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Observation Mission for the Presidential Election in the Republic of Moldova on 30 October 2016

Table 14.  Incidents observed during the second round of the election, 13 November 2016 No

Type of incident

Number of cases


The organized transportation of voters (Igor Dodon / PPPSRM – 8 PS, at least 47 transport units; Maia Sandu / PPPAS – 0; unidentified – 31 PS; at least 113 transport units)

29 PS, at least 160 cases


Photographing of ballots



The unjustified presence of unauthorized persons inside or within 50 m of the polling station – (mayors, other LPA representatives, persons who pretend to be observers, supporters of candidates, unidentified persons)



Problems in supplying electricity (up to three hours)

46 SV


Problems in the operation of “Elections” SAIS

42 cases in 31 PS


Errors in the voter lists: deceased voters on the lists of voters (9 cases); unidentified persons under citizens’ residences (9 cases); a lack of voters from the main list (6 cases); other (3 cases).



Campaigning or negative PR within the perimeter of and/or near the polling station in order to influence the voters (Igor Dodon / PPPSRM – 15; Maia Sandu / PPPAS – 4; unidentified – 1)



Acts of violence or intimidation towards voters or other people: intimidation of voters 19 (2 PS); intimidation of EOPS members by election candidates (14 cases); other (3 cases).


Queues in PSs abroad


10. The presence of advertising materials, electoral billboards and posters in the vicinity of the PS or within 100 meters of the PS (Igor Dodon / PPPSRM – 7; Maia Sandu / PPPAS – 5; unidentified – 3)


11. The problematic use of IDs during voting: voting only with the loose leaf (7 cases); voting without without the application of the stamp on the loose leaf (3 cases); a damaged ID card loose leaf (3 cases); other (2 cases).


12. Rumors, attempts or even situations of material rewards or money offered to voters within the perimeter of and/or near the PS in order to influence them (Igor Dodon / PPPSRM – 5; Maia Sandu / PPPAS – 1; unidentified – 4)


13. Ballot boxes were not sealed according to the legal procedures


14. Restricted access or obstruction of the free observation process at the PS


Compared to the findings from the first round of election and data from Promo-LEX observers’ reports from previous elections, we warn that there was a significant increase in cases when ballot papers were photographed – at least 84 cases. This action can be considered an innocent act but is also evidence of possible voter corruption. Issues with voting in PSs abroad was another characteristic of the second round of the presidential election. The issues were related to queues and ballot papers running out in the PS. Queues could be qualified as an inconvenience and not a problem, but the inability of voters to exercise their constitutional right to vote because of the lack of ballot papers is a problem that must be analysed thoroughly. In Interim Report No 3 published by Promo-LEX EOM on 5 October 2016, the Mission came up with proposals regarding increasing of number of ballots in PSs in certain conditions, including based on locality as the result of an analytical exercise based on the provision of the Electoral Code. Unfortunately, during the second round of the presidential election PromoLEX’s concerns were proven true. We believe that the responsible public authorities should have made changes to the organisation and establishment of PSs abroad, but not in the period between election rounds. In the near future, will be necessary to have an open dialogue involving public authorities, electoral management bodies and the diaspora in order to identify solutions for streamlining the voting process in PSs abroad.

Final Report: Observation Mission for the Presidential Election on 30 October 2016  

Published on 26 January 2017.