5 000 GEL*


- declaration on: real estate, bank accounts, inheritance, income and certificate of not having legal limitation


- declaration on: property, income, expenditure and financial liability -1 000 times the minimum salary

* 1 EUR corresponds to approximately 2,6 Georgian Lari


Women’s political representation in the Eastern Partnership countries

Findings of the study


Women's Political Representation in the Eastern Partnership Countries  

Council of Europe regional study. Published 15 December 2016.