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HIGHLIGHTS FROM THE PROMISE OF INTEGRITY ANNUAL CONFERENCE, 11 DEC 2017 Following the launch of an initiative known as the Promise of Integrity last year, the five founding members B.Braun Medical Industries, Intel Malaysia, Keysight Technologies, Motorola Solutions and SilTerra Malaysia have strengthened their commitment in practicing and promoting ethics and business integrity at the 2017 Promise of Integrity Annual Conference, held on 11 December 2017 at Intel Penang. The event was attended by over 200 guests. Prior to the event, the five leaders of the Founding Members, together with the Supplier Alliance Leaders participated in an Executive Dialogue to discuss ways of moving forward and sustaining this initiative. The dialogue was held to increase and improve communications and alignment on the objectives of the Promise of Integrity and rally efforts between companies as well as suppliers. The event provided a platform for the Founding Members and suppliers to discuss and share experiences and best practices on how to instill a sense of responsibility toward ethics, integrity and compliance in business. The sharing sessions included speeches from

Ms Khoo Bee Lin, VP of Legal and Compliance, B. Braun Medical Industries and from by Dato' Sutinah Sutan, Board Member of Mass Rapid Transit (MRT), and former Deputy Chief Commissioner of Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC). This was followed by a panel discussion.

Launch of Promise of Integrity Website

April 2018 Event Highlights and Feedback

The annual event also saw the launch of the official Promise of Integrity website, which acts as a platform of communication for the alliance’s initiatives and events. The website also features pioneer members from the Supplier Alliance, which is part of Promise of Integrity’s recognition to them for their involvement and support. Being able to showcase and promote Promise of Integrity events and projects are key to gaining more awareness for the issues of ethics and integrity in the workplace.

Presentation of Plaque to Members of Supplier Alliance



Quotes from Founding Members “Integrity is the cornerstone of every sustainable business. Throughout the 179-year history of our company, B. Braun has been fully committed to observing the highest standards of ethical conduct. We are proud to be a part of the Integrity Alliance, to foster a business culture that not only operates in strict compliance with all applicable federal and state laws, but also embraces the universal values of transparency, integrity and fairness. Together, we will build robust systems and processes that will embed professional ethics and excellence into the heart of the supply chain.” Anna Maria Braun, Member of the Management Board, B. Braun Melsungen & President, B. Braun Asia Pacific

“Our suppliers are of great strategic importance to Keysight. We expect them to uphold the same high level of integrity and standards of business conduct as we do. Therefore, I welcome the latest additions into the Integrity Alliance that was established a year ago. I look forward to seeing this commitment towards uncompromising integrity spread further across the supply chain as we strive to build a strong and globally competitive business ecosystem in the country.” Chan Keng Cheong, Vice President, Global Procurement and Materials, Keysight Technologies

Signing of Pledge and Launch of Promise of Integrity in 2016 (left to right) Robin Martin, Anna Maria Braun, Chan Keng Cheong, Dr Hari Narayanan and Firdaus Abdullah.

“I believe that integrity should be the foundation of any establishment. Committing to uncompromising integrity, not only within a company but throughout its supply chain, adds to the company’s brand value and differentiates it in the marketplace. We, in the Integrity Alliance have committed to do just that. We role model and hold each other accountable to uphold a highly ethical culture. Together, we help to build an honest and ethical supply chain in the industry.” Robin Martin, Corporate Vice President, Intel Technology and Manufacturing Group

“Silterra will continue to sustain its commitment to promote high standards of integrity and ethical practices. We believe that in order to create a healthy competitive environment, impeccable ethics and integrity must be high on the priority list. In general, all stakeholders will flourish when such practices are diligently adopted across the board." Firdaus Abdullah, CEO SilTerra Malaysia Sdn Bhd

“Ethics and integrity is everything. We can be a global leader in the products and services we provide and we can have the best designers, engineers and talent, but if we do not have ethics and integrity, we lose our reputation and we’re worthless. Upholding high ethical standards and uncompromising integrity in everything we do means respecting and protecting our intellectual property ensuring regulatory compliance, respecting one another, and this includes our suppliers, business partners, and always doing the right thing.” Dr Hari Narayanan, Managing Director of Penang Operations, Motorola Solutions Malaysia



Voted Best Part of Event Panel Discussion on “How to Build a Strong Culture of Compliance? Ms. Mekhla Basu, Intel Senior Compliance Counsel, South East Asia moderated a panel discussion on How to Build a Strong Culture of Compliance. The discussion was bolstered by the inputs of the following four panelists:    

Dato’ Akhbar Satar, President, Transparency International Malaysia Mr Lim Bee Leong, Regional President, Bemis Asia Pacific Mr Sam Haggag, Country Manager, Manpower Group Malaysia & Indonesia Dato’ Sutinah Sutan, Board Member of Mass Rail Transit Corporation Sdn Bhd, and former Deputy Chief Commissioner of MACC

Panel Discussion during the Annual Conference (left to right) Sam Haggag, Lim Bee Leong, Mekhla Basu, Dato’ Akhbar Satar and Dato’ Sutinah Sutan

FEEDBACK FROM PARTICIPANTS 92 suppliers participated in the survey which was conducted during the Promise of Integrity Annual Conference on 11 December 2017.

