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Observation Mission for the Presidential Election in the Republic of Moldova on 30 October 2016

• Review the thresholds for donations from individuals and legal entities to election candidates and political parties by reducing them to correspond with the average standard of living. • Supplement Article 38(1) of the Electoral Code by introducing a clear procedure and schedule for appointing the people responsible for election candidates’ finances (treasurers). • Change the legal framework to make ‘Electoral Fund’ bank accounts permanent in order to get rid of uncertainties and possible delays related to opening the accounts. • Change the legal framework to prohibit paid electoral advertising and to increase free air time from public mass-media institutions, including for broadcasting electoral debates. • Change the legal framework to prohibit outdoor electoral advertising (outdoor billboards, city light, mobile panels, posters etc.). • Supplement electoral law to limit, prohibit or strictly regulate donations from legal entities that provide goods or services to any public administration, in line with GRECO standards. • Apply the legal provisions on the punishment of illegal electoral campaign financing, namely Article 1812 of the Criminal Code, to initiative groups collecting signatures for candidates nominated in a national elections and referendums as well. • Change legislation in order to regulate the ability of Moldovan citizens living abroad to fund candidates’ election campaigns. • Explicitly regulate the financial accounting for donations both during the election period and in the period between elections, so recording these donations does not burden or delay the work and banking operations of those concerned. To the Government of the Republic of Moldova • Initiate and organise public discussions on mechanisms for ensuring that voters who are abroad on the day of the election have the right to vote. To the Ministry of Justice • Sanction the Metropolis of Chisinau and All Moldova for violations of the law by clerics who publicly shared their political preferences and supported a particular candidate during the presidential campaign. Apply sanctions uniformly, in accordance the law, to all religious organisations that were politically involved. To the Central Electoral Commission • Ensure more effective and a real-time communication with the external environment, including by updating operatively the institution’s website. • Simplify the requirements for compiling IG member lists and the signature sheets. Ensure the transparency of signature sheet verification. • Conduct a plenary report on the establishment and management of the State Registry of Voters. • Ensure the continuity and sustainability of the process of verifying lists, as well as their quality. • Monitor the activity of lower electoral bodies in order to identify incompetent electoral officials. Those officials should be removed from the REO and should not to be involved in electoral activities in subsequent elections. • Ensure the proper functioning of SIAS ‘Elections’.

Final Report: Observation Mission for the Presidential Election on 30 October 2016  

Published on 26 January 2017.