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Observation Mission for the Presidential Election in the Republic of Moldova on 30 October 2016

ic mobilization campaign “Ieși la Vot” (“Come and Vote”) with the slogan “ANGAJĂM PREȘEDINTE” (“PRESIDENT WANTED”). The purpose of the campaign was to contribute to the mobilisation of voters and to promote informed and conscious voting among Moldovan citizens. To this end, on October 9, and 23 2016 and 6 November, 105 volunteers from Promo-LEX talked with citizens in 35 towns and informed them about the Moldovan presidential election. The campaign also included Promo-LEX offering three mini-grants based on a competition, for public associations with the most successful and plausible educational initiatives and civic mobilization. In addition, the following associations conducted educational and civic mobilisation campaigns: the National Centre for Assistance and Information NGOs in Moldova CONTACT, the Association for Participatory Democracy “ADEPT”, the Centre for the Analysis and Prevention of Corruption, the Center for Investigative Journalism, and Ziarul de Garda.

A group of Moldovan citizens living abroad started an online campaign “Adoptă un vot” (“Adopt a vote”) to mobilize the Moldovan diaspora. The campaign ensured free transport and accommodation for fellow citizens who wanted to vote in the second round of the presidential election, because many citizens had to travel long distances in order to exercise their right to vote.

VI.2.  The Media The national media. Media with national coverage was actively involved in the following activities during the election period: promoting election candidates, mobilizing voters, journalistic investigations regarding election candidates, and the denigration of election candidates. We note the increasing role of the press online and political blogs. Potential candidates used social media as a platform to introduce their political and electoral messages and discussion topics. Under a partnership signed by the Promo-LEX Association and NPAI Teleradio Moldova Company, electoral debates were organized on the public channels Moldova 1 and Radio Moldova between 12 and 28 October 2016 and on 10 November 2016. Another 6 broadcasters also organised public debates: TV 7, ProTV, Jurnal TV, Realitatea TV, Accent TV and Noroc TV. Public and private broadcasters reported on the procedures for organizing and conducting presidential elections. Private broadcasters favored certain potential and registered candidates. The

Final Report: Observation Mission for the Presidential Election on 30 October 2016  

Published on 26 January 2017.