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Observation Mission for the Presidential Election in the Republic of Moldova on 30 October 2016

Signature collection. Signatures were collected from 1 until 29 September 2016. All nominated candidates in presidential elections, whether they represent parties, blocs or ordinary citizens must submit signature sheets with 15,000–25,000 signatures to the CEC. Signatures were collected by Initiative Groups (IGs). Only 16 of the 24 registered IGs managed to submit the lists to CEC. Seven of the f IGs who were not able to collect the required number of signatures were established in support of ICs.

According to Promo-LEX observers, during the monitoring period at least 18 IGs collected signatures in support of the candidates for President of the Republic of Moldova (Dumitru Ciubasenco, Andrei Nastase, Mihai Ghimpu, Maia Sandu, Iurie Leanca, Igor Dodon, Marian Lupu, Inna Popenco, Valeriu Ghiletchi, Silvia Radu, Vitalia Pavlicenco, Roman Mihaes, Ion Dron, Geta Savitcaia, Vasile Tarlev, Vitalia Pavlicenco, Vadim Brinzan, Ana Gutu) in at least 769 localities. Promo-LEX observers found cases of signature collection by people not registered as IG members on behalf of the candidates Andrei Nastase (13 cases), Mihai Ghimpu (12 cases), Marian Lupu (7 cases), Iurie Leanca (5 cases), Igor Dodon (4 cases), Maia Sandu (4 cases), Inna Popenco (4 cases), Valeriu Ghiletchi (3 cases), Dumitru Ciubasenco (2 cases), Vasile Tarlev, Vitalia Pavlicenco and Silvia Radu – 1 case each. A case of veiled signature collection took place in Cucoara village (Cahul district), where unknown people collected signatures while telling citizens that they had been sent by the mayor’s office13. Another nominated candidate, Mr. Marian Lupu (PDM), managed to collect an amount of signatures larger the threshold imposed by law in a very short time. On 1 September the PDM nominated the candidate, on 2 September the IG was registered and the signature sheets issued, and on 3 September 2016 (a Saturday), the signature sheets were submitted to and received by the CEC. Activities that could be qualified as campaigning. At the stage immediately prior to the election period, as well as during the period intended for signature collection, the nominated candidates/election candidates used various strategies to promote themselves outside the official election campaign. The majority used the signature collection campaign to promote their candidates’ image. On the other hand, one nominated candidate, Marian Lupu (PDM), was already being promoted by his party’s political campaign during that period. 13 For more details, please see: Report No 3 of Promo-LEX EOM, published on 5 October 2016. https://promolex. md/3534-raportul-nr-3-misiunea-de-observare-a-alegerilor-pentru-functia-de-presedinte-al-republicii-moldova-din-30-octombrie-2016-2/

Final Report: Observation Mission for the Presidential Election on 30 October 2016  

Published on 26 January 2017.