62% 73% .

Rated the panel discussion as the best part of the event. Crowd pleaser, Dato’ Akhbar Satar

Cited vendor invitation, attractiveness and relevance of event as reasons of attending.



 CEO Talks/ Sharing by Captains of Industry  Dialogues with Government Agencies/ Stakeholders  Seminars/ Workshops

 Avoiding/ Handling Conflicts of Interest  Cultivating Culture of Compliance  Gifts, Meals, Entertainment and Travel (GMET)



Plaque Presentation to Members of Supplier Alliance Mr Graham Rice, General Manager, Head of Asia Pacific Procurement, B.Braun Medical Industries presented the Promise of Integrity Plaque to Bemis Asia Pacific and Pre-Tech Solutions.

“Integrity is enshrined in Bemis’ Core Values, it is our job to demonstrate it in everything we do” Lim Bee Leong President, Bemis Asia Pacific

“Service & practice must be given to our customers with sincerity & integrity that can’t be bought or measured with money.” Cheng Ming Soon, Managing Director, Pre-Tech Solutions Sdn Bhd

Mr Robin Martin, Corporate Vice President Robin Martin, Corporate Vice President, Intel Technology and Manufacturing Group, presented the Promise of Integrity Plaque to Appraisal Property Management and Manpower Group.

“In a service business, the integrity our brand represents is one of our most valuable assets.” Chris Choy, Managing Director, Appraisal Property Management Sdn Bhd

“Having an ethical approach to business reinforces trust and it has always been an integral part of ManpowerGroup’s DNA.” Sam Haggag, Country Manager, Malaysia & Indonesia, ManpowerGroup.

Mr Chan Keng Cheong, Vice President of Global Procurement and Materials, Keysight Technologies presented the Promise of Integrity Plaque to Coraza Systems and Hottemp.

“Our outside must match with what is inside.”

“We serve with commitment and integrity.”

Lim Teik Hoe CEO, Coraza Systems Malaysia Sdn Bhd

Tai Eng Peow, Managing Director Hottemp (M) Sdn Bhd



Dr Hari Narayanan, Managing Director of Motorola Solutions Malaysia, presented the Promise of Integrity Plaque to BCM Electronics and Pan International Electronics.

“Integrity and Ethics are the foundations of a company’s performance reliability and consistency. Without integrity and ethics, a company’s values, trust and social status are compromised. BCM strongly supports the agendas of the Promise of Integrity.” C.Y. Lee,

“Integrity is the most valuable asset in our Company.” Alvin Mui, Managing Director Pan International Electronics (M) Sdn Bhd

CEO, BCM Electronics Corporation Sdn Bhd

“Integrity is the Essence of Life.” Kenny Lim, General Manager, Global Airfreight (Penang) Sdn Bhd Mr Tahiruddin Hamdan, Senior Director of Corporate Development and External Affairs, SilTerra Malaysia presented the Promise of Integrity Plaque to Global Airfreight.

“Integrity is the compass that guides us in our life and business.” CS Ching, Executive Director, Medsociate Sdn Bhd Dr Hari Narayanan presented the Certificate of Appointment of Promise of Integrity Secretariat to Medsociate Sdn Bhd.



About Promise of Integrity Promise of Integrity is an alliance of companies started in 2016 to focus on upholding the highest standards of ethics and integrity within the business community. On 16 August 2016, Intel Corporation, B. Braun Medical Industries, Keysight Technologies, Motorola Solutions and SilTerra Malaysia collaborated in a ‘Promise of Integrity’ event to spearhead an initiative on ethics and integrity. This marked the beginning of a joint effort to lead the way in upholding the highest standards of integrity.

WHAT IS THIS INITIATIVE ABOUT? The five founding members share the same corporate values when it comes to operating with uncompromising integrity. This shared platform will enable the companies to proliferate the same high levels of governance and compliance to their suppliers. The alliance signifies the commitment of these companies to lead the way in upholding the highest standards of integrity. The companies will collaborate with one another to share their ethics standards and best practices with their suppliers.


VISION Integrity, our Global Competitive Advantage. MISSION Transforming the supply chain into a globally competitive business environment by enabling the highest standards of ethics and integrity. BENEFITS OF JOINING THIS INITIATIVE  Being part of the Promise of Integrity Brand with like-minded companies who hold ethics and integrity in high regard.  Sharing of best practices within the ecosystem.  Sharing by global/ industry experts  Forming a collective voice - a platform to share ideas and challenges.

The core of the collaborative framework is the jointly developed Promise of Integrity, a concrete expression to continually abide by the highest ethical business practices. In this leadership role, the companies aim to transform the local ecosystem into a globally compliant and internationally competitive business environment. PROMISE OF INTEGRITY CHARTER 1. Adopt a positive culture that upholds unparalleled integrity to create a conducive business environment and compliance with codes of ethics 2. Be truthful, forthright and demonstrate high ethical standards in all situations 3. Prohibit corruption in the business place and in all relationships 4. Provide secure and accessible channel through which violations are reported in confidence and without fear of reprisal. 5. Ensure fair and equal opportunity within the supply chain ecosystem

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Promise of Integrity Newsletter #1/2018  
Promise of Integrity Newsletter #1/2018