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Observation Mission for the Presidential Election in the Republic of Moldova on 30 October 2016

Press conferences. During the monitoring period, Promo-LEX EOM notes the that several NGOs and opinion leaders became more active. They organised press conferences in support of certain election candidates or civic mobilisation messages. During the monitored period, at least 19 press conferences were organised by representatives of civil society.

VII.  ELECTORAL INCLUSION AND EQUAL OPPORTUNITY The access to voting for people with disabilities. The degree of accessibility of electoral procedures for persons with disabilities is the “litmus paper” test of electoral inclusion. Promo-LEX EOM welcomes and supports the activities carried out by specialised NGOs. During the election period and on election day, the INFONET Alliance, the “Motivatie” Association, the Association of the Deaf of Moldova, and the Center for the Medical and Social Rehabilitation of people with weak vision “Low Vision” implemented the “Social Policies for the Realisation of the Election Rights of People with Disabilities” Project. In addition, the Promo-LEX Association offered financial support from USAID funds for a project implemented by the Legal Assistance Center for People with Disabilities (LACPD), “Mobilizing the Participation of People with Disabilities in the 2016 Presidential Election”. Between 7–8 October 2016, CCET trainers educated and trained 16 people with special needs from 8 regions of the country on the details of presidential elections, their rights in these elections, types of direct and indirect involvement in the electoral process, and techniques for mobilizing people with disabilities to vote. According to Promo-LEX EOM findings, 36% of the monitored polling stations on the day of the election were not accessible for people with mobility impairments (no ramp/approach slope, PS located on the 2nd floor, etc.). Another 33% of PSs were not properly equipped for people with visual impairments (at least one of the following was missing: sufficient illumination, a magnifying glass, a ballot paper with large font, etc.). We note that no candidate has translated any message into sign language. The Gender Dimension Promo-LEX EOM notes that 24 people were nominated for the position of President of RM, of which 17 were men (70.8%) and 5 were women (29.2%). Subsequently, the CEC registered 12 candidates for the position of President of RM, of whom 7 were men (58.3%) and 5 were women (41.7%). A woman and a man participated in the second round of the election on 13 November 2016. The CEC is composed of 9 people, of whom 7 are men and 2 are women. One positive aspect of gender dimension is the fact that both women have senior positions. When analysing ECC composition from the perspective of gender, we conclude that, of 317 members, 167 are men (52.6%) and 150 are women (47.4%), and that ECCs were run by 35 presidents, of whom 24 were men (68.5%) and 11 were women (31.5%). Of the total of 2,720 Promo-LEX observers accredited by the CEC for the 2016 presidential election, 1,782 (65.5%) are women, and 938 are men (34.5%) Table 10.  Gender ratios of Promo-LEX EOM observers No 1

Election year 2014

Total observers 2,676

Women 1,785 (66.7%)

Men 891 (33.3%)

Final Report: Observation Mission for the Presidential Election on 30 October 2016  

Published on 26 January 2017.