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Observation Mission for the Presidential Election in the Republic of Moldova on 30 October 2016

After the first round of the presidential election – by Decision No 516 of 2 November 2016 – the CEC took note of the voter turnout on 30 October 2016. The CEC found that the number of voters on the main electoral lists was 2,812,566 voters, the number of voters on the supplemental lists was 117,128, and the total number of voters who actually voted was 1,440,733 voters. Therefore, the voter turnout was 50.95%, i.e. more than one third of the number of people on the voter lists, and the Moldovan presidential election of 30 October 2016 was declared valid. In addition, on 2 November 2016, the CEC adopted Decision No 517, whereby it established that none of the candidates for the position of President of the Republic of Moldova received half the votes cast in the first round of the election. The CEC therefore organized a second round of elections between the two candidates who received the most votes during the first round: Igor Dodon, nominated by the “Socialist Party of the Republic of Moldova” (PPPSRM), who obtained 680,550 votes, and Maia Sandu, nominated by “Action and Solidarity Party” (PPPAS), who obtained 549,152 votes. The contents and template of the ballot paper for the second round on 13 November 2016 were also approved. The final results of the presidential election were officially made public by the CEC in Decision No 571 of 18 November 2016 summarizing the results of the second round of the Moldovan presidential election on 13 November 2016. The CEC declared candidate Igor Dodon (PPPSRM) the winner of the race, as he got the most votes in the second round of elections – 834,081 votes. This decision was sent to the Constitutional Court in order to have the election results confirmed and the mandate of the President of the Republic of Moldova validated. On 18 November 2016, the CEC adopted Decision No 572 approving the Report on the Results of the Moldovan Presidential Election on 30 October 2016, which was also sent to the Constitutional Court. The registration of candidates. The CEC received the registration applications and signature sheets of 16 nominated candidates. After the signature sheets were verified, 4 candidates were not registered. Promo-LEX EOM asked the CEC for information on the results of the examination of the signature sheets submitted by the candidates running for president on 30 October 2016. After analyzing the data provided, the following conclusion were drawn: •

all 4 candidates who were not registered5 were rejected because they could not provide enough signature sheets as required from level-two ATU, and therefore the criterion for the minimum number of signatures was not fulfilled;

the signature sheets with the least errors were submitted by election candidate Valeriu Ghiletchi (96.19% of the signatures were valid), while those with most errors were submitted by Mihai Ghimpu (76.52% of the signatures were valid);

the most common reason why signatures were annulled was that the signatures belonged to people who did not reside in the respective territory (8,652 cases). Promo-LEX EOM also draws attention to the fact that the head of the LPA said nothing about signature sheets with errors. Considering that public authorities are supposed to be the first to find such errors, we thus concluded that the LPA representatives checked the signature sheets only superficially;

other violations that invalidated signatures were: the same signatures on the same sheets or on different sheets (2,385 cases); the date when the signature was affixed did not match the signature collection period (577 cases); the names of deceased persons were registered on the lists as having signed (138 cases); the signatures belonged to people who were not yet 18 years old when they signed (76 cases), etc.

5 Ion Dron (IC); Roman Mihaes (IC); Vasile Tarlev (IC); Vitalia Pavlicenco (IC).

Final Report: Observation Mission for the Presidential Election on 30 October 2016  
Final Report: Observation Mission for the Presidential Election on 30 October 2016  

Published on 26 January 2017